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The most popular timelines fall under Star Wars, Marvel, or DC. Visit these three to find all associated timelines.

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Popular Timelines and Reading Orders

These are some of the most popular timelines, and the most complex. I try to keep these as up-to-date as possible.

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A Complete List of Timelines and Reading Orders

And if you’re looking for other timelines, the following pages list all of the timelines for each major platform.

Latest Updates

Date:Latest Updates:
Oct 18, 20172.0 UPDATE: The Star Trek timeline.
Oct 16, 20172.0 UPDATE: The DC: Crisis to Zero Hour timeline.
Oct 12, 2017UPDATE: Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Oct 11, 20172.0 UPDATE: DC's Pre-crisis timeline.
Oct 9, 2017Updated the Star Wars Canon timeline.
Oct 6, 2017Updated the Arrowverse timeline.
Sep 16, 2017NEW BLOG: Three Things to Remember When Studying Adaptations.
Sep 9, 2017NEW BLOG: Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of Magic.
Sep 2, 2017NEW BLOG: 5 Best Companions For Link From the Legend of Zelda Series.
Aug 21, 2017NEW TIMELINE: The Marvel Netflix Episode Order.
Aug 21, 2017Updated the MCU timeline.
Aug 18, 2017NEW BLOG: Why an Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-off Won't Be Boring.
Aug 17, 2017NEW TIMELINE: The Kurtherian Universe.
Aug 5, 2017NEW BLOG: A Beginnger's Guide to Batgirl.
Aug 2, 2017NEW BLOG: How Anakin Brought Balance to the Force.
Jul 28, 2017NEW BLOG: All Timelines is on Patreon!
Jul 22, 2017NEW BLOG: Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of the Universe.
Jul 21, 2017Updated the DC Extended Universe timeline.
Jul 20, 2017Updated the Star Wars Canon timeline.
Jul 15, 2017NEW BLOG:Beginner's Guide to Batman's Robins.
Jul 12, 2017Updated the DC Animated Movie Universe timeline.
Jul 8, 2017NEW BLOG:Ultimate Fandom Timeline: Words and Fiction.
Jul 5, 2017Review: Forces of Destiny, Sands of Jakku.
Jul 4, 2017NEW BLOG: 10 Best Superman Graphic Novels.
Jun 27, 2017Introducing the Epic Timelines.
Jun 25, 2017NEW BLOG: The Ultimate Fandom Timeline.
Jun 20, 2017NEW BLOG: Why a Superman Video Game is the Best and Worst Idea.
Jun 12, 2017All Timelines Gets a Facelift
Jun 6, 2017Updated the Arrowverse timeline.
Jun 6, 2017NEW TIMELINES: Marvel Comics Timeline: Secret Wars/All New, All Different Marvel and Secret Empire and Beyond
Jun 2, 2017NEW TIMELINE: Wonder Woman timeline.
Jun 1, 2017Updated the MCU timeline.
May 31, 2017Updated the DC Animated Universe timeline.
May 31, 2017NEW TIMELINE: Marvel Comics: Marvel Now!
May 26, 2017NEW TIMELINE: Resident Evil.
May 18, 2017NEW TIMELINE: The Clone Wars episode order.
May 15, 2017NEW BLOG: 10 Best Batman Graphic Novels.
May 12, 2017Updated the Arrowverse timeline.
Apr 27, 2017NEW BLOG: A Beginner's Guide to the DC Multiverse.
Apr 26, 2017NEW TIMELINE: Marvel Comics: Fear Itself - Avengers vs. X-men
Apr 20, 2017NEW BLOG: 5 Best Zelda Handheld Games.
Apr 17, 2017Updated the Star Wars Canon timeline.
Mar 30, 2017NEW BLOG: A New Shared Universe
Mar 30, 2017Updated the Argo Force timeline.
Mar 27, 2017NEW BLOG: 5 Best Zelda Console Games.
Mar 25, 2017Updated the Shannara and Star Trek timelines.
Mar 23, 2017NEW TIMELINE: Power Rangers.
Mar 21, 2017NEW BLOG: Scene by Scene Breakdown of The Phantom Menace, Part 1.
Mar 16, 2017Updated the Red Rising and Dark Tower timelines.
Mar 16, 2017NEW TIMELINE: DC: Post-Convergence - Rebirth timeline.
Mar 16, 2017Updated the MCU and DC: New 52 - Convergence timeline.
Mar 15, 2017NEW TIMELINE: The Quentin Tarantino Universe.
Mar 15, 2017NEW BlOG: A Beginner's Guide to the Legend of Zelda
Mar 8, 2017Updated the Star Wars Canon timeline.
Feb 27, 2017NEW BLOG: 10 Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes
Feb 8, 2017NEW TIMELINE: View Askewniverse.
Feb 3, 2017Updated the Arrowverse timeline.
Feb 2, 2017Updated the Argo Force timeline.
Feb 2, 2017Updated the Halo timeline.
Dec 20, 2016Updated the Pixar timeline.
Dec 20, 2016NEW TIMELINE: The Bible and LDS Scriptures timelines.
Dec 12, 2016NEW TIMELINE: Myst series of games.
Dec 8, 2016Updated the Buffy timeline.
Dec 8, 2016Updated the Harry Potter timeline.
Dec 7, 2016Updated the Modern DC Comics timeline.
Dec 6, 2016Updated the MCU timeline.
Dec 6, 2016Updated the Halo timeline.
Dec 6, 2016NEW TIMELINE: StarCraft, the popular video game series.
Nov 15, 2016Updated the Star Wars Legends timeline and split it into two pages (part 1, part 2)
Nov 15, 2016Updated the Forgotten Realms timeline.
Nov 10, 2016Updated the Firefly timeline.
Nov 9, 2016NEW TIMELINE: Marvel Comics: Dark Reign - Fear Itself. The eighth of many Marvel Comics timeline.
Nov 8, 2016Updated the Star Wars Canon timeline.
Oct 24, 2016NEW TIMELINE: Marvel Comics: Civil War - Secret Invasion. The seventh of many Marvel Comics timelines.
Oct 18, 2016Updated the MCU timeline.
Oct 15, 2016NEW TIMELINE: Argo Force (a story by All Timelines creator, Jason Hamilton)
Oct 15, 2016Updated the Back to the Future timeline.
Oct 15, 2016NEW TIMELINE: The Culture Novels.
Oct 15, 2016Updated the Doctor Who timeline.
Oct 12, 2016Updated the Halo timeline.
Oct 10, 2016NEW TIMELINE: Marvel Comics: The 2000s. The sixth of many Marvel Comics timelines.
Oct 4, 2016Updated the DC Extended Universe timeline.
Oct 3, 2016Updated the Arrowverse timeline with new episodes and Supergirl.