DC Comics: Arrowverse Timeline

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What’s on the Arrowverse Timeline?

Welcome to our unofficial Arrowverse timeline, which assembles all of the media comprising the DCTV universe that started with Arrow on the CW. This is just one of our DC Comics timelines. This timeline includes media from the following:

  • Arrow: The CW show following Oliver Queen as Green Arrow as he defends Star City.
  • The Flash: The CW show following Barry Allen who gains super speed and becomes the Flash, defending his home town of Central City.
  • Legends of Tomorrow (LoT): A time-travel adventure on the CW, featuring multiple characters.
  • Vixen: An animated adventure found exclusively online. It features the character Vixen, a women from Detroit with a magic totem that allows her to gain the abilities of any animal.
  • Constantine: A show that originally debuted on NBC, but ended after one season. The show was adopted into the Arrowverse timeline when the main character appeared on a season 4 episode of Arrow.
  • Tie-in comics: Several shows have tie-in comics and a few books that flesh out the characters/stories.
  • Supergirl: Though Supergirl exists in an alternate dimension from the Arrowverse, the Flash does possess the ability to travel the multiverse, therefore making it possible to meet Supergirl in her own dimension. Additionally, this show eventually merged with the main Arrowverse timeline.

We hope you enjoy this unofficial Arrowverse timeline, and please let us know if there are any inconsistencies or errors. Furthermore, if you loved this timeline, be sure to look at some of our other timelines, like Smallville.

1ComicBuyArrow Special Edition: "Test Drive"ComicAndrew Kreisberg2012
2ArrowBuyArrow 1.01: "Pilot"TelevisionDavid Nutter2012
3ArrowBuyArrow 1.02: "Honor Thy Father"TelevisionDavid Barrett2012
4ComicBuyArrow #1ComicAndrew Kreisberg2012
5ArrowBuyArrow 1.03: "Lone Gunmen"TelevisionGuy Bee2012
6ArrowBuyArrow 1.04: "An Innocent Man"TelevisionVince Misiano2012
7ComicBuyArrow #2ComicAndrew Kreisberg2012
8ArrowBuyArrow 1.05: "Damaged"TelevisionMichael Schultz2012
9ArrowBuyArrow 1.06: "Legacies"TelevisionJohn Behring2012
10ComicBuyArrow #3ComicAndrew Kreisberg2012
11ArrowBuyArrow 1.07: "Muse of Fire"TelevisionDavid Grossman2012
12ArrowBuyArrow 1.08: "Vendetta"TelevisionKen Fink2012
13ComicBuyArrow #4ComicAndrew Kreisberg2012
14ArrowBuyArrow 1.09: "Year's End"TelevisionJohn Dahl2012
15ArrowBuyArrow 1.10: "Burned"TelevisionEagle Egilsson2013
16ComicBuyArrow #5ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
17ArrowBuyArrow 1.11: "Trust But Verify"TelevisionNick Copus2013
18ArrowBuyArrow 1.12: "Vertigo"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2013
19ComicBuyArrow #6ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
20ArrowBuyArrow 1.13: "Betrayal"TelevisionGuy Bee2013
21ArrowBuyArrow 1.14: "The Odyssey"TelevisionJohn Behring2013
22ComicBuyArrow #7ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
23ArrowBuyArrow 1.15: "Dodger"TelevisionEagle Egilsson2013
24ArrowBuyArrow 1.16: "Dead to Rights"TelevisionGlen Winter2013
25ComicBuyArrow #8ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
26ArrowBuyArrow 1.17: "The Huntress Returns"TelevisionGuy Bee2013
27ArrowBuyArrow 1.18: "Salvation"TelevisionNick Copus2013
28ComicBuyArrow #9ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
29ArrowBuyArrow 1.19: "Unfinished Business"TelevisionMichael Offer2013
30ArrowBuyArrow 1.20: "Home Invasion"TelevisionKen Fink2013
31ComicBuyArrow #10ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
32ArrowBuyArrow 1.21: "The Undertaking"TelevisionMichael Shultz2013
33ArrowBuyArrow 1.22: "Darkness on the Edge of Town"TelevisionJohn Behring2013
34ComicBuyArrow #11ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
35ArrowBuyArrow 1.23: "Sacrifice"TelevisionDavid Barrett2013
36ComicBuyArrow #12ComicAndrew Kreisberg2013
37ArrowBuyArrow 2.01: "City of Heroes"TelevisionJohn Behring2013
38ArrowBuyArrow 2.02: "Identity"TelevisionNick Copus2013
39ArrowBuyArrow 2.03: "Broken Dolls"TelevisionGlen Winter2013
40ArrowBuyArrow 2.04: "Crucible"TelevisionEagle Egilsson2013
41ArrowBuyArrow 2.05: "League of Assassins"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2013
42ArrowBlood RushWebGreg Berlanti2013
43ArrowBuyArrow 2.06: "Keep Your Enemies Closer"TelevisionGuy Bee2013
44ArrowBuyArrow 2.07: "State v. Queen"TelevisionBethany Rooney2013
45ArrowBuyArrow 2.08: "The Scientist"TelevisionMichael Schultz2013
46ArrowBuyArrow 2.09: "Three Ghosts"TelevisionJohn Behring2013
47ArrowBuyArrow 2.10: "Blast Radius"TelevisionRob Hardy2013
48ArrowBuyArrow 2.11: "Blind Spot"TelevisionGlen Winter2014
49ArrowBuyArrow 2.12: "Tremors"TelevisionGuy Bee2014
50ArrowBuyArrow 2.13: "Heir to the Demon"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2014
51ArrowBuyArrow 2.14: "Time of Death"TelevisionNick Copus2014
52ArrowBuyArrow 2.15: "The Promise"TelevisionGlen Winter2014
53ArrowBuyArrow 2.16: "Suicide Squad"TelevisionLarry Teng2014
54ArrowBuyArrow 2.17: "Birds of Prey"TelevisionJohn Behring2014
55ArrowBuyArrow 2.18: "Deathstroke"TelevisionGuy Bee2014
56ArrowBuyArrow 2.19: "The Man Under the Hood"TelevisionJesse Warn2014
57ArrowBuyArrow 2.20: "Seeing Red"TelevisionDoug Aarniokoski2014
58ArrowBuyArrow 2.21: "City of Blood"TelevisionMichael Schultz2014
59ArrowBuyArrow 2.22: "Streets of Fire"TelevisionNick Copus2014
60ArrowBuyArrow 2.23: "Unthinkable"TelevisionJohn Behring2014
61ComicBuyArrow Season 2.5ComicMarc Guggenheim2014
62FlashBuyThe Flash 1.01: "City of Heroes"TelevisionDavid Nutter2014
63ArrowBuyArrow 3.01: "The Calm"TelevisionGlen Winter2014
64ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #1ComicAndrew Kreisberg2014
65FlashBuyThe Flash 1.02: "Fastest Man Alive"TelevisionDavid Nutter2014
66ArrowBuyArrow 3.02: "Sara"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2014
67FlashBuyThe Flash 1.03: "Things You Can't Outrun"TelevisionJesse Warn2014
68ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #2ComicAndrew Kreisberg2014
69ArrowBuyArrow 3.03: "Corto Maltese"TelevisionStephen Surjik2014
70FlashBuyThe Flash 1.04: "Going Rogue"TelevisionGlen Winter2014
71ArrowBuyArrow 3.04: "The Magician"TelevisionJohn Behring2014
72ArrowBuyArrow 3.05: "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"TelevisionMichael Schultz2014
73FlashBuyThe Flash 1.05: "Plastique"TelevisionDermott Downs2014
74ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #3ComicAndrew Kreisberg2014
75ArrowBuyArrow 3.06: "Guilty"TelevisionPeter Leto2014
76FlashBuyThe Flash 1.06: "The The Flash is Born"TelevisionMillicent Shelton2014
77ArrowBuyArrow 3.07: "Draw Back Your Bow"TelevisionRob Hardy2014
78FlashBuyThe Flash 1.07: "Power Outage"TelevisionLarry Shaw2014
79ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #4ComicAndrew Kreisberg2014
80FlashBuyThe Flash 1.08: "The Flash vs. Arrow"TelevisionGlen Winter2014The season's 2-part crossover.
81ArrowBuyArrow 3.08: "The Brave and the Bold"TelevisionJesse Warn2014The season's 2-part crossover.
82FlashBuyThe Flash 1.09: "The Man in the Yellow Suit"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2014
83ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #5ComicAndrew Kreisberg2014
84ArrowBuyArrow 3.09: "The Climb"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2014
85FlashBuyThe Flash 1.10: "Revenge of the Rogues"TelevisionNick Copus2015
86ArrowBuyArrow 3.10: "Left Behind"TelevisionGlen Winter2015
87FlashBuyThe Flash 1.11: "The Sound and the Fury"TelevisionJohn F. Showalter2015
88ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #6ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
89ArrowBuyArrow 3.11: "Midnight City"TelevisionNick Copus2015
90FlashBuyThe Flash 1.12: "Crazy for You"TelevisionRob Hardy2015
91ArrowBuyArrow 3.12: "Uprising"TelevisionJesse Warn2015
92FlashBuyThe Flash 1.13: "The Nuclear Man"TelevisionGlen Winter2015
93ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #7ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
94ArrowBuyArrow 3.13: "Canaries"TelevisionMichael Schultz2015
95FlashBuyThe Flash 1.14: "Fallout"TelevisionSteve Surjik2015
96ArrowBuyArrow 3.14: "The Return"TelevisionDermott Downs2015
97VixenVixen (Season 1)WebGreg Berlanti2015Found online at CW Seed
98ArrowBuyArrow 3.15: "Nanda Parbat"TelevisionGregory Smith2015
99FlashBuyThe Flash 1.15: "Out of Time"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2015
100ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #8ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
101ArrowBuyArrow 3.16: "The Offer"TelevisionDermott Downs2015
102FlashBuyThe Flash 1.16: "Rogue Time"TelevisionJohn Behring2015
103ArrowBuyArrow 3.17: "Suicidal Tendencies"TelevisionJesse Warn2015
104FlashBuyThe Flash 1.17: "Tricksters"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2015
105ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #9ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
106ArrowBuyArrow 3.18: "Public Enemy"TelevisionDwight Little2015
107FlashBuyThe Flash 1.18: "All Star Team Up"TelevisionKevin Tancharoen2015
108ArrowBuyArrow 3.19: "Broken Arrow"TelevisionDoug Aarniokoski2015
109FlashBuyThe Flash 1.19: "Who Is Harrison Wells?"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2015
110ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #10ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
111ArrowBuyArrow 3.20: "The Fallen"TelevisionAntonio Negret2015
112FlashBuyThe Flash 1.20: "The Trap"TelevisionSteve Shill2015
113ArrowBuyArrow 3.21: "Al Sah-him"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2015
114FlashBuyThe Flash 1.21: "Grodd Lives"TelevisionDermott Downs2015
115ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #11ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
116ArrowBuyArrow 3.22: "This Is Your Sword"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2015
117FlashBuyThe Flash 1.22: "Rogue Air"TelevisionDoug Aarniokoski2015
118ArrowBuyArrow 3.23: "My Name Is Oliver Queen"TelevisionJohn Behring2015
119FlashBuyThe Flash 1.23: "Fast Enough"TelevisionDermott Downs2015
120ComicBuyThe Flash: Season Zero #12ComicAndrew Kreisberg2015
121OtherBuyConstantine (Season 1)TelevisionDaniel Cerone, David Goyer2015
122ComicBuyArrow: The Dark ArcherComicJohn Barrowman, Carole Barrowman2016
123SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.01: "Pilot"TelevisionGlen Winter2016Supergirl exists in a seperate universe, but eventually crosses over with the main Arrow/Flash timeline.
124ArrowBuyArrow 4.01: "Green Arrow"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2015
125FlashBuyThe Flash 2.01: "The Man Who Saved Central City"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2015
126FlashBuyThe Flash 2.02: "Flash of Two Worlds"TelevisionJesse Warn2015
127ArrowBuyArrow 4.02: "The Candidate"TelevisionJohn Behring2015
128SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.02: "Stronger Together"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
129SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.03: "Fight or Flight"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2016
130FlashBuyThe Flash 2.03: "Family of Rogues"TelevisionJohn F. Showalter2015
131ArrowBuyArrow 4.03: "Restoration"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2015
132ArrowBuyArrow 4.04: "Beyond Redemption"TelevisionLexi Alexander2015
133SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.04: "How Does She Do It?"TelevisionKevin Tancharoen2016
134SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.05: "Livewire"TelevisionJesse Warn2016
135FlashBuyThe Flash 2.04: "The Fury of Firestorm"TelevisionStefan Pleszczynski2015
136FlashBuyThe Flash 2.05: "The Darkness and the Light"TelevisionSteve Shill2015
137ArrowBuyArrow 4.05: "Haunted"TelevisionJohn Badham2015
138ArrowBuyArrow 4.06: "Lost Souls"TelevisionAntonio Negret2015
139SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.06: "Red Faced"TelevisionLarry Teng2016
140FlashBuyThe Flash 2.06: "Enter Zoom"TelevisionJJ Makaro2015
141ArrowBuyArrow 4.07: "Brotherhood"TelevisionJames Bamford2015
142SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.07: "Human for a Day"TelevisionKaren Gaviola2016
143SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.08: "Hostile Takeover"TelevisionSteve Shill2016
144FlashBuyThe Flash 2.07: "Gorilla Warfare"TelevisionDermott Downs2015
145FlashBuyThe Flash 2.08: "Legends of Today"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2015The season's 2-part crossover for Flash and Arrow, acting as a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow
146ArrowBuyArrow 4.08: "Legends of Yesterday"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2015The season's 2-part crossover for Flash and Arrow, acting as a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow
147ArrowBuyArrow 4.09: "Dark Waters"TelevisionJohn Behring2015
148ArrowBuyArrow 4.10: "Blood Debts"TelevisionJesse Warn2016
149SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.09: "Blood Bonds"TelevisionJamie Babbit2016
150SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.10: "Childish Things"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
151FlashBuyThe Flash 2.09: "Running to Stand Still"TelevisionKevin Tancharoen2016
152FlashBuyThe Flash 2.10: "Potential Energy"TelevisionRob Hardy2016
153Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.01: "Pilot, part 1"TelevisionGlen Winter2016LoT travels time, but this chronology represents that of the characters themselves.
154Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.02: "Pilot, part 2"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
155Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.03: "Blood Ties"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
156SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.11: "Strange Visitor from Another Planet"TelevisionJohn Showalter2016
157FlashBuyThe Flash 2.11: "The Reverse-Flash Returns"TelevisionMichael A. Allowitz2016
158ArrowBuyArrow 4.11: "A.W.O.L."TelevisionCharlotte Brandström2016
159FlashBuyThe Flash 2.12: "Fast Lane"TelevisionRachel Talalay2016
160ArrowBuyArrow 4.12: "Unchained"TelevisionKevin Fair2016
161ArrowBuyArrow 4.13: "Sins of the Father"TelevisionGordon Verheul2016
162SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.12: "BizarroTelevisionDermott Downs2016
163SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.13: "For the Girl Who Has Everything"TelevisionLexi Alexander2016
164FlashBuyThe Flash 2.13: "Welcome to Earth-2"TelevisionMillicent Shelton2016
165FlashBuyThe Flash 2.14: "Escape from Earth-2"TelevisionJJ Makaro2016
166Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.04: "White Knights"TelevisionAntonio Negret2016
167Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.05: "Fail-Safe"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
168ArrowBuyArrow 4.14: "Code of Silence"TelevisionJames Bamford2016
169SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.14: "Truth, Justice and the American Way"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
170FlashBuyThe Flash 2.15: "King Shark"TelevisionHanelle Culpepper2016
171ArrowBuyArrow 4.15: "Taken"TelevisionGregory Smith2016
172Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.06: "Star City 2046"TelevisionSteve Shill2016
173Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.07: "Marooned"TelevisionGregory Smith2016
174Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.08: "Night of the Hawk"TelevisionJoe Dante2016
175SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.15: "SolitudeTelevisionLarry Teng2016
176FlashBuyThe Flash 2.16: "Trajectory"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
177ArrowBuyArrow 4.16: "Broken Hearts"TelevisionJohn Showalter2016
178SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.16: "Falling"TelevisionChris Fisher2016
179FlashBuyThe Flash 2.17: "Flash Back"TelevisionAlice Troughton2016
180ArrowBuyArrow 4.17: "Beacon of Hope"TelevisionMichael Schultz2016
181Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.09: "Left Behind"TelevisionJohn F. Showalter2016
182ArrowBuyArrow 4.18: "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"TelevisionRob Hardy2016
183Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.10: "Progeny"TelevisionDavid Geddes2016
184Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.11: "The Magnificent Eight"TelevisionThor Freudenthal2016
185SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.17: "ManhunterTelevisionNick Gomez2016
186FlashBuyThe Flash 2.18: "Versus Zoom"TelevisionStefan Pleszczynski2016
187SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.18: "World's Finest"TelevisionAdam Kane2016Supergirl takes place in an alternate universe, but Flash can travel the multiverse and joins Supergirl in this episode.
188FlashBuyThe Flash 2.19: "Back to Normal"TelevisionJohn F. Showalter2016
189WebisodesChronicles of CiscoWebAndrew Kreisberg2016
190SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.19: "Myriad"TelevisionLarry Teng2016
191SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.20: "Better Angels"TelevisionGreg Berlanti2016
192FlashBuyThe Flash 2.20: "RuptureTelevisionArmen V. Kevorkian2016
193Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.12: "Last Refuge"TelevisionRachel Talalay2016
194FlashBuyThe Flash 2.21: "The Runaway Dinosaur"TelevisionKevin Smith2016
195ArrowBuyArrow 4.19: "Canary Cry"TelevisionLaura Belsey2016
196Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.13: "Leviathan"TelevisionGregory Smith2016
197ArrowBuyArrow 4.20: "Genesis"TelevisionGregory Smith2016
198Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.14: "River of Time"TelevisionAlice Troughton2016
199ArrowBuyArrow 4.21: "Monument Point"TelevisionKevin Tancharoen2016
200Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.15: "Destiny"TelevisionOlatunde Osunsanmi2016
201FlashBuyThe Flash 2.22: "Invincible"TelevisionJesse Warn2016
202ArrowBuyArrow 4.22: "Lost in the Flood"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
203Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.16: "Legendary"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
204FlashBuyThe Flash 2.23: "The Race of His Life"TelevisionAntonio Negret2016
205ArrowBuyArrow 4.23: "Schism"TelevisionJohn Behring2016
206VixenVixen (Season 2)WebGreg Berlanti2015Found online at CW Seed
207FlashThe Flash 3.01: "Flashpoint"TelevisionJesse Warn2016
208ArrowArrow 5.01: "Legacy"TelevisionJames Bamford2016
209SupergirlSupergirl 2.01: "The Adventures of Supergirl"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
210FlashThe Flash 3.02: "Paradox"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2016
211ArrowArrow 5.02: "The Recruits"TelevisionJames Bamford2016
212Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.01: "Out of Time"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
213SupergirlSupergirl 2.02: "The Last Children of Krypton"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
214FlashThe Flash 3.03: "Megenta"TelevisionArmen V. Kevorkian2016
215ArrowArrow 5.03: "A Matter of Trust"TelevisionGregory Smith2016
216Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.02: "The Justice Society of America"TelevisionMichael Grossman2016
217SupergirlSupergirl 2.03: "Welcome to Earth"TelevisionRachel Talalay2016
218FlashThe Flash 3.04: "The New RoguesTelevisionStefan Pleszczynski2016
219ArrowArrow 5.04: "Penance"TelevisionDermott Downs2016
220Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.03: "Shogun"TelevisionKevin Tancharoen2016
221SupergirlSupergirl 2.04: "Survivors"TelevisionJames Marshall2016
222FlashThe Flash 3.05: "Monster"TelevisionC. Kim Miles2016
223ArrowArrow 5.05: "Human Target"TelevisionLaura Belsey2016
224Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.04: "Abominations"TelevisionMichael Allowitz2016
225SupergirlSupergirl 2.05: "Crossfire"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
226ArrowArrow 5.06: "So it Begins"TelevisionJohn Behring2016
227Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.05: "Compromised"TelevisionDavid Geddes2016
228SupergirlSupergirl 2.06: "Changing"TelevisionLarry Teng2016
229FlashThe Flash 3.06: "Shade"TelevisionJJ Makaro2016
230ArrowArrow 5.07: "Vigilante"TelevisionGordon Verheul2016
231Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.06: "Outlaw Country"TelevisionCherie Nowlan2016
232SupergirlSupergirl 2.07: "The Darkest Place"TelevisionGlen Winter2016
233FlashThe Flash 3.07: "Killer Frost"TelevisionKevin Smith2016
234SupergirlSupergirl 2.08: "MedusaTelevisionStefan Pleszczynski2016Part of the season's 4-way crossover
235FlashThe Flash 3.08: "Invasion!"TelevisionDermott Downs2016Part of the season's 4-way crossover
236ArrowArrow 5.08: "Invasion!"TelevisionJames Bamford2016Part of the season's 4-way crossover
237Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.07: "Invasion!"TelevisionGregory Smith2016Part of the season's 4-way crossover
238FlashThe Flash 3.09: "The Present"TelevisionRachel Talalay2016
239ArrowArrow 5.09: "What We Leave Behind"TelevisionAntonio Negret2016
240Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.08: "The Chicago Way"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2016
241SupergirlSupergirl 2.09: "Supergirl Lives"TelevisionKevin Smith2017
242FlashThe Flash 3.10: "Borrowing Problems from the Future"TelevisionMillicent Shelton2017
243Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.09: "Raiders of the Lost Art"TelevisionDermott Downs2017
244ArrowArrow 5.10: "Who Are You?"TelevisionGregory Smith2017
245SupergirlSupergirl 2.10: "We Can Be Heroes"TelevisionRebecca Johnson2017
246FlashThe Flash 3.11: "Dead or Alive"TelevisionHarry Jierjian2017
247Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.10: "The Legion of Doom"TelevisionEric Laneuville2017
248ArrowArrow 5.11: "Second Chances"TelevisionMark Bunting2017
249SupergirlSupergirl 2.11: "The Martian Chronicles"TelevisionDavid McWhirter2017
250FlashThe Flash 3.12: "Untouchable"TelevisionRob Hardy2017
251Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.11: "Turncoat"TelevisionAlice Troughton2017
252ArrowArrow 5.12: "Bratva"TelevisionBen Bray2017
253SupergirlSupergirl 2.12: "Luthors"TelevisionTawnia McKiernan2017
254ArrowArrow 5.13: "Spectre of the Gun"TelevisionKristin Windell2017
255SupergirlSupergirl 2.13: "Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk"TelevisionStefan Pleszczynski2017
256FlashThe Flash 3.13: "Attack on Gorilla City"TelevisionDermott Downs2017
257Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.12: "Camelot/3000"TelevisionAntonio Negret2017
258ArrowArrow 5.14: "The Sin-Eater"TelevisionMary Lambert2017
259SupergirlSupergirl 2.14: "Homecoming"TelevisionLarry Teng2017
260FlashThe Flash 3.14: "Attack on Central City"TelevisionDermott Daniel Downs2017
261Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.13: "Land of the Lost"TelevisionRalph Hemecker2017
262ArrowArrow: 5.15: "Fighting Fire With Fire"TelevisionMichael Schultz2017
263SupergirlSupergirl 2.15: "Exodus"TelevisionMichael Allowitz2017
264FlashThe Flash 3.15: "The Wrath of Savitar"TelevisionAlexandra La Roche2017
265Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.14: "Moonshot"TelevisionKevin Mock2017
266FlashThe Flash 3.16: "Into the Speed Force"TelevisionGregory Smith2017
267Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.15: "Fellowship fo the Spear"TelevisionBen Bray2017
268ArrowArrow: 5.16: "CheckmateTelevisionKen Shane2017
269SupergirlSupergirl 2.16: "Star-Crossed"TelevisionJohn Medlen2017
270FlashThe Flash 3.17: "Duet"TelevisionDermott Downs2017
271Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.16: "Doomworld"TelevisionMairzee Almas2017
272ArrowArrow: 5.17: "Kapiushon"TelevisionKevin Tancharoen2017
273SupergirlSupergirl 2.17: "Distant Sun"TelevisionKevin Smith2017
274FlashThe Flash 3.18: "Abra Kadabra"TelevisionNina Lopez-Corrado2017
275ArrowArrow 5.18: "Disbanded"TelevisionJJ Makaro2017
276Legends of TomorrowLoT 2.17: "Aruba"TelevisionRob Seidenglanz2017
277SupergirlSupergirl 2.18: "Ace Reporter"TelevisionArmen V. Kevorkian2017
278FlashThe Flash 3.19: "The Once and Future Flash"TelevisionTom Cavanagh2017
279ArrowArrow 5.19: "Dangerous Liaisons"TelevisionJoel Novoa2017
280SupergirlSupergirl 2.19: "Alex"TelevisionRob Greenlea2017
281FlashThe Flash 3.20: "I Know Who You Are"TelevisionHanelle Culpepper2017
282ArrowArrow 5.20: "Underneath"TelevisionWendey Stanzler2017
283SupergirlSupergirl 2.20: "City of Lost Children"TelevisionBen Bray2017
284FlashThe Flash 3.21: "Cause and Effect"TelevisionDavid McWhirter2017
285ArrowArrow 5.21: "Honor Thy Fathers"TelevisionLaura Belsey2017
286SupergirlSupergirl 2.21: "Resist"TelevisionMillicent Shelton2017
287FlashThe Flash 3.22: "Infantino Street"TelevisionMichael Allowitz2017
288ArrowArrow 5.22: "Missing"TelevisionMairzee Almas2017
289SupergirlSupergirl 2.22: "Nevertheless, She Persisted"TelevisionGlen Winter2017
290FlashThe Flash 3.23: "Finish Line"TelevisionDavid McWhirter2017
291ArrowArrow 5.23: "Lian Yu"TelevisionJesse Warn2017

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