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Huge News! All Timelines Is an App!

Wow, guys, I am super excited to share today’s news. This is perhaps the biggest development of the site since I launched it. Or at least since I integrated the 2.0 timeline format. All Timelines now has an iOS app! I’ve developed it as kind of a simplified version of the website, with the added functionality of having small checkboxes for collecting and binging. Are you going through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and want to check off each movie as you go? This app will be perfect for you.

I actually kind of developed it for myself really. It was something I thought would be nice to have. Here’s the official description:

Ever wanted to watch the entire MCU in chronological order? Or read everything there is to know about Star Wars? Or perhaps you’re looking to fill out and organize your comics collection. The All Timelines Collector’s App is right for you.

The app integrates with to provide you with an easy checklist of media for your favorite franchises, like those from Marvel, DC, or Lucasfilm. The checkbox on the left lets you mark which stories you own, and the one on the right lets you track what you’ve read or watched.

In addition to these new features, the app maintains the same functionality found on the website. You can sort by chronological order, release date, or alphabetically. You can filter each timeline so only your favorite storytelling mediums appear. All with the same color scheme found on

To get started, go to the “Find a Timeline” page and select your favorite franchise. That timeline will then save to the “My Timelines” page. Tap on the timeline and it will take you to a list of media within that franchise. Simply check off what you own, or what you’ve finished. You can also tap on the title of any story and it will take you to the website for more information on that item, including where you can purchase it online.

I really can’t wait to see what y’all think. And also, please PLEASE leave it a review. It’s brand new so it will take a lot of downloads and reviews before people begin to find it organically in the store. I need help from everyone! Download it here!


Yes we are working on an Android version, but went with iOS first. Stay tuned for updates.

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