Battlestar Galactica Timeline

What’s on the Battlestar Galactica Timeline?

This is the Battlestar Galactica timeline that includes both the original series and the 2003 reboot in chronological order. While the original series and the reboot do not intermingle from a canon standpoint, I like to think they exist in the same universe because of the line, “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” Because of that line, I assume that the original BSG is the “before” referenced, taking place thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years before the reboot. Of course, that is all part of my head canon, and nothing official. Regardless, this timeline is a great place to start if you want to watch all of the Galactica media in order.

And if you liked this timeline, we recommend you check out some of the others. The Star Trek timeline for example. Furthermore, if you found anything on this timeline that needs improving, let us know. If you see something that needs to be added, taken away, or changed, we want to know about it. You can do this on our contact page. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this Battlestar Galactica timeline.

#Series Name:Type:Author/Director:Year:Notes:
1The Original SeriesBuyBattlestar Galactica: The Original SeriesTelevisionGlen A. Larson1978The original series.
2The Original SeriesBuyGalactica 1980TelevisionGlen A. Larson1980Cancelled after only 10 episodes.
3RebootBuyCapricaTelevisionRonald D. Moore2010
4RebootBuyBlood and ChromeFilmMichael Taylor, David Eick2012
5RebootBuyThe Miniseries: Night, parts 1 & 2TelevisionRonald D. Moore2003
6RebootBuyBattlestar Galactica (Season 1)TelevisionRonald D. Moore2004
7RebootBuyBattlestar Galactica (Season 2)TelevisionRonald D. Moore2005
8RebootBuyBattlestar Galactica (Season 3)TelevisionRonald D. Moore2006
9RebootBuyRazorFilmRonald D. Moore2007Much of this takes place earlier, but ends after season 3.
10RebootBuyBattlestar Galactica 4.01 - 4.15TelevisionRonald D. Moore2008
11RebootBuyThe PlanFilmRonald D. Moore2010Reviews the whole series from the Cylon perspective, but is best watched at this spot.
12RebootBuyBattlestar Galactica 4.16 - 4.19TelevisionRonald D. Moore2008

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