Babylon 5 Episode Timeline

What’s on the Babylon 5 Episode Timeline?

This is the unofficial Babylon 5 episode timeline that also includes the books, comics, and spin-off shows. The creator doesn’t consider all of the media to be canon, but much of it is. So we include all of the books and comics that are canon on this timeline in chronological order. In some cases, the comics or books take place between individual episodes. However, we thought it would be better to read those after the season is over. We thought that would make a more easy-to-follow list.

If you see anything that should be changed, added, or removed, please let us know. You can do this on our contact page. Or, if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of the others, like the Star Trek timeline.

Where to start watching Babylon 5?

Generally speaking, the best place to start is with the show itself, even though some of the films technically take place first. This timeline assembles it all chronologically, but it started with the show. Therefore, that is usually the best place to start.

1Psi Corps TrilogyBuyDark Genesis - The Birth of the Psi CorpsNovelJ. Gregory Keyes1998
2Psi Corps TrilogyBuyDeadly Relations - Bester AscendantNovelJ. Gregory Keyes1999
3Psi Corps TrilogyBuyFinal Reckoning - The Fate of BesterNovelJ. Gregory Keyes1999
42245-48BuyIn the BeginningFilmJ. Michael Straczynski1998Frame story takes place after season 4.
52257BuyThe Shadow WithinNovelJeanne Cavelos1997
62257BuyThe GatheringFilmJ. Michael Straczynski1993
72258BuyBabylon 5 (Season 1)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1994
82258BuyPassing of the Techno-Mages: Casting ShadowsNovelJeanne Cavelos2001
92258BuyBabylon 5ComicJ. Michael Straczynski1995
102259BuyBabylon 5 (Season 2)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1995
112259Laser-Mirror-StarwebComicDavid Gerrold1995
122259BuyShadows Past and PresentComicTim DeHaas1995
132259The Psi Corps and You!ComicTim DeHaas1995
142259BuyPassing of the Techno-Mages: Summoning LightNovelJeanne Cavelos2001
152260BuyBabylon 5 (Season 3)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1996
162260BuyPassing of the Techno-Mages: Invoking DarknessNovelJeanne Cavelos2001
172260BuyTo Dream in the City of SorrowNovelKathryn M. Drennan1997
182261BuyBabylon 5 (Episodes 4.01 - 4.08)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1997
192261BuyThirdspaceFilmJ. Michael Straczynski1998
202261BuyBabylon 5 (Episodes 4.09 - 4.23)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1997
212261BuyIn Valen's NameComicJ. Michael Straczynski1998
222262BuyBabylon 5 (Episodes 5.01 - 5.21)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1998
232263BuyThe River of SoulsFilmJ. Michael Straczynski1998
242265BuyThe Legend of the RangersFilmJ. Michael Straczynski2002
252266BuyBabylon 5 (Episode 5.22: Sleeping in Light)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1999
26Legions of FireBuyThe Long Night of Centauri PrimeNovelPeter David1999
27Legions of FireBuyArmies of Light and DarkNovelPeter David2000
282266BuyA Call to ArmsFilmJ. Michael Straczynski1999
29Legions of FireBuyOut of the DarknessNovelPeter David2000
302267BuyCrusade (Season 1)TelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski1999
312271BuyThe Lost Tales: Voices in the DarkTelevisionJ. Michael Straczynski2007
322271BuyThe Lost Tales mini-comicComicJ. Michael Straczynski2007

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