Halo Timeline and Chronology

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What’s on the Halo Timeline?

This list attempts to create a reading order (or in some cases viewing/playing order) for all major pieces of Halo media. This includes primarily all video games, novels, films, and comic books. This list does not attempt to split up any media into individual scenes/pages, but rather focuses on an easy to follow reading/playing/watching list (with a few exceptions). In the event that two works cover the exact same time-frame we first list the first published work. Additionally we base the placement within the timeline on where the work ends rather than where it begins.

This list of Halo media includes:

  • The Halo Games: Considered the “core” medium for the Halo franchise. These include the main series of games, as well as a few mobile games such as Spartan Assault.
  • Novels/Comics: Halo has more tie-in novels and comics than any other video game franchise. I include them in the timeline.
  • Films/Short Films: Though the Halo franchise has never seen a theatrical release, the series does include a few films that were released through other mediums, often online.

There are a few other pieces of media that fit in, such as the Hunt the Truth podcast, and you can find it all in chronological order below. We hope you enjoy!

Where do I start reading the Halo books?

Since this is a franchise based on video games, you should definitely start with those. We recommend the Halo: Master Chief Collection for the best starting experience. However, if you’re looking to start reading the books and/or comics, you should start with The Fall of Reach, which has the richest background information for the game franchise.

1100,000 BCBuyCryptumNovelGreg Bear2011
2100,000 BCBuyPrimordiumNovelGreg Bear2012
3100,000 BCBuySilentiumNovelGreg Bear2013
4100,000 BCBuyFractures: Defender of the StormShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2016
5100,000 BCBuyFractures: Promises to KeepShort StoryChristie Golden2016
6100,000 BCBuyFractures: Untitled StoryShort StoryN/A2016
7850 BCBuyBroken CircleNovelJohn Shirley2014
82142 ADBuyLegends: The DuelShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010
92514 ADBuyThe Fall of Reach: Boot CampComicEric Nylund2010
102525 ADBuyContact HarvestNovelJoseph Staten2007
112529 ADBuyEvolutions: PariahShort StoryB. K. Evenson2009
122531 ADBuyLegends: HomecomingShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010
132531 ADBuyHalo Wars: GenesisComicEnsemble Studios2009
142531 ADBuyHalo WarsGameEnsemble Studios2009
152535 ADBuyThe Fall of Reach: CovenantComicEric Nylund2011
162535 ADBuyThe Fall of ReachShort FilmIan Kirby2015
172535 ADBuyHalo 4: Forward Unto DawnTelevisionStewart Hendler2012Bulk of this miniseries goes here.
182535 ADBuyFractures: The Ballad of Hamish BeamishShort StoryFrank O'Connor2016
192535 ADBuyThe Cole ProtocolNovelTobias S. Buckell2008
202537 ADBuyTales from Slipspace: Something Has HappenedComicAlex Irvine2016
212544 ADBuyLegends: The PackageShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010
222544 ADBuyLegends: PrototypeShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010
232544 ADBuyLegends: The BabysitterShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010
242549 ADBuyEvolutions: HeadhuntersShort StoryJonathan Goff2009
25?BuyTales from Slipspace: Hunting PartyComicJonathan Goff2016
262552 ADBuyHelljumpersComicPeter David2009
272552 ADBuyBlood LineComicFred Van Lente2010
282552 ADBuyEvolutions: Blunt InstrumentsShort StoryFred Van Lente2009
292514-2552 ADBuyFall of ReachNovelEric Nylund2001
302552 ADBuyThe Fall of Reach: InvasionComicEric Nylund2012
312552 ADBuyHalo: ReachGameBungie2010
322552 ADBuyEvolutions: DirtShort StoryTobias Buckell2009
332552 ADBuyEvolutions: Stomping on the Heels of a FussShort StoryEric Raab2009
342552 ADBuyHalo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryGameBungie2011Anniversary remake of the original.
352552 ADBuyThe FloodNovelWilliam C. Dietz2003
362552 ADBuyHalo Graphic Novel: Breaking QuarantineComicVarious2006
372552 ADBuyHalo Graphic Novel: The Last Voyage of the Infinite SuccorComicVarious2006
382552 ADBuyFirst StrikeNovelEric Nylund2003
392552 ADBuyHalo Graphic Novel: Armor TestingComicVarious2006
402552 ADBuyEvolutions: Mona LisaShort StoryTessa Kum, Jeff VanderMeer2009
412552 ADBuyHalo 2 AnniversaryGameBungie2004Anniversary remake of the original.
422552 ADBuyHalo Graphic Novel- Second Sunrise Over New MombasaComicVarious2006
432552 ADBuyEvolutions: Palace HotelShort StoryRobert McLees2009
442552 ADBuyGhosts of OnyxNovelEric Nylund2006
452552 ADBuyUprisingComicBrian Michael Bendis2009
462552 ADLandfallShort FilmNeill Blomkamp2007
472552 ADBuyHalo 3: ODSTGameBungie2009
482552 ADBuyEvolutions: Human WeaknessShort StoryKaren Traviss2009
492552 ADBuyHalo 3GameBungie2007
502552 ADBuyEvolutions: The Impossible Life & The Possible Death of Preston ColeShort StoryEric Nylund2009
512552 ADBuyEvolutions: From the Office of Dr. William Arthur IqbalShort StoryFrank O'Connor2009
522552 ADBuyGlasslandsNovelKaren Traviss2011
532552 ADBuyShadow of IntentNovellaJoseph Staten2015Included in Fractures
542553 ADBuyInitiationComicBrian Reed2013
552553 ADBuyFractures: Breaking StrainShort StoryJames Swallow2016
562553 ADBuyThe Thursday WarNovelKaren Traviss2012
572553 ADBuyMortal DictataNovelKaren Traviss2014
582553 ADBuyLast LightNovelTroy Denning2015
592553 ADBuyFractures: A Necessary TruthShort StoryTroy Denning2016
602555 ADBuyHunters in the DarkNovelPeter David2015
612555 ADBuyNew BloodNovelMatt Forbeck2015
622554 ADBuyFractures: Lessons LearnedShort StoryMatt Forbeck2016
632555 ADHalo: Spartan AssaultGame343 Industries2013
642556 ADBuyHalo: NightfallTelevisionSergio Mimica-Gezzan2014
652556 ADBuyFractures: AnarosaShort StoryKevin Grace2016
662557 ADBuyFractures: Into the FireShort StoryKelly Gay2016
672557 ADBuyHalo: Smoke and ShadowNovelKelly Gay2016Continues the storyline of Into the Fire.
682558 ADBuyLegends: OriginsShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010
692558 ADHalo: Spartan StrikeGame343 Industries2015
702558 ADBuyHalo: Saint's TestimonyNovellaFrank O'Connor2015Included in Fractures
712558 ADBuyFractures: OasisShort StoryTobias Buckell2016
722558 ADBuyHalo 4: Forward Unto DawnTelevisionStewart Hendler2012Frame story goes here.
732558 ADBuyHalo 4Game343 Industries2012
742558 ADBuyTales from Slipspace: Dominion SplinterComicFrank O'Connor2016
752558 ADBuyHalo 4: Sparten OpsGame343 Industries2012
762558 ADBuyTales from Slipspace: Fireteam Majestic Poker NightComicKody Chamberlain2016
772558 ADBuyEscalation, Vol. 1ComicChristopher Schlerf2014
782558 ADBuyEscalation, Vol. 2ComicBrian Reed2015
792558 ADBuyTales from Slipspace: Knight Takes BishopComicTyler Jeffers2016
802558 ADHunt the Truth (Season 1)Audio Drama343 Industries2015
812558 ADBuyEscalation, Vol. 3ComicBrian Reed2015
822558 ADBuyEscalation, Vol. 4ComicDuff Boudreu2016
832558 ADBuyTales from Slipspace: On the BrinkComicDuffy Boudreau2016
842558 ADHunt the Truth (Season 2)Audio Drama343 Industries2015
852558 ADHalo: EnvoyNovelTobias S. Buckell2017
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872558 ADBuyTales from Slipspace: UndefeatedComicJohn Jackson Miller2016
882558 ADBuyFractures: Rossbach's WorldShort StoryBrian Reed2016
892558 ADBuyFractures: What RemainsShort StoryMorgan Lockhart2016
902559 ADBuyEvolutions: The ReturnShort StoryKevin Grace2009
912559 ADBuyHalo Wars 2GameEnsemble Studios2016

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