Review : Justice League

Okay, let’s be real. No one really expected this film to be amazing. After the abysmal reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, knowing that this film was still being directed by Zack Snyder kind of kept anyone from thinking Justice League would be any different. Even I, a huge DC fan and somewhat of a DC apologist, did not have high expectations for Justice League.

That said, the success of Wonder Woman was a major confidence builder for the DCEU as a whole. People were starting to come around to how awesome the DCEU had the potential to be. Add to that, Joss Whedon replaced Zack Snyder as the director at the start of post-production (albeit for very sad reasons, the death of Snyder’s daughter). Plus, for anyone who grew up with these characters, there was clear anticipation to see them all on screen together.

My review will reflect what many have already said about this film. In short: it has its problems, but it gets the important stuff right, and it’s a step in the right direction for DC. Read more “Justice League”

The 10 Best Thor Comics and Graphic Novels

Who doesn’t love Thor? He’s handsome, crazy powerful, and kind of quirky in his attempts to understand Earth. Even if Thor’s not your favorite Avenger, you can’t help but like him. So, in honor of the latest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnorak, I decided to do an article on the Norse god himself.

Thor is a very interesting superhero since creators took him directly out of actual mythology. Compared to other superheroes that had their own beginnings, Thor has a rather unique background. It depends on the author, but Thor often draws influence from his mythological origins, adding some interesting elements to him, his battles, and his interactions with people on Earth. Whether the superhero version of him is similar to the mythological one is up for debate, but it’s still pretty interesting.  I mean, how many people can say that a member of a superhero team is literally a god?

I also don’t think Thor gets quite enough love in the MCU, but hopefully, this new movie has changed that. But he has quite the presence in comic books. So here are ten of the best comics and graphic novels starring our favorite Norse god and many fans’ favorite Avenger. Read more “The 10 Best Thor Comics and Graphic Novels”

Three Things to Remember When Studying Adaptations

Fidelity in Adaptations

When you are studying adaptations, it is important to remember that fidelity is not a valid criterion for understanding them. Fidelity implies a direct adaptation, changing only the actual media platform it uses. This is not a good way to study adaptations because it is impossible to study a work of media, when presented on another media platform, as the same thing. They are entirely different. For example, a book is words on a page that people imagine as they read them.

A movie is a bunch of images strung together: light hitting a piece of film. You simply cannot translate one thing to another without making “changes” to the story. For example, some things are easier to do in literature than in film, like point of view. POV can be used constantly in a written medium, but is very hard to sustain for long periods of time in film because of the viewers need to actually see the protagonist. Read more “Three Things to Remember When Studying Adaptations”

Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of Magic

The origin of magic occurred very early on in the timeline of the universe. While you could argue that magic existed in the early years when time had not yet solidified, this would be better classified as simple chaos, not quite magic. Mario might have been able to throw fire balls, but there was little structure to his magical abilities. Magic as we know it didn’t arrive until several billion years later. Read more “Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of Magic”

5 Best Companions for Link from The Legend of Zelda Series

In many of the games in the Zelda franchise, our main protagonist Link has often had companions to help him out along the journey. Some companions were great, while others were rather frustrating. Regardless there’s been a quite a variety of people that were willing to help our hero on his journey to become a hero. So here is the list of the top 5 companions Link has had.
Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion, so this list may be a little biased. Read more “5 Best Companions for Link from The Legend of Zelda Series”

Why an Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-off Won’t be Boring

I’ve been waiting to write about this for a long time, ever since rumors/speculation hinted at an upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars spin-off film. I’ve seen a lot of people supportive of the idea, but I’ve also seen a lot of head-scratching.

“How can they make an Obi-Wan film?” they ask. “I want a film with new characters and storylines. Obi-Wan was just sitting around guarding Luke for 19 years.”

First of all, was he? Second of all, even if he did, there’s plenty of potential stories there. Who knows what kind of trouble might have come for Obi-Wan or Luke in that time.

So with that in mind, here are all the reasons why I think an Obi-Wan movie will not be boring, or in other words, why I don’t think he was just chilling in his hut for 19 years. Read more “Why an Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-off Won’t be Boring”

A Beginner’s Guide to Batgirl

Robin hasn’t been Batman’s only sidekick. He’s had quite a few others, and that’s what this post is about! One important alter ego has been the mantle of Batgirl. Like Robin, this identity has been taken up by a few different people.

Here’s a quick look at the different women who took on the mantle of Batgirl and what they brought to the vigilante table. Read more “A Beginner’s Guide to Batgirl”

All Timelines is on Patreon!

Hey everyone!

I have big news! All Timelines is now on Patreon! If you don’t know, Patreon is a way for Internet creators to earn a living from the generous donations of those who wish to contribute. Now, I realize that it’s kind of weird to be asking anyone for money, and I hate feeling weird. Instead, let me outline why I’m doing this.

Running a website with the scope and detail of All Timelines is not cheap. It takes a lot of time and effort to create and update each timeline, and the more they grow, the more time I have to devote to keeping them up-to-date. Servers and other added fees also slowly drain my pockets.

I already put in hours and hours of my personal time to make this work. This is a hobby, one I would do without any money. But between what it costs to keep the servers running and the time I have to devote to other important things in my life, I simply can’t make All Timelines everything I want it to be without incentive.

Your contributions, no matter how small, will help me keep the site alive and allow me to devote the time it takes to make it the best geek resource possible! Check out my goals for some of the things I hope to do in the future, with your help.

And I have some great rewards for you! The tiers start at just one dollar per month with additional perks for those of you with the desire and ability to give more. You can view all the rewards on the Patreon page.

No matter how much you decide to give, know that I am grateful for all you do, and for coming with me on this incredibly geeky journey. Your support and encouragement allow me to continue that journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Patreon page and for supporting All Timelines, you fantastic nerds!

If you can’t contribute, that’s totally fine. I realize it’s a lot to ask. Even just spreading the word would be a huge help. Check it out here!

Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of the Universe

The Beginning of Space

The first event in the universe was the big bang. Matter and energy were suddenly scattered across space to eventually create the universe we know. But it wasn’t always like we know it.

The universe started out as disorganized matter. Over time, that matter began to form structure. Pieces would rotate, adjust themselves, and connect to form organized matter. Soon, this structured matter began to form life and meaning. However, that meaning wouldn’t make much sense to us now. We only remember these moments through games like Tetris.

Our space-time continuum had not yet formed a solid time stream. Random matter formed into beings and objects reminiscent of events further down the timeline. Together, however, it didn’t make much sense. Still, many of these random conglomerates of space and time would be recognizable to us, such as plumbers, mushrooms, princesses, starfoxes, metroids, giant apes, hedgehogs, furry animals, and a little yellow circle that was scared of ghosts. Sometimes these beings appeared as heroes, and other times they would simply smash each other, despite the fact that they were brothers of a sort. There were no worlds as we think of them. It was all semi-organized chaos. Read more “Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of the Universe”

Review : The Flash 1.04: “Going Rogue”

“Going Rogue” presents us with the first “cool” villain of the series (pardon the pun). I’ve been on the fence about this show. Although it’s been whimsical and certainly not a bad show, I felt it was too much like what we’ve seen before, especially with the whole villain-of-the-week thing. Well, this episode finally breaks that model, giving us the first recurring villain who is also not stupid. That is why this episode is my favorite of the series so far.

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold is a terrific villain, and played by one of my personal favorite actors Wentworth Miller (Prison Break). His performance was literally icy. At first I thought it was a bit over the top, but it really worked once I realized that he was not a villain of the week. Also, his expression when Cisco calls him Captain Cold is priceless. Read more “The Flash 1.04: “Going Rogue””

Review : TCW 5.16: “The Lawless”

“The Lawless” is, without a doubt, my favorite episode of the entire Clone Wars television show. It’s Star Wars on a whole new level. The emotion is high, the action is incredible, and the scope is big. One of the best works of animated television ever.

The emotion is the best part of this episode. Obviously, Maul is after revenge against Obi-Wan, and he gets it by killing the Duchess Satine, the only one Obi-Wan has cared about…in that way. Thankfully, Obi-Wan is a champ and takes the blow with calm and serenity, just like a good Jedi should.

The action and pacing in this episode are flawless. It is fast and intense throughout the entire episode, with slight pauses to take it all in. The image above is a good example of one of those moments. The ending culminates in Sidious taking out Maul. It ends on a perfectly explosive crescendo that leaves you feeling winded once the credits role.

Overall, I highly recommend this episode. In fact, you can watch the whole arc and I promise your life will be better afterward.

Review : TCW 1.07 “Duel of the Droids”

“Duel of the Droids” is aptly named. Although this episode doesn’t do much in the first half, it picks up and has one of the best conclusions to any episode so far.

R2-D2 is the star of this episode. The end scene where he is “dueling” with another astromech droid is easily the height of this episode. The music is especially good for that scene.

The animation is unusually good, considering this is still the first season. Between the excellent choreography, animation, and music, this is an episode you definitely don’t want to miss.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Robins of Batman

Despite that Batman claims to work alone, he arguably has had the most sidekicks/partners in DC comics, with all of the sidekicks constantly changing names and outfits. It can get a little confusing to remember who is who and when they came along (a lot of people don’t even realize there was more than one Robin). So here’s a quick guide to the different Robins of Batman.

This blog will be focusing specifically on the Robins of Batman. I will do another blog on the Batgirls and other sidekicks Batman has had.

These Robins will be in the order that they appeared (Tentatively, timelines can get a little wonky). Read more “A Beginner’s Guide to the Robins of Batman”

Ultimate Fandom Timeline: Words and Fiction

The 10th Doctor once told Shakespeare, “The right combination of words spoken in the right place with the shape of the Globe is an energy converter.” At that time, Shakespeare was able to solve their dangerous situation using only the power of words. Words are used throughout the fandom universe. They are used as spells, they are used as curses (some of which come true, see The Lord of the Rings). Names are a great example of the power of words. You’ll see multiple stories where knowing someone’s true name gives you power of them. In the words of Myst, words are even used to create worlds. But, the most important use of words is storytelling. Throughout time, we tell stories of what we have seen or thought we saw. Stories are so powerful that they become ingrained in our timeline, recurring until we call them tropes, stereotypes, or reboots. We do it all the time. Read more “Ultimate Fandom Timeline: Words and Fiction”

Review : Forces of Destiny: Sands of Jakku

I admit, as a white male, these shorts are probably the last thing I should be reviewing. They were never intended for a guy like me, though my demographic can still garner a little enjoyment from them. That said, for the target audience, these shorts are off to a fantastic start.

This is the first short of Forces of Destiny to be released, though not the first chronologically. The short is just that…short. Really short. And yet I was very surprised at how much they managed to pack into this less-than-three-minute episode. First of all, we got to learn what that strange alien head belonged to, the one we first saw in The Force Awakens as BB-8 was moving away from Poe’s recently destroyed X-wing, one of a few things that were never explained in that film.

We also got to see more of Rey’s intuitive affinity for the Force. Still think she was a Mary Sue, who learned to master everything about the Force in the span of a few short days? No. Her life as a scavenger has kept her on her toes, and taught her a lot. That is fully evident in this short. Plus there’s a nice little moment at the end when we get to see her kinder side.

So if you fall into the target market for these shorts, or even if you don’t, I highly recommend checking this out.

10 Best Superman Graphic Novels

You can’t talk about DC comics without talking about Superman! In fact, if you think of the word, “superhero,” Superman is likely the first one to pop into your head. He is many’s idea of the ultimate hero.

Superman has been the staple of superheroes and comics for nearly a century and has become an iconic symbol of hope, truth, and justice. So let’s look at what’s considered some of the best Superman graphic novels.

Note #1: These novels aren’t in any particular ranking order.
Note #2: I will be using “graphic novel” and “comic” interchangeably. Read more “10 Best Superman Graphic Novels”

Why a Superman Video Game is the Best and Worst Idea

Almost all well-known superheroes have been adapted into one video game or another. Nothing fulfills the purpose of a superhero story more than being able to step into that person’s shoes and fight for truth, justice, and…high scores. We are inspired by heroes, we want to emulate them, hence the video game appeal. Of all superheroes, none is more recognizable than Superman. He is the epitome of the perfect superhero. Not only is he invincible but he can fly. Who doesn’t want to fly?! I mean really.

The Superman Problem

This is where we get a problem. Even though Superman is the ultimate superhero and the greatest example of goodness, he is almost too good. He is difficult to relate to. He is difficult to find a suitable adversary for. For the most part, his only opposition has either been people who are just as strong as he is or the infamous Kryptonite, or as I like to call it, the short cut. Superman has worked fine as a comic book, but often bombs as a film, and has yet to become a successful video game (despite several attempts). Read more “Why a Superman Video Game is the Best and Worst Idea”

All Timelines Gets a Facelift

Hey all,

Just a brief update. As you can probably tell if you’re reading this, All Timelines has a new look! I’ve gone through a couple of WordPress themes in the past, none of which really stuck out to me. There was always something a bit off about the design. They were too busy, or not busy enough. Too old fashion, etcetera, etcetera.

Well I’m proud to introduce its new theme, which was built from scratch! That’s right, this theme was built specifically for All Timelines. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you might recognize some of the designs, since much of it was inspired by

I have a lot of other upcoming features coming soon. Many of them are almost ready, and I think you’re going to like them.

And since the theme is brand new, it’s possible you might come across a few bugs or awkward styling here and there. If that happens, be sure to contact me right away. I’m looking for everything I can fix. And I’ll be making a number of smaller changes over the next month or so.

So check it out, and glance through what I’ve got. I hope you enjoy!

10 Best Batman Graphic Novels

Batman: one of DC’s most iconic superheroes, and he doesn’t even have superpowers! So much material has been created involving Batman, from his brutal beginnings, to his lighthearted stages, to the grittier Batman most of us are familiar with. So I thought I’d take a look at some of the best Batman graphic novels. These novels show the different aspects of Batman that we know and love.

Note #1: These graphic novels aren’t in any particular ranking order. They’re all great stories of Batman, and while I personally like some better than others, I decided to not rank them.

Note #2: I will be using the terms “graphic novel” and “comic” interchangeably. Read more “10 Best Batman Graphic Novels”

A Beginner’s Guide to the DC Multiverse

To say that the DC Multiverse is complex would be an understatement. It can be pretty confusing to the first-timer. Even most experts end up debating over continuity and what is considered canon.  So, let’s get started on what you should know about the DC Multiverse! Read more “A Beginner’s Guide to the DC Multiverse”

5 Best Handheld Zelda Games

We did the 5 best console Zelda games, so now it’s time to do the 5 best handheld Zelda games. These particular games bring their own unique aspect to Zelda games, particularly in gameplay and story.

One interesting element is that many of the handheld games deal with different villains rather than Ganondorf. In many of the games, Ganondorf, or Ganon, does make a brief appearance, since several of the main villains’ goal was to summon him, resurrect him, etc. As a result, most of the stories in these games would be treated as more of side stories that handle a new villain. Read more “5 Best Handheld Zelda Games”

A New Shared Universe!

Here at All Timelines, we love shared universes. Shared universes pretty much provide the backbone of this site and also make up the most popular timelines here. That is why I’m thrilled to feature our own, new shared universe.

I’ve mentioned this new universe before, but this time I have a cool new cover reveal for the first book set in this universe. It’s a YA Fantasy book, and I call it Out of Shadow. I’m absolutely in love with the cover. Read more “A New Shared Universe!”

5 Best Zelda Console Games

With Breath of the Wild released, many people may wonder what’s the best Zelda game? Well that depends on what you like. The Zelda franchise has created a variety of games in different styles, genres, and mediums. So I decided to talk about my 5 best Zelda console games.

I’m sticking with console games for this list mostly because I feel that the Zelda franchise has a lot of good console and handheld games. I also feel these two categories are different enough that they deserved their own list. The top 5 best handheld Zelda games will come later. Read more “5 Best Zelda Console Games”

Scene by Scene Breakdown of The Phantom Menace: Part 1, Jedi in Their Prime

Welcome to a new type of post here at All Timelines. In this series, I will provide a detailed analysis of a specific film. For starters, I’m talking about Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the first of the Star Wars prequels, released in 1999 and directed by George Lucas. In these posts I will provide a scene by scene breakdown of the film in extreme detail. Think of it as a audio commentary if you could pause at each couple of shots and talk about it. For me, it’s a way of getting all my thoughts on these films out in the open.

This analysis will be primarily textual, meaning that I will only use the “text” of the film. That refers to the dialogue, sounds, music, and visuals of the film itself. I will also draw from deleted scenes and the film script. These are my only primary texts. I may include links or references to other sources, but will only cite these as “fun facts” or “FYIs.” They will not become a basis for my analysis. I may also reference other Star Wars films where appropriate. Read more “Scene by Scene Breakdown of The Phantom Menace: Part 1, Jedi in Their Prime”

A Beginner’s Guide to the Legend of Zelda

a beginner's guide to the legend of zeldaWelcome to a beginner’s guide to the Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that’s spanned decades and charmed gamers of all generations, ages, and backgrounds. It has become one of Nintendo’s most iconic game series, right behind the Mario games. With that comes several games in different styles, gameplay, and consoles.

This series has so many different games. Therefore, someone just coming into the game series may be understandably a little intimidated. So here’s a crash course in Zelda! Read more “A Beginner’s Guide to the Legend of Zelda”

10 Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has many great story arcs and episodes, but the question is which ones do we think are the best? I’ve made a list of what I think the top 10 best episodes are. My criteria is based on story, animation, action sequences, character development, and the overall enjoyability of the episode. There also may be a bit of my personal bias, so be aware of that. (Editor’s note: I have all the same biases apparently).

Here we go! The top 10 best Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes.

Warning! There will be some spoilers!! Read more “10 Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes”

Review : Rogue One

Welcome to another of my reviews/general thoughts. Today we’re talking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is out today. I got to see this last night, and I’ve spent most of the time since trying to assemble my thoughts. I have many of them. Those who know me know that Star Wars is at the forefront of my fandoms. In fact, what is now the Star Wars Legends timeline was the first timeline I ever started to develop (back in my teens).

But first, let me get the bad stuff out of the way. Don’t worry there’s not much of it. The first half was slow and choppy, some of the characters didn’t get enough development time, and while Star Wars has made some solid steps in the right direction, Rogue One was not the best example of equality in film, at least not in the men/women ratio department. That’s it! That’s all the negative that I have to say about this film. Read more “Rogue One”

Introducing Argo Force

Hey all!

So recently I’ve been hard at work to launch a new website. And I’m proud to introduce it to all of you here on All Timelines. The site is, and it’s the home of my own fiction. I even created a timeline for my fiction, which you can see here.

I’ve never been a fan of the traditional book-publishing route. The uncertainty of getting a book published always held me back from writing, and I wanted to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted, even if it seemed completely crazy from a business standpoint. So for that reason, I have launched Argo Force to be the hub for my storytelling. I’ll publish my books through the site eventually, but for right now, the main product is a monthly serial about a young superhero named Alice. However, this is not an ordinary superhero story. It starts with her birth and focuses more on her parents. This makes it more of a Joseph and Mary story. With each month, Alice will grow in real time. So when I release the first collection, titled Alice: Year One, I literally mean her first year of life. Read more “Introducing Argo Force”

Review : Doctor Strange

I literally just got back from watching this film, and my mind is abuzz with thoughts. So here’s my review of Doctor Strange, even though typically, I don’t like doing reviews. This is no exception. In fact, it’s more of just my initial thoughts on the film, not a proper review. I just call it a review for SEO purposes. Anyway, moving along.

I’ll get my negative criticism out of the way first. Don’t worry, there’s not much of it. Overall, I really enjoyed the film, but the only annoying part of it was what I find to be a problem across all Marvel films. It’s formulaic, too formulaic. Everything from the character arc, to the cinematography, to the plot structure, to even the color scheme. Marvel has found their stride, and they’re not breaking from it. The innovation that marked Marvel Studios in its early days has now become a norm. There is little to no innovation in their recent films. Just more of the good. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. But it could be, if it keeps up. We’ll see how we feel once Phase Four begins at Marvel. But for me personally, something needs to change. I’m already feeling the superhero fatigue. Read more “Doctor Strange”

The Elder Scrolls Explained

Banner art for our The Elder Scrolls Explained post.

Today saw the release of Skyrim: Special Edition, and I know I, like many people, can’t wait to revisit this fantastic world. But Skyrim is only one of many games, though it is perhaps the most critically acclaimed.  The games also have a rich lore that can be intimidating for people who don’t know what they’re getting into. The first time I ever tried to get into an Elder Scrolls game (Oblivion), I was overwhelmed with the scope. So this guide should help people get an idea of what the franchise is all about. I have my Elder Scrolls timeline, but that doesn’t quite do this franchise justice. So to compensate, we present The Elder Scrolls, explained. Read more “The Elder Scrolls Explained”

7 Best Star Wars Canon Books

Love it or hate it, when Lucasfilm decided to rebrand many of its previous stories as Legends and start a whole new canon, it started a brave new era in Star Wars literature. No longer were the books riddled with as many plot holes or inconsistencies among themselves. The books now have a unity like no other fictional universe currently in existence, and that’s not really an exaggeration.

But that’s not to say that the Star Wars canon is free of both good and bad writing. Many of the books were just as bad as many of the old Legends books. But many are as good as the best of Legends. And we can probably expect a lot of really good Star Wars books in the future. But for now, here is our ranking for the best Star Wars canon books. Read more “7 Best Star Wars Canon Books”

A Shakespeare Shared Universe: Introduction

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my read series, where I update you every other week on what series I’m reading and my thoughts. Feel free to follow along. Yesterday, I uploaded my first non-sci-fi/fantasy timeline that focuses on Shakespeare. I’m actually a really big Shakespeare fan, more than any other ancient literature. I hated him in high school (probably like most kids). However, the more I learned, the more I grew to love the Bard.

And that got me thinking: what if there was a Shakespeare shared universe? That’s when I got the idea for my own story, which I am currently writing. The story is called Plots and Errors, and it’s going to be a YA series of books. I plan on competing the first book during NaNoWriMo this year. Read more “A Shakespeare Shared Universe: Introduction”

15 Best Shared Universes – Ranked

On this site, we love the shared universe. Like, crazy-jump-up-and-down-make-a-whole-website-about-them kind of love. Shared universes are at the center of what we do here. Most of our timelines involve a shared universe. Now you might be thinking of a shared universe as something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that’s only part of it. The MCU is a “cinematic” shared universe. You can have a lot of shared universes that use other mediums besides film as their tentpole platform.

So below are our top picks for the best shared universes, which we define as multiple series that come together to form a whole. These can be stories told on different platforms, or different series of stories on the same platform that are part of a larger series. We’ve sorted these based on the level of complexity, critical reception, and fan response, but if you disagree with our order be sure to let us know in the comments below. Read more “15 Best Shared Universes – Ranked”

The Reckoners Readthrough, Part 2

Welcome back to the second and final chapter of my Reckoners read-through. Be sure to check out the first installment if you haven’t already. This is a series where I read through some of my favorite series and record my thoughts in blog form. This post will be relatively short because I only have two books to discuss today. But it was a really great series, and I highly recommend it to everyone. If you’re a fan of Brandon Sanderson, you’ll love it. If you haven’t read Sanderson, you should. I’ll be doing a similar read-through for his Cosmere series later in the year.

Anyway, in the last post I talked about Steelheart, the first book in this series, as well as the short story Mitosis which takes place between Steelheart and the sequel, Firefight. Today I’m talking about the last two books in the trilogy.

3) Firefight

Firefight follows Sanderson’s habit of having a lot of twists and turns in the second act. Everything seems to go wrong in this book and you never see it coming. But you do grow to love the characters even more. Each of them has something that makes them unique (though admittedly sometimes it seems like Sanderson is trying too hard at this). Again the idea that Superheros are the enemy, and the real heroes are those without powers, makes for compelling storytelling.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much the previous short story, Mitosis, actually fit and improved this book. There were a lot of references to the short story that passed over my head the first time I read Firefight. So I can attest to reading everything chronologically. It was a good call. Now this book ends in a really bad cliffhanger (typical of the second installment of a trilogy), so that leads me to…

4) Calamity

This is the book where you realize just how brilliant Sanderson’s world-building is. Everything you thought was just a coincidence is explained. Plot threads that were hinted at in the first book come together. What started out as just a fun story becomes a thriving world. I won’t spoil the ending here, but I thought it was brilliant. Everything came together and it felt like the end of a very complete story. I highly recommend it to everyone.

9 Best Science Fiction Book Series

Two weeks ago we wrote a piece on the best fantasy books series. For fans of science fiction, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you. Introducing our list of the best science fiction book series to start reading next. Now we don’t have as many science fiction timelines listed on the site as we do fantasy, but more continue to show up. Just this week we added a new timeline for the Red Rising series, which you can consider an honorary mention to the following list. We hope you enjoy! Read more “9 Best Science Fiction Book Series”

The Reckoners Readthrough, Part 1

Hey! So welcome to a new series of posts that I will be doing every few weeks tracking my progress as I read/watch/play-through many of the timelines that you find here on the site. You see, is more than just a website for me. I started creating timelines because I loved to experience these franchises in chronological order, and that’s what I’m going to do here. I plan to write a brief (very brief) review of each item and give you my thoughts on the overall progress.

We’re starting with something simple, The Reckoners trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson. There are only three books and one short story in this series, but I thought it would be a good place to start, especially since I plan on reading through Sanderson’s much more massive Cosmere series starting later in the year. And fair warning, this article WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned. So let’s get started. Read more “The Reckoners Readthrough, Part 1”

11 Best Fantasy Book Series

Here at All Timelines, we love long-form storytelling. As a result, we also love long fantasy series, the more books, the happier we are. A good portion of the traffic we get on this site are people looking to read one of the many series located in our fantasy timelines page. So to help with those recommendations, here are our 11 best fantasy book series recommendation. These range in theme from YA fantasy, to epic fantasy, to urban fantasy. We will try not to pick and choose between subgenres, though we will keep it somewhat clean (sorry Game of Thrones).

Do you disagree with something on this list? Be sure to leave any comments you have below (keep it classy friends). Remember this is just our list, and we’d love to hear yours as well. We hope you enjoy! Read more “11 Best Fantasy Book Series”

The Future of the Arrowverse

As this site proves, I’m a huge fan of shared universes. Between Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics, I have found countless hours of entertainment. One of the biggest shared universes is the Arrowverse, named after the TV show Arrow, which started the timeline. The Arrowverse consists mostly of the shows Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, though it also includes the 1-season run of Constantine and the short animated series, VixenSupergirl, on CBS, was another show that crossed over into the Arrowverse, but only in the form of an alternate dimension that the Flash was able to visit because he can do that. Read more “The Future of the Arrowverse”

DC Essential Graphic Novels 2016 Review

DC Essential Graphic Novels 2016 is a recent guidebook to help you break into DC Comics, or to continue reading the cream of the crop. The brilliant thing about this catalog is that it’s free as an ebook on Amazon. Anyone can pick it up. The book starts with a list of the top 25 graphic novels produced by DC Comics, and I can agree with every one of them. The catalog then lists some of the best graphic novels for individual characters, including those that take place in chronological order, and those considered standalone comics (out of continuity). Read more “DC Essential Graphic Novels 2016 Review”

Review : Assassin’s Creed II

If you thought Assassin’s Creed was fun its sequel will keep you playing religiously (no pun intended) until the end. This game retains every enjoyable aspect of the first game while making it so much better at the same time. I was hooked from the start.

Once again the game takes place in the frame story of Desmond Miles, a modern-day bartender. His story is much more significant to the overall conflict between Assassins and Templars then it was in the first Assassin’s Creed. Read more “Assassin’s Creed II”

Review : Assassin’s Creed

I decided to play Assassin’s Creed purely due to reputation. I honestly didn’t have any idea what I was getting into. I was blown away! This game is fun. I suppose it could be classified as a Role Playing Game, but that doesn’t quite fit. It isn’t free of flaws, but those flaws can be easily overlooked.

You play Altair, an experienced Assassin gone slightly rogue. He lives during the time of the Crusades near Jerusalem. Due to his rashness he is stripped of his weapons and titles. He takes on the job of assassinating nine special targets to make up for what he has done in the past. As he takes them out one by one he begins to suspect that not all is right with the Assassin’s Creed and their competitive position with the Knights Templar. Read more “Assassin’s Creed”

Review : Star Trek IX: Insurrection

After the smash hit of First Contact, it seemed obvious that there would be another soon. No surprise that once again Jonathan Frakes was selected to direct. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out as well for the Star Trek veteran.

There really isn’t too much to say about this film. It just exists alongside the rest, feeling like an extended Next Generation episode. The stakes are a bit higher, which makes the concept interesting, but the characters are all the same as they have ever been, a sharp contrast to the excellent character development of First Contact. The only good character related comment I can make is that the character of William Riker is well played by the director Jonathan Frakes. It isn’t exactly new, but it was at it’s best. Read more “Star Trek IX: Insurrection”

Review : Star Trek VIII: First Contact

The first thing you’ll notice when watching First Contact is that it’s darker and grittier then previous Star Trek films have been. This change was taken to the next level thirteen years later with J. J. Abram’s Star Trek but in 1996 this made First Contact unique among its peers, going where no Star Trek film had gone before.

Apart from the darker edge to the film, the best part about the film is the suspense/horror elements of the film. Star Trek hasn’t often indulged the horror genre, at least in the films, so the change of pace was refreshing. It also gave the Borg an added sense of evil, though I admit the Borg Queen was a bit odd. Read more “Star Trek VIII: First Contact”

Review : DS9 4.06: “Rejoined”

Hello fellow Trek fans.  I am back again with another review of a random Star Trek episode. For this review, my handy random number generating app gave me Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (series 3) as the series, Season 4 as the season, and then “Rejoined” (episode 5) as the episode.  I didn’t remember it at the time, but this was a pretty intense episode for the 90’s, a time when same gender relationships were unheard of on TV, instead of common place like today.  Star Trek has a long history of exploring social issues and taboos, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they would take this issue on.  I’m not here to get political, but I think it is noteworthy enough to at least be mentioned in this review. Read more “DS9 4.06: “Rejoined””

Review : Star Trek VII: Generations

After a terrific run of seven seasons, The Next Generation is back in Star Trek: Generations. I was personally excited about this film, and it remains to this day one of my personal favorites. While some people might consider First Contact to be the best of the Star Trek films, Generations is a close contender.

The plot of the film was basically engineered to pass the baton from the Original Series to The Next Generation. Captain Kirk is allegedly killed in an accident aboard the Enterprise-B by a strange energy ribbon called the Nexus. Fortunately his death allowed the ship to rescue several individuals caught in the energy ribbon. Strangely enough, all of those people want to go back.

Seventy-eight years later, Captain Picard and his crew are faced with the same energy ribbon. But this is not the only problem. A over 300 year old survivor of the Enterprise-B is still bent on reaching the Nexus again, and he’s willing to do anything to get there, even destroy stars. It will be up to Captain Picard to stop him, but he will need the help of a previous captain of the Enterprise. Read more “Star Trek VII: Generations”

Review : TNG 1.01: “Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1”

Note: This review is for the series as a whole.

After the success of the films based on the original series, the creators thought the time was right to try again at the television industry. Twenty years after the original television show, The Next Generation became nearly just as popular. Much of the general plot and style of the show is similar to the original series, though The Next Generation is not quite as daredevil, and not every problem they encounter is life-threatening. This is good, because how many times can you be in a life-threatening situation and get out alive. Those space people sure have a lot of luck. Read more “TNG 1.01: “Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1””

Review : Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

We’ve come to the end of the original series that started with three televised seasons in the 1960’s followed by six films that began ten years later with Star Trek: The Motion Picture By this time the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation was already several years into production and doing very well. It was a suitable time for the original crew to step down and pass the baton to someone else. And they couldn’t have done it better. Read more “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”

Review : Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Unlike the film immediately preceding The Final Frontier this film is not very comedic. Instead it places more emphasis on grandeur and the epic feel of going “where no one has gone before.” This sounds cool, but in the end it didn’t really turn out. I and many Star Trek fans were disappointed.

Kirk and his crew are now faced with Spock’s half-brother, Sybok, a renegade Vulcan who seems bent on finding Sha-Ka-Ree, or paradise. He is convinced that such a place exists in the center of the galaxy, behind what is known as the Great Barrier, from whence no ship or probe has ever returned. In order to reach this place Sybok creates a plan to commandeer the Enterprise. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy become the only ones left to stop him. And it doesn’t help that Sybok has some strange power to control the allegiances of others, including Kirk’s crew. Read more “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”

Review : Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

When I was a child, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was surprisingly the first Star Trek film I saw. It was enough to hook me to the franchise and I’ve since become somewhat of an expert on Star Trek, though not quite a Trekkie. The Voyage Home is very good. When people ask me what my favorite Star Trek film is, I am often tempted to select this one.

A strange unknown probe has entered the Solar System and is calling out to something in the ocean’s of earth. The problem is that by doing so, the probe is vaporizing the earth’s oceans and creating massive storms that are threatening to destroy civilization. Whether this is intentional or not, we do not know. However, when any ship tries to approach the probe it completely loses power and wanders adrift in space. Read more “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”

Review : Star Trek III: Search for Spock

So now we’ve finished The Wrath of Kahn. From the look of the previous film it was pretty obvious that a sequel had to follow. The Search for Spock does not disappoint. While it might not be as groundbreaking as The Wrath of Kahn it does continue the tradition of “going where no one has gone before,” in this case, death.

Spock has died and the explosion created by the Genesis torpedo has produced life where there was none. It is to this planet that the body of Spock is placed, and the Federation has now designated the Genesis world a restricted system. While back on Earth, Admiral Kirk discovers that there may still be a chance to bring Spock back to the land of the living. However, to do this he must recover the body of Spock now in restricted space. Unable to gain permission to leave, he and his crew must steal the Enterprise to recover Spock. However, things are complicated by the fact that there are some who will do anything to get their hands on the Genesis technology, some of which have already arrived secretly at the Genesis planet. Read more “Star Trek III: Search for Spock”

Review : Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn

I recently showed The Wrath of Khan to a friend who had never seen it. He was enraptured from start to finish. Just a few minutes into the opening scene he exclaimed, “This is kinda intense!” Fans felt the same way when the film first premiered in 1982. It was a refreshing breeze when compared with it’s predecessor, ‘The Motion Picture’. The cast themselves seemed more at ease with their characters, who were back to remind audiences why they had fallen in love with the series in the first place. They led the way through a compelling story that ultimately led to, SPOILER WARNING, the sacrifice of one of the franchise’s most beloved characters: Spock. The tragic ending opened up new horizons for the Trek universe in the next film, in particular, Vulcan lore. Read more “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn”