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The Future of the Arrowverse

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As this site proves, I’m a huge fan of shared universes. Between Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics, I have found countless hours of entertainment. One of the biggest shared universes is the Arrowverse, named after the TV show Arrow, which started the timeline. The Arrowverse consists mostly of the shows Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, though it also includes the 1-season run of Constantine and the short animated series, VixenSupergirl, on CBS, was another show that crossed over into the Arrowverse, but only in the form of an alternate dimension that the Flash was able to visit because he can do that.

Recently we’ve learned that Supergirl will leave CBS and shift over to the CW. Not long after that announcement, we learned that CW was planning a massive 4-way crossover between all of its shows. Crossovers have proven themselves in past (especially in comics) to be a huge boost to ratings/sales. The Marvel Cinematic Universe thrives on this idea, with films like The A...

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