assassin's creed timeline featuring all of the major assassin's creed characters to date.

What’s on the Assassin’s Creed Timeline?

The Assassin’s Creed timeline attempts to create a reading order (or in some cases viewing/playing order) for all major pieces of Assassin’s Creed media. This includes all video games, novels, films, and comic books. This list does not attempt to split up any media to read congruently, but rather focuses on an easy-to-follow reading/playing/watching list.

The Assassin’s Creed timeline includes the following:

  • Assassin’s Creed games
  • Tie-in Books
  • Tie-in Comics
  • Mobile Games
  • Films (such as the film starting Michael Fassbender as well as others like AC: Lineage)

The placement of this timeline is tricky, since there is a frame story and the historical story. So we’ve decided to do something different for this timeline. On the far left column, you’ll find the chronological order for all of the stories according to their frame story. Next to it, you’ll find another column that will give you the historical order for the stories, according to what historical era most of that story takes place. Either order is a great way to experience the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Frame StoryHistoricalBuy:Name:Type:Author/Director:Year:Notes:
11BuyAltair’s ChroniclesGameUbisoft2008For mobile devices.
22BuyThe Secret CrusadeNovelOliver Bowden2011
46BuyLineageFilmYves Simoneau2009
58BuyRenaissanceNovelOliver Bowden2009Adaptation of AC: II
710BuyAscendanceShort FilmLaurent Bernier2010
812BuyBrotherhoodNovelOliver Bowden2010Adaptation of AC: Brotherhood
913IdentityGameUbisoft2016For mobile devices.
1014BuyEmbersShort FilmPatrick Plourde, Stephane Baude2011
1115BuyRevelationsNovelOliver Bowden2011Adaptation of AC: Revelations
1219BuyChronicles: ChinaGameUbisoft2016
1322BuyBlack FlagNovelOliver Bowden2013Adaptation of AC IV: Black Flag
1423BuyBlack Flag: Blackbeard - The Lost JournalNovelChristie Golden2013
1628BuyForsakenNovelOliver Bowden2012
1730BuyUnityNovelOliver Bowden2014
1833BuyChronicles: IndiaGameUbisoft2016
1935BuyUnderworldNovelOliver Bowden2015
2038BuyChronicles: RussiaGameUbisoft2016
2140BuyTemplars: Black CrossComicFred Van Lente2016
2241Templars: Iron CrossComicFred Van Lente2016
2337BuyAC: The FallComicKarl Kerschl, Cameron Stewart2011
2439BuyAC: The ChainComicKarl Kerschl, Cameron Stewart2012
253BuyAssassin’s CreedGameUbisoft2007
264BuyAssassin’s CreedComicCorey May2007Comic adaptation of the game.
277BuyAssassin’s Creed IIGameUbisoft2009
2811BuyAC: BrotherhoodGameUbisoft2010
2916BuyAC: RevelationsGameUbisoft2011
3027BuyAssassin’s Creed IIIGameUbisoft2012
3221BuyAssassin's Creed IV: Black FlagGameUbisoft2013Main story takes place before AC: III, but frame story occurs after.
3325BuyAssassin's Creed: RogueGameUbisoft2014
3431BuyUnity: Abstergo Entertainment - New Employee HandbookNovelChristie Golden2014
3529BuyAssassin's Creed: UnityGameUbisoft2014
3632BuyTrial by FireComicAnthony Del Col2015
3734BuyAC: BrahmanComicKarl Kerschl, Cameron Stewart2013This graphic novel is ambiguously set in the present, with the flashbacks going back to the 1800's.
3836BuyAssassin's Creed: SyndicateGameUbisoft2015
3920BuySetting SunComicAnthony Del Col2016
4042HomecomingComicAnthony Del Col2016
4143BuyLast DescendantsYA NovelMatthew J. Kirby2016
4244Last Descendants (Book 2)YA NovelMatthew J. Kirby2016
4317Assassin's CreedFilmJustin Kurzel2016
4418Assassin's CreedNovelRyder Windham2016Novelization
4545BuyHeresyNovelChristie Golden2016