Star Wars Canon Timeline

Art for the Star Wars canon timeline.

What’s in the Star Wars Canon Timeline?

This is the Star Wars canon timeline for material that is “official canon.” The Lucasfilm story-group is responsible for determining what elements of Star Wars canon are on the same official level as the films. That material will be included on this timeline if officially announced as being canon. All licensed material beginning in 2015 and moving forward will be part of this timeline. The only pre-2015 material that is currently included is the films, the Clone Wars, and Rebels, novelizations of the films/show, a few story-group approved novels, and Rebels tie-in material.  This timeline includes the following:

  • The Official Films: The original 6 films, and all official films released by Lucasfilm since 2015.
  • Star Wars Television: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and any non-spoof animated and live-action shows since then.
  • Books: Any adult and junior novels released since September of 2014, starting with A New Dawn.
  • Comics: Any official canon comics since Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir.
  • Short Stories: Some canon short stories included in various magazines and other outlets.

Where to start reading Star Wars books?

Getting into the canon can be daunting, particularly if you have no idea where to start. Thankfully most of the books and comics stand on their own and don’t need much Star Wars knowledge for you to understand what’s going on. If you’re a fan of the new films, we recommend starting with the Aftermath trilogy or Bloodline. Or you could simply start chronologically and work from there. This timeline basically sums up all of the canon stories and assembles them in an easy-to-follow timeline for your convenience. Enjoy.

For a further look at the Star Wars canon timeline, check out our lore series and backstory series over on LoreTV

132 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceFilmGeorge Lucas1999
232 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceNovelTerry Brooks1999
329 BBYBuyObi-Wan & AnakinComicCharles Soule2016
422 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesFilmGeorge Lucas2002
522 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesNovelR. A. Salvatore2002
622 BBYBuyTCW 2.16 “Cat and Mouse”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2010The Clone Wars were aired out of chronological order. Here they are in the proper order.
722 BBYBuyTCW 1.16 “The Hidden Enemy”TelevisionSteward Lee2009
822 BBYBuyThe Clone WarsFilmDave Filoni2008
922 BBYBuyThe Clone WarsNovelKaren Traviss2008
1022 BBYBuyTCW 3.01 “Clone Cadets”TelevisionDave Filoni2010
1122 BBYBuyTCW 3.03 “Supply Lines”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2010
1222 BBYBuyTCW 1.01 “Ambush”TelevisionDave Bullock2008
1322 BBYBuyTCW 1.02 “Rising Malevolence”TelevisionDave Filoni2008
1422 BBYBuyTCW 1.03 “Shadow of Malevolence”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2008
1522 BBYBuyTCW 1.04 “Destroy Malevolence”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2008
1622 BBYBuyTCW 1.05 “Rookies”TelevisionJustin Ridge2008
1722 BBYBuyTCW 1.06 “Downfall of a Droid”TelevisionRob Coleman2008
1822 BBYBuyTCW 1.07 “Duel of the Droids”TelevisionRob Coleman2008
1922 BBYBuyTCW 1.08 “Bombad Jedi”TelevisionJesse Yeh2008
2022 BBYBuyTCW 1.09 “Cloak of Darkness”TelevisionDave Filoni2008
2122 BBYBuyTCW 1.10 “Lair of Grievous”TelevisionAtsushi Takeuchi2008
2222 BBYBuyTCW 1.11 “Dooku Captured”TelevisionJesse Yeh2009
2322 BBYBuyTCW 1.12 “The Gungan General”TelevisionJustin Ridge2009
2422 BBYBuyTCW 1.13 “Jedi Crash”TelevisionRob Coleman2009
2522 BBYBuyTCW 1.14 “Defenders of Peace”TelevisionSteward Lee2009
2622 BBYBuyTCW 1.15 “Trespass”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2009
2722 BBYBuyTCW 1.17 “Blue Shadow Virus”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2009
2822 BBYBuyTCW 1.18 “Mystery of a Thousand Moons”TelevisionJesse Yeh2009
2922 BBYBuyTCW 1.19 “Storm Over Ryloth”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2009
3022 BBYBuyTCW 1.20 “Innocents of Ryloth”TelevisionJustin Ridge2009
3122 BBYBuyTCW 1.21 “Liberty on Ryloth”TelevisionRob Coleman2009
3222 BBYBuyTCW 2.01 “Holocron Heist”TelevisionJustin Ridge2009
3322 BBYBuyTCW 2.02 “Cargo of Doom”TelevisionRob Coleman2009
3422 BBYBuyTCW 2.03 “Children of the Force”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2009
3522 BBYBuyTCW 2.17 “Bounty Hunters”TelevisionSteward Lee2010
3622 BBYBuyTCW 2.18 “The Zillo Beast”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2010
3722 BBYBuyTCW 2.19 “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back”TelevisionSteward Lee2010
3822 BBYBuyTCW 2.04 “Senate Spy”TelevisionSteward Lee2009
3922 BBYBuyTCW 2.05 “Landing at Point Rain”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2009
4022 BBYBuyTCW 2.06 “Weapons Factory”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2009
4122 BBYBuyTCW 2.07 “Legacy of Terror”TelevisionSteward Lee2009
4222 BBYBuyTCW 2.08 “Brain Invaders”TelevisionSteward Lee2009
4322 BBYBuyTCW 2.09 “Grevious Intrigue”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2010
4422 BBYBuyTCW 2.10 “The Deserter”TelevisionRobert Dalva2010
4522 BBYBuyTCW 2.11 “Lightsaber Lost”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2010
4622 BBYBuyTCW 2.12 “The Mandalore Plot”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2010
4722 BBYBuyTCW 2.13 “Voyage of Temptation”TelevisionBrian Kalin O' Connell2010
4822 BBYBuyTCW 2.14 “Duchess of Mandalore”TelevisionBrian Kalin O' Connell2010
4922 BBYBuyTCW 2.20 “Death Trap”TelevisionSteward Lee2010
5022 BBYBuyTCW 2.21 “R2 Come Home”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2010
5122 BBYBuyTCW 2.22 “Lethal Trackdown”TelevisionDave Filoni2010
5222 BBYBuyTCW 3.05 “Corruption”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2010
5322 BBYBuyTCW 3.06 “The Academy”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2010
5422 BBYBuyTCW 3.07 “Assassin”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2010
5522 BBYBuyTCW 3.02 “ARC Troopers”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2010
5622 BBYBuyTCW 3.04 “Sphere of Influence”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2010
5722 BBYBuyTCW 3.08 “Evil Plans”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2010
5822 BBYBuyTCW 1.22 “Hostage Crisis”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2009
5922 BBYBuyTCW 3.09 “Hunt for Ziro”TelevisionSteward Lee2010
6020 BBYBuyTCW 3.10 “Heroes on Both Sides”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2010
6120 BBYBuyTCW 3.11 “Pursuit of Peace”TelevisionDuwayne Dunham2010
6220 BBYBuyTCW 2.15 “Senate Murders”TelevisionBrian Kalin O' Connell2010
6320 BBYBuyTCW 3.12 “Nightsisters”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2011
6420 BBYBuyTCW 3.13 “Monster”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2011
6520 BBYBuyTCW 3.14 “Witches of the Mist”TelevisionGiancarlo Volpe2011
6620 BBYBuyTCW 3.15 “Overlords”TelevisionSteward Lee2011
6720 BBYBuyTCW 3.16 “Altar of Mortis”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2011
6820 BBYBuyTCW 3.17 “Ghosts of Mortis”TelevisionSteward Lee2011
6920 BBYBuyTCW 3.18 “The Citadel”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2011
7020 BBYBuyTCW 3.19 “Counterattack”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2011
7120 BBYBuyTCW 3.20 “Citadel Rescue”TelevisionSteward Lee2011
7220 BBYBuyTCW 3.21 “Padawan Lost”TelevisionDave Filoni2011
7320 BBYBuyTCW 3.22 “Wookiee Hunt”TelevisionDave Filoni2011
7420 BBYBuyTCW 4.01 “Water War”TelevisionDuwayne Dunham2011
7520 BBYBuyTCW 4.02 “Gungan Attack”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2011
7620 BBYBuyTCW 4.03 “Prisoners”TelevisionDanny Keller2011
7720 BBYBuyTCW 4.04 “Shadow Warrior”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2011
7820 BBYBuyTCW 4.05 “Mercy Mission”TelevisionDanny Keller2011
7920 BBYBuyTCW 4.06 “Nomad Droids”TelevisionSteward Lee2011
8020 BBYBuyTCW 4.07 “Darkness On Umbara”TelevisionSteward Lee2011
8120 BBYBuyTCW 4.08 “The General”TelevisionWalter Murch2011
8220 BBYBuyTCW 4.09 “Plan of Dissent”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2011
8320 BBYBuyTCW 4.10 “Carnage of Krell”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2011
8420 BBYBuyTCW 4.11 “Kidnapped”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2011
8520 BBYBuyTCW 4.12 “Slaves of the Republic”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2011
8620 BBYBuyTCW 4.13 “Escape from Kadavo”TelevisionDanny Keller2012
8720 BBYBuyTCW 4.14 “A Friend in Need”TelevisionDave Filoni2012
8820 BBYBuyTCW 4.15 “Deception”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2012
8920 BBYBuyTCW 4.16 “Friends and Enemies”TelevisionBosco Ng2012
9020 BBYBuyTCW 4.17 “The Box”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connel2012
9120 BBYBuyTCW 4.18 “Crisis on Naboo”TelevisionDanny Keller2012
9220 BBYBuyTCW 4.19 “Massacre”TelevisionSteward Lee2012
9320 BBYBuyTCW 4.20 “Bounty”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2012
9420 BBYBuyTCW 4.21 “Brothers”TelevisionBosco Ng2012
9520 BBYBuyTCW 4.22 “Revenge”TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2012
9620 BBYBuyTCW 5.02 “A War on Two Fronts”TelevisionDave Filoni2012
9720 BBYBuyTCW 5.03 “Front Runners”TelevisionSteward Lee2012
9820 BBYBuyTCW 5.04 “The Soft War”TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2012
9920 BBYBuyTCW 5.05 “Tipping Points”TelevisionBosco Ng2012
10020 BBYBuyTCW 5.06: "The Gathering"TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2012
10120 BBYBuyTCW 5.07: "A Test of Strength"TelevisionBosco Ng2012
10220 BBYBuyTCW 5.08: "Bound for Rescue"TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2012
10320 BBYBuyTCW 5.09: "A Necessary Bond"TelevisionDanny Keller2012
10420 BBYBuyTCW 5.10: "Secret Weapons'TelevisionDanny Keller2012
10520 BBYBuyTCW 5.11: "A Sunny Day in the Void"TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2012
10620 BBYBuyTCW 5.12: "Missing in Action"TelevisionSteward Lee2013
10720 BBYBuyTCW 5.13: "Point of No Return"TelevisionBosco Ng2013
10820 BBYBuyTCW 5.01: "Revival"TelevisionSteward Lee2012
10920 BBYBuyTCW 5.14: "Eminence"TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2013
11020 BBYBuyTCW 5.15: "Shades of Reason"TelevisionBosco Ng2013
11120 BBYBuyTCW 5.16: "The Lawless"TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2013
11220 BBYBuyTCW 5.17: "Sabotage"TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2013
11320 BBYBuyTCW 5.18: "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much"TelevisionDanny Keller2013
11420 BBYBuyTCW 5.19: "To Catch a Jedi"TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2013
11520 BBYBuyTCW 5.20: "The Wrong Jedi"TelevisionDave Filoni2013
11620 BBYBuyTCW 6.01: "The Unknown"TelevisionBosco Ng2014
11720 BBYBuyTCW 6.02: "Conspiracy"TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2014
11820 BBYBuyTCW 6.03: "Fugitive"TelevisionDanny Keller2014
11920 BBYBuyTCW 6.04: "Orders"TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2014
12020 BBYBuyTCW 6.05: "And Old Friend"TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2014
12120 BBYBuyTCW 6.06: "The Rise of Clovis"TelevisionDanny Keller2014
12220 BBYBuyTCW 6.07: "Crisis at Heart"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
12320 BBYBuyTCW 6.08: "The Disappeared, Part I"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
12420 BBYBuyTCW 6.09: "The Disappeared, Part II"TelevisionBosco Ng2014
12520 BBYBuyTCW 6.10: "The Lost One"TelevisionBrian Kalin O'Connell2014
12620 BBYBuyTCW 6.11: "Voices"TelevisionDanny Keller2014
12720 BBYBuyTCW 6.12: "Destiny"TelevisionKyle Dunlevy2014
12820 BBYBuyTCW 6.13: "Sacrifice"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
12920 BBYBuyTCW (unfinished): "A Death on Utapau"TelevisionDave Filoni2014This 4-episode arc is unfinished and can be found on, but is still considered canon by the Lucasfilm Story Group
13020 BBYBuyTCW (unfinished): "In Search of the Crystal"TelevisionDave Filoni2014
13120 BBYBuyTCW (unfinished): "Crystal Crisis"TelevisionDave Filoni2014
13220 BBYBuyTCW (unfinished): "The Big Bang"TelevisionDave Filoni2014
13320 BBYTCW (unfinished): "Bad Batch"TelevisionDave Filoni2015This 4-episode arc is unfinished and can be found on, but is still considered canon by the Lucasfilm Story Group
13420 BBYTCW (unfinished): "A Distant Echo"TelevisionDave Filoni2015
13520 BBYTCW (unfinished): "On the Wings of Keeradaks"TelevisionDave Filoni2015
13620 BBYTCW (unfinished): "Unfinished Business"TelevisionDave Filoni2015
13720 BBYBuyDarth Maul: Son of DathomirComicJeremy Barlow2014An adaption of 4 unfinished Clone Wars episodes
13820 BBYBuyKindred SpiritsShort StoryChristie Golden2015Star Wars Insider 159
13920 BBYBuyDark DiscipleNovelChristie Golden2015An adaption of 8 unfinished Clone Wars episodes
14019 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithFilmGeorge Lucas2005
14119 BBYBuyStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithNovelMatthew Stover2005
14219 BBYBuyKanan: The Last Padawan Vol. 1ComicGreg Weisman2015
14318 BBYBuyAhsokaYA NovelE. K. Johnston2016
14421 - 17 BBYBuyRogue One: CatalystNovelJames Luceno2016
14516 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The EscapeJunior NovelCavan Scott2016
14616 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The SnareJunior NovelCavan Scott2016
14716 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The NestJunior NovelTom Huddleston2016
14816 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The StealJunior NovelCavan Scott2016
14916 BBYBuyAdventures in Wild Space: The DarkJunior NovelTom Huddleston2016
15014 BBYBuyStar Wars: Lords of the SithNovelPaul S. Kemp2015
15114 BBYBuyOrientationShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2015Star Wars Insider 157. Takes place during Lords of the Sith
15214 BBYBuyMercy MissionShort StoryMelissa Scott2015Part of the Rise of the Empire collection.
15314 BBYBuyStar Wars: TarkinNovelJames Luceno2014
15414 BBYBuyBottleneckShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2015Part of the Rise of the Empire collection.
1559 BBYBuyStar Wars: A New DawnNovelJohn Jackson Miller2014
1569 BBYThe End of HistoryShort StoryAlexander Freed2014
157?Han Solo Spin-off FilmFilmChristopher Miller, Phil Lord2018
158?Voices of the EmpireShort StoryMur Laffert2016Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 170
1595 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: Edge of the GalaxyJunior NovelJason Fry2014
1605 BBYBuyEzra’s GambleJunior NovelRyder Windham2014
1615 BBYBuyRebel Journal by Ezra BridgerJunior NovelDaniel Wallace2014
1625 BBYBuyRebels: Rise of the Rebels 4 ShortsTelevisionDave Filoni2014
1635 BBYBuyRebels: Spark of RebellionTelevisionSteward Lee, Steven G. Lee2014
1645 BBYBuyRebels 1.01: "Droids in Distress"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
1655 BBYBuyRebels 1.02: "Fighter Flight"TelevisionSteven G. Lee2014
1665 BBYBuyRebels 1.03: "Rise of the Old Masters"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
1675 BBYBuyRebels 1.04: "Breaking Ranks"TelevisionSteven G. Lee2014
1685 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: Rebel in RanksJunior NovelJason Fry2015
1695 BBYBuyRebels 1.05: "Out of Darkness"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
1705 BBYBuyRebels 1.06: "Empire Day"TelevisionSteven G. Lee2014
1715 BBYBuyRebels 1.07: "Gathering Forces"TelevisionSteward Lee2014
1724 BBYBuyRebels 1.08: "Path of the Jedi"TelevisionDave Filoni2015
1734 BBYBuyRebels 1.09: "Idiot's Array"TelevisionSteward Lee2015
1744 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: Imperial JusticeJunior NovelJason Fry2015
1754 BBYBuyRebels 1.10: "Vision of Hope"TelevisionSteven G. Lee2015
1764 BBYBuyServants of the Empire: The Secret AcademyJunior NovelJason Fry2015
1774 BBYBuyRebels 1.11: "Call to Action"TelevisionSteward Lee2015
1784 BBYRebel BluffShort StoryMichael Kogge2015
1794 BBYBuyRebels 1.12: "Rebel Resolve"TelevisionJustin Ridge2015
1804 BBYBuyRebels 1.13: "Fire Across the Galaxy"TelevisionDave Filoni2015
1814 BBYBuyKanan Vol. 2: First BloodComicGreg Weisman2016Frame story placed here, many flashbacks to TCW era.
1824 BBYTK-146275Short StorySylvain Neuvel2016Available in Star Wars Insider 166
1833 BBYBuyRebels 2.00: "The Siege of Lothal"TelevisionBosco Ng, Brad Rau2015
1843 BBYBuyRebels 2.01: "The Lost Commanders"TelevisionDave Filoni, Sergio Paez2015
1853 BBYBuyRebels 2.02: "Relics of the Old Republic"TelevisionBosco Ng2015
1863 BBYBuyRebels 2.03: "Always Two There Are"TelevisionBrad Rau2015
1873 BBYBuyRebels 2.04: "Brothers of the Broken Horn"TelevisionSaul Ruiz2015
1883 BBYBuyRebels 2.05: "Wings of hte Master"TelevisionDave Filoni, Sergio Paez2015
1893 BBYBuyRebels 2.06: "Blood Sisters"TelevisionBosco Ng2015
1903 BBYBuyRebels 2.07: "Stealth Strike"TelevisionBrad Rau2015
1913 BBYBuyRebels 2.08: "The Future of the Force"TelevisionSaul Ruiz2015
1923 BBYBuyRebels 2.09: "Legacy"TelevisionMel Zwyer2015
1933 BBYBuyRebels 2.10: "A Princess on Lothal"TelevisionBosco Ng2016
1943 BBYBuyRebels 2.11: "The Protector of Concord Dawn"TelevisionBrad Rau2016
1953 BBYBuyRebels 2.12: "Legends of the Lasat"TelevisionSaul Ruiz2016
1963 BBYBuyRebels 2.13: "The Call"TelevisionMel Zwyer2016
1973 BBYBuyRebels 2.14: "Homecoming"TelevisionBosco Ng2016
1983 BBYBuyRebels 2.15: "The Honorable Ones"TelevisionBrad Rau2016
1993 BBYBuyRebels 2.16: "Shroud of Darkness"TelevisionSaul Ruiz2016
2003 BBYBuyRebels 2.17: "The Forgotten Droid"TelevisionMel Zwyer2016
2013 BBYBuyRebels 2.18: "The Mystery of Chopper Base"TelevisionBosco Ng2016
2023 BBYBuyRebels 2.19: "Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 1"TelevisionDave Filoni2016
2033 BBYBuyRebels 2.20: "Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 2"TelevisionDave Filoni2016
2043 BBYBuyThrawnNovelTimothy Zahn2017Begins earlier, but ends just before Season 3 of Rebels
2052 BBYRebels 3.01: "Steps Into Shadow, Part 1"TelevisionBosco Ng, Mel Zwyer2016
2062 BBYRebels 3.02: "Steps Into Shadow, Part 2"TelevisionBosco Ng, Mel Zwyer2016
2072 BBYRebels 3.03: "The Holocrons of Fate"TelevisionSteward Lee2016
2082 BBYRebels 3.04: "The Antilles Extraction"TelevisionSaul Ruiz2016
2092 BBYRebels 3.05: "Hera's Heroes"TelevisionMel Zwyer2016
2102 BBYRebels 3.06: "The Last Battle"TelevisionBosco Ng2016
2112 BBYRebels 3.07: "Imperial Supercommandos"TelevisionSteward Lee2016
2122 BBYRebels 3.08: "Iron Squadron"TelevisionSaul Ruiz2016
2132 BBYRebels 3.09: "The Wynkahthu Job"TelevisionMel Zwyer2016
2142 BBYRebels 3.10: "An Inside Man"TelevisionSteward Lee2016
2152 BBYRebels 3.11: "Visions and Voices"TelevisionBosco Ng2016
2162 BBYRebels 3.12: "Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 1"TelevisionDave Filoni2017
2172 BBYRebels 3.12: "Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 2"TelevisionDave Filoni2017
218?BuyRogue One: Baze & ChirrutJunior NovelGreg Rucka2017
2190 BBYRogue OneFilmGareth Edwards2016
2200 BBYBuyRogue OneNovelAlexander Freed2016Novelization
2210 BBYBuyStar Wars: A New HopeFilmGeorge Lucas1977
2220 BBYBuyStar Wars: A New HopeNovelAlan Dean Foster1976Novelization
2230 BBYBuyA New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the FarmboyJunior NovelAlexandra Bracken2015Novelization
2240 BBYLast Call at the Zero AngleShort StoryJason Fry2015Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 156
2250 BBYBuyPrincess LeiaComicMark Waid2015
2260 BBYBuySmuggler's Run: A Han Solo AdventureJunior NovelGreg Rucka2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2270 BBY“One Thousand Levels Down”Short StoryAlexander Freed2014Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 151
2280 BBYBuyChewbaccaComicGerry Duggan2015
2290 BBYBuyStar Wars: Heir to the JediNovelKevin Hearne2015
2300 BBYBuyThe Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker AdventureJunior NovelJason Fry2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2310 BBYBuyStar Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker StrikesComicJason Aaron2015
2320 BBYBuyDarth Vader Vol. 1: VaderComicKieron Gillen2015
2331 ABYBuyStar Wars Vol. 2: Showdown on Smuggler's MoonComicJason Aaron2015
2341 ABYBuyDarth Vader Vol. 2: Shadows and SecretsComicKieron Gillen2015
2351 ABYBuyVader DownComicJason Aaron, Kieron Gillen2016
2361 ABYBuyStar Wars Vol. 3: Rebel JailComicJason Aaron2016
2371 ABYBuyDarth Vader Vol. 3: The Shu-Torun WarComicKieron Gillen2016
2381 ABYBuyStar Wars Vol. 4: The Last Flight of the HarbingerComicJason Aaron2017
2391 ABYBuyDarth Vader Vol. 4: End of GamesComicKieron Gillen2017
2401 ABYStar Wars: Doctor AphraComicKieron Gillen2017
2411 ABYBuyLandoComicCharles Soule2015
2421 ABYBuyHan SoloComicMarjorie Liu2016
2431 ABYInbriefShort StoryJanine K. Spendlove2015Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 161
2443 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Empire Strikes BackFilmIrvin Kershner1980
2453 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Empire Strikes BackNovelDonald F. Glut1980Novelization
2463 ABYBuyThe Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi?Junior NovelAdam Gidwitz2015Novelization
2473 ABYBuyBattlefront: Twilight CompanyNovelAlexander Freed2015Takes place over multiple time periods. Ends post-ESB.
2483 ABYBuyMoving Target: A Princess Leia AdventureJunior NovelCecil Castellucci2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2494 ABYBuyStar Wars: Return of the JediFilmRichard Marquand1983
2504 ABYBuyStar Wars: Return of the JediNovelJames Kahn1983Novelization
2514 ABYBuyReturn of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side!Junior NovelTom Angleberger2015Novelization
2524 ABY“Blade Squadron: Parts 1&2″Short StoryDavid/Mark Williams2014Available in Star Wars Insider, Issues 149/150
2534 ABYBuyThe Levers of PowerShort StoryJason Fry2015Part of the Rise of the Empire collection.
2544 ABYBuyShattered EmpireComicGreg Rucka2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2554 ABYBlade Squadron: Zero HourShort StoryDavid/Mark Williams2015Available in Star Wars Insider, Issues 160
2565 ABYTurning PointShort StoryJason Hugh2016Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 169
2574 ABYBuyAftermathNovelChuck Wendig2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2584 ABYStar Wars: UprisingGameKabam2015
2595 ABYBuyAftermath: Life DebtNovelChuck Wendig2016
2605 ABYBlade Squadron: KuatShort StoryDavid/Mark Williams2016Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 168
2615 ABYBuyAftermath: Empire's EndNovelChuck Wendig2017
2625 ABYBlade Squadron: JakkuShort StoryDavid/Mark Williams2017
2635 ABYBuyLost StarsYA NovelClaudia Gray2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Takes place over original trilogy but ends in 5 ABY.
26428 ABYScorchedShort StoryDelilah S. Dawson2016
26528 ABYBuyBloodlineNovelClaudia Gray2016
26633 ABYBuyThe Perfect WeaponShort StoryDelilah S. Dawson2015
26734 ABYBuyTales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Vol. 1: AliensAnthologyLandry Q. Walker2016
26834 ABYBaitShort StoryAlan Dead Foster2015Available in Star Wars Insider, Issue 162
26934 ABYBuyBefore the AwakeningJunior NovelGreg Rucka2015
27034 ABYBuyC-3PO: The Phantom LimbComicN/A2015Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
27134 ABYBuyPoe Dameron, Vol. 1: Black SquadronComicCharles Soule2016
27234 ABYBuyPoe Dameron, Vol. 2ComicCharles Soule2017
27334 ABYBuyRey's Survival GuideJunior NovelJason Fry2015
27434 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Force AwakensFilmJ. J. Abrams2015
27534 ABYBuyStar Wars: The Force AwakensNovelAlan Dean Foster2015Novelization
27634 ABYStar Wars: Episode VIIIFilmRian Johnson2017
277?Star Wars: Episode IXFilmN/A2019

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