Lord of the Rings Chapter by Chapter Reading Order

To those who haven’t read the Lord of the Rings books, it may come as a slight surprise that their pacing is different from that of most books. In The Two Towers and Return of the King, instead of jumping back and forth between various viewpoints, Tolkien gives us everything from one viewpoint all at once, then everything from the other viewpoint. For some, like me, this can be a bit jarring. It’s like hitting rewind and then watching the whole thing again from another perspective. If Tolkien were to publish the books today, his editor would almost certainly make him split the chapters up to be more chronological. Read more “Lord of the Rings Chapter by Chapter Reading Order”

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Hey all! Just a brief update.

I had a forum before, but that ended up working badly. Not because people weren’t participating (there was promise there), but because it opened up some back doors for hackers. Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical skill or the money to afford quality security for something like that. So instead, I’ve created a subreddit.

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