Wheel of Time Reading Order

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What’s on the Wheel of Time Reading Order?

The Wheel of Time reading order takes all of the books (and a few comics) and places them in chronological order. This list of books also includes the books written by Brandon Sanderson after the death of author Robert Jordan to finish the series. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any plans on continuing with other series of books set in this world. So this timeline is as complete as it’s going to get for now. Though we have our fingers crossed for a movie or television series in the future that could change all of that.

1Wheel of TimeBuyThe Strike at Shayol GhulShort StoryRobert Jordan1997Collected in The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time
2Wheel of TimeBuyNew SpringNovelRobert Jordan2004
3Wheel of TimeBuyNew SpringComicChuck Dixon2010
4Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the WorldNovelRobert Jordan1990
5Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the World, Vol. 1ComicChuck Dixon2013
6Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the World, Vol. 2ComicChuck Dixon2013
7Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the World, Vol. 3ComicChuck Dixon2013
8Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the World, Vol. 4ComicChuck Dixon2013
9Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the World, Vol. 5ComicChuck Dixon2014
10Wheel of TimeBuyThe Eye of the World, Vol. 6ComicChuck Dixon2016
11Wheel of TimeBuyThe Great HuntNovelRobert Jordan1990
12Wheel of TimeBuyThe Dragon RebornNovelRobert Jordan1991
13Wheel of TimeBuyThe Shadow RisingNovelRobert Jordan1992
14Wheel of TimeBuyThe Fires of HeavenNovelRobert Jordan1993
15Wheel of TimeBuyLord of ChaosNovelRobert Jordan1994
16Wheel of TimeBuyA Crown of SwordsNovelRobert Jordan1996
17Wheel of TimeBuyThe Path of DaggersNovelRobert Jordan1998
18Wheel of TimeBuyWinter's HeartNovelRobert Jordan2000
19Wheel of TimeBuyCrossroads of TwilightNovelRobert Jordan2003
20Wheel of TimeBuyKnife of DreamsNovelRobert Jordan2005
21Wheel of TimeBuyThe Gathering StormNovelRobert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson2009Completed posthumously
22Wheel of TimeBuyTowers of MidnightNovelRobert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson2010Completed posthumously
23Wheel of TimeBuyA Memory of LightNovelRobert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson2013Completed posthumously
24Wheel of TimeBuyRiver of SoulsShort StoryRobert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson2013Deleted scene from A Memory of Light. Collected in Unfettered.

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