Alien vs. Predator Timeline

The Alien vs. Predator franchise is littered with canonical holes and continuity problems. However, it is pretty clear that the primary Alien films, Predator films, and Prometheus are all canon. The Alien vs Predator films are not canon, but I’ve included them anyway, just for fun. There are also a lot of video games, books, and comic books in the series. Most of these are non-canon, but Fox did endorse the recent two Alien video games as canon, so I’ve included those as well. So hopefully that’s not too confusing.

For those who want to see all of the comics and books that are part of the Alien/Predator timeline, I’m sorry there’s little I can do here, since this timeline focuses just on the canon. Little of the tie-in media has any care for continuity. But with pop culture’s recent glorification of “canon” there may be some comics or novels that become part of this timeline in the future, especially with more films on the horizon. This timeline does, however, include the novelizations for certain films, so you can enjoy reading those at least. Here’s the Alien/Predator story timeline.

11980'sBuyPredatorFilmJohn McTiernan1987
21980'sBuyPredator 2FilmStephen Hopkins1990
3ModernBuyPredatorsFilmNimrod Antal2010
4ModernThe PredatorFilmShane Black2018
5ModernBuyAlien vs PredatorFilmPaul W. S. Anderson2004
6ModernBuyAlien vs Predator RequiemFilmColin Strause2007
72093BuyPrometheusFilmRidley Scott2012
82103Alien: CovenantFilmRidley Scott2017
92122BuyAlienFilmRidley Scott1979
102122BuyAlienNovelAlan Dean Foster1979
112137BuyAlien: IsolationGameThe Creative Assembly2014
122179BuyAliensFilmJames Cameron1986
132179BuyAliensNovelAlan Dean Foster1986
14Shortly after 2179BuyAlien 3FilmDavid Fincher1992
15Shortly after 2180BuyAlien 3NovelAlan Dean Foster1992
16Shortly after 2181BuyAliens: Colonial MarinesGameGearbox Software2013
172379BuyAlien: ResurrectionFilmJean-Pierre Jeunet1997
182379BuyAlien: ResurrectionNovelA. C. Crispin1997

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