The Cosmere Reading Order

Banner art for the Cosmere reading order, by Brandon Sanderson.

What’s in the Cosmere Reading Order?

This Cosmere reading order focuses on a series of books by Brandon Sanderson that act as a shared universe of sorts, like the Marvel or Star Wars universes. The Cosmere consists of multiple series of books that take place on various planets, and each has a “god” that represents various aspects of creation. While all of these series link to each other, most tend to stand alone. These series include:

  • Elantris Series: The world of Sel.
  • Warbreaker Series: The world of Nalthis.
  • Mistborn Series: The world Scadrial.
  • The Stormlight Archive: The world of Roshar.
  • White Sand: The world of Taldain.
  • Other short stories and novellas set in the Cosmere universe.

Additionally, Brandon Sanderson still has a lot to write. For example, the Stormlight Archive series only has two of the ten books completed. And the Cosmere may end up being 30-40+ books total, so there’s still a lot of ground to cover. This Cosmere reading order gives you all of the books currently out or announced in the best order we know, based on what little information we have. We hope you enjoy this Cosmere reading order as you read these excellent books.

Where do I┬ástart reading Brandon Sanderson’s books?

Each of Sanderson’s series can be read on their own, even though they connect to the larger Cosmere. However, most would probably start with Elantris, since that is a single book, or the first Mistborn trilogy. We would recommend starting with the Mistborn trilogy, since those are some of Sanderson’s best work, and it’s not an intimidatingly long series.

1White SandBuyWhite SandComicBrandon Sanderson2016
2ElantrisBuyElantrisNovelBrandon Sanderson2005
3ElantrisBuyThe Hope of ElantrisShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2007
4ElantrisBuyThe Emperor's SoulShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2012
5Mistborn Era 1BuyThe Eleventh MetalShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2011
6Mistborn Era 1BuyMistborn: The Final EmpireNovelBrandon Sanderson2006
7Mistborn Era 1BuyThe Well of AscensionNovelBrandon Sanderson2007
8Mistborn Era 1BuyThe Hero of AgesNovelBrandon Sanderson2008
9Mistborn Era 1BuyMistborn: Secret HistoryShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2016
10WarbreakerBuyWarbreakerNovelBrandon Sanderson2009
11WarbreakerNightbloodNovelBrandon SandersonTBD
12OtherBuyShadows for Silence in the Forests of HellShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2013
13Stormlight ArchivesBuyThe Way of KingsNovelBrandon Sanderson2010
14Stormlight ArchivesBuyWords of RadianceNovelBrandon Sanderson2014
15Stormlight ArchivesBuyEdgedancerShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2016
16Stormlight ArchivesOathbringerNovelBrandon Sanderson2017
17Mistborn Era 2BuyThe Alloy of LawNovelBrandon Sanderson2011
18Mistborn Era 2BuyAllomancer Jak and the Pits of EltaniaShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2014
19Mistborn Era 2BuyShadows of SelfNovelBrandon Sanderson2015
20Mistborn Era 2BuyThe Bands of MourningNovelBrandon Sanderson2016
21Mistborn Era 2The Lost MetalNovelBrandon SandersonTBD
22First of the SunBuySixth of the DuskShort StoryBrandon Sanderson2014

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