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Introducing the Epic Timelines

Hey folks!

Boy have I got something exciting to unveil today. As you’ve probably noticed by now, the site has a new look. But that’s not the only thing I’ve been cooking over the last few weeks…



Introducing the EPIC TIMELINES:

These are a special new type of timeline that I’m adding to the site, one with far more information than I have on the table versions I’ve used in the past. Don’t worry, the table versions aren’t going away. They’re still super useful, but you’ll find a lot more in these new Epic Timelines, including images, more creator info (directors, writers, artists, publishers, etc.), a publisher’s summary, video content (when relevant), and the occasional review. And of course, all the information that was previously available in the table timelines is still there. I’ve started with the following 8 timelines, with more to come:

New Features

The new Epic Timelines include the following features:

  • An individual page for each item: Not only can you see how all the pieces fit together, but you can click on any one item to see more about that particular item.
  • Photos: Now every item has a photo (where available). This is a feature we’ve never had before with the table timelines.
  • Publisher Summaries: Each item has a publisher’s summary, so you can learn more about the item. You’ll see a small blurb on the timeline page, but an expanded version on the item page.
  • Additional Creator Info: Where before we only had the author listed, now we have authors, directors, publishers, artists (where relevant), and more. You can click on any of these artists to see all of the items that they have contributed to.
  • Reviews: While not every item will have a review, some of them do. We have the option for each item. Look around and you might find some.
  • Video: Some items have videos attached, things like trailers or game movies.
  • Sorting/Filtering: You can sort each timeline by name, the chronological order, and the release order.

I look forward to adding more of these to the site. Right now my priorities are the DC and Marvel Comics timelines, and the Star Wars Legends timeline. But be patient guys, those are going to take a looooong time.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the Epic Timelines

  1. The Epic Timelines CAN be something nice extra, but why did you also change the tableview?
    For example the arrowverse table. I really like that each show was shown in a different color. Now everything is television-yellow.

    1. Each show still has a different color for the Series column, which I thought was a nice way to have my standard color scheme AND the series color, though I just realized that it might not be visible from mobile. I’ll see if I can fix that.

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