Argo Force Timeline

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What’s on the Argo Force timeline?

Argo Force is our own complex shared universe. You will find it at It’s author, Jason Hamilton, also founded While All Timelines is an outlet to consume other stories, Argo Force is the outlet for original stories. One is for the consumption of stories, the other for creating them. Because Jason would rather create than just consume.

These stories all take place in the same universe. We call them, collectively, the Argo Force Archives. Therefore, this timeline gives you a sense of how all of the stories fit together, even though Jason hasn’t written them all yet. The main story on the Argo Force website, is all about the character Alice. This story releases monthly and takes place in real time, meaning that when a month passes in the real world, a month also passes in the story. We recommend you start here.

If you like this Argo Force timeline, and want to know more, we recommend you visit the site. Or perhaps visit some of our other timelines. Additionally, if you want to know more information not found online, we also recommend you use our contact page. Therefore, you can contact Jason directly.

110,000 BCEOther WritingsEnds and BeginningsShort StoryJason Hamilton2011Available online.
2340 BCEArgo ForceArgonautica Retold: Episode 1WebJason Hamilton2017Available online.
32008 CEOther WritingsBefore the FallShort StoryJason Hamilton2011Available online.
4Outside TimeThe Last FounderAlice Prelude: LukeShort StoryJason Hamilton2016Available online.
5Outside TimeThe Last FounderAlice Prelude: MichaelShort StoryJason Hamilton2016Available online.
6Outside TimeThe Last FounderAlice Prelude: The Elusive WomanShort StoryJason Hamilton2016Available online.
7Outside TimeThe Last FounderAlice Prelude: JasonShort StoryJason Hamilton2016Available online.
8Jan 2017 CEThe Last FounderAlice: Year One #1WebJason Hamilton2017Available online.
9Feb 2017 CEThe Last FounderAlice: Year One #2WebJason Hamilton2017Coming Soon

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