All Video Game Timelines

Welcome to this list of video game timelines. Video Games have pioneered the idea of a cohesive canon with multiple tie-in media spanning from novels, to comics, to standalone films, not to mention the games themselves. While these franchises include other mediums besides the games, they are listed here if the core medium comes from the games.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy these and other timelines on the site. Therefore, let us know if there’s a timeline you want to see, and don’t see here. Contact us through the contact page and let us know. Chances are, if it’s a multi-media/multi-series story, we’ll want to have a timeline for it. Finally, if you see something we should change, let us know.

List of All Video Game Timelines

Arkham AsylumAssassin’s CreedBioshockDoomElder ScrollsFableFalloutGears of WarHalf-Life/PortalHaloMass EffectMetroidMystNo Man’s SkyStarCraftWarcraftZelda

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