Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe Ever End?

One question I see a lot is, will we ever see the end of the MCU. After all, Endgame just happened, and it seemed like like a nice ending, but it’s only the end of an arc, not the whole shared universe.


The short answer is…YES! Of course it will end sometime. But it does not end anytime soon. A better question might be, will it ever end during our lifetime? That’s harder to answer, and I (as a man in his early 30s) suspect I won’t be around when the last film comes out.

The MCU continues far beyond Avengers: Endgame and will likely outlive many of us. There is always a chance that it could end sooner than expected, due to financial trouble. But that is not looking likely at the moment, as this franchise is a cash cow that only increases in value over time.

How much is the MCU worth? Let’s just say a lot. And that number will only continue to grow for a very long time. I think we can expect to see new films until such time as it no longer becomes financially viable. In other words, my guess is that it will continue until the sun explodes.

Now that’s not to say that it might not change forms over time. Actors will move on, and individual franchises will die out. But there are literally hundreds of potential characters in the Marvel library. They can find more to use. And maybe they’ll hire new actors to replace old ones, or new versions of the characters to take the franchise forward.

Marvel also has access to the X-men, which leaves room for hundreds of stories right there. So I don’t think we’ll have to worry about the MCU ending for a while. And honestly, I’m fine with that.