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All Timelines Gets an Upgrade

Hey guys!

I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve All Timelines, both from a content and technical standpoint. Well, today I have one exciting technical feature to announce. For a while, I’ve been dissatisfied with the plugin I was using to display my timelines, particularly the timelines you’ll see on the app, what I call the 2.0 timelines. For these timelines, I actually had two versions, one the table you’re familiar with, as well as an archive page that was paginated and also displayed images and summaries, but was far less compact than the main version.

I wanted a version that would give the best of both worlds, and allow me to consolidate the redundant timelines, as well as add a few small features on the side. So I had a new plugin custom made for the site! This plugin displays the timelines much as they once were, but there are not a few new features.

  1. It loads A LOT faster.
  2. The filters are more efficient. You can now choose which media types you want to see, instead of filtering them out. You could even bookmark the results and always return to see those filters in place. This goes for sorting and increasing the number of items you see on a page as well.
  3. You can now expand each item on the table to see the image and summary. There’s even a button at the top of the table that does this for all the posts if you’re interested.
  4. Timelines that are too long no longer have to be broken into parts that can only be filtered and sorted in separate chunks. Now it filters and sorts through the entire timeline, even those that are hundreds of items long.

Some of these changes might not seem like a lot, but I can assure you from a technical standpoint they are a huge headache relief on my part. I can’t wait to keep expanding and creating these timelines for you.

Now, as you might imagine, commissioning a custom plugin is not cheap. This one cost a few hundred dollars. One way you can help with upgrades like this is to donate a dollar or more per month, via Patreon. Even a little bit goes a long way to keeping this site alive and kicking. Thank you for everything you do in supporting the site and especially for those of you who have reached out to express your love. It really means a lot to see that there are hundreds of you who really love this small passion project of mine. Keep up the good work!

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