I’m not the only timeline guy out there, and there are others that have different approaches that might appeal to some of you. Here’s a list of my kindred spirits who love chronology as much as I do.

Star Wars Readers Timeline – A great, up-to-date resource for those who want a different take on the Star Wars timeline.

They Might Be Geeks – Another great Star Wars timeline with increased functionality for sorting, and with more detail than I have here.

Reading Orders – Several good timelines, including one of the best collections of Marvel comics timelines on the web.

Timeline Universe – An impressive assortment of extremely detailed timelines, including another great Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline, an X-Files Timeline, and anĀ Oz timeline.

The Timeline Site – Another catch-all timeline site, very similar to this one, with several extremely detailed timelines of various franchises.

Cosmic Teams – A site devoted to chronicling the story of the DC Universe and a few other stories. Some really detailed information on DC Comics.

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