This is a list of all the fantasy literature timelines that exist on our site. For a similar list of science fiction literature timelines, visit this page. This list only contains the fantasy series that originated as books, even if they were later adapted to film or had other tie-in stories from other mediums. Most of all, we hope you enjoy.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy these and other timelines on the site. Therefore, let us know if there’s a timeline you want to see, and don’t see here. Contact us through the contact page and let us know. Chances are, if it’s a multi-media/multi-series story, we’ll want to have a timeline for it. Finally, if you see something we should change, let us know.

List of All Fantasy Literature Timelines

Artemis FowlBelgariadBlack CompanyChronicles of NarniaChronicles of PrydainThe CosmereDagger and the CoinThe Dark is RisingThe Dark TowerDiscworldDragonlanceThe DreamersDresden FilesEarthsea CycleElenium and TamuliForgotten RealmsHarry PotterHis Dark MaterialsHyperion CantosIncarnations of ImmortalityInheritance CycleKurtherian UniverseLandoverThe Legend of DrizztLOTR (books)The Magic SequenceMalazanThe Old KingdomOriceranOzPercy JacksonPernRealm of the ElderlingsRiyriaRunelordsSaga of RecluceShannaraSword of TruthTwilightWheel of TimeXanth