The Marvel Formula Needs to Stay, Here’s Why…

Earlier this year, Captain Marvel came out. I saw several reviews for it and, discounting the trolls who universally claim to hate the movie, the response I’ve seen has been mixed to positive.

Most, in all fairness, are positive reviews (I also enjoyed it, though my review is not the content of this post), but I’ve seen a number of people who didn’t like it, or thought it was “just okay”. This is fine, and I’m not going to argue with anyone on their meh reaction to this film.

Ultimate Guide to DC Universe Streaming Platform in 2019

Back in April of 2017, DC Comics announced that they would be releasing a new streaming service exclusively for DC Comics use, and not including other intellectual properties owned by Warner Brothers. It wasn’t until much later that we learned it wasn’t just a streaming service of DC video content, or just a competitor to Marvel Unlimited which catered exclusively to comic book readers. No, DC Universe would do both. Read more “Ultimate Guide to DC Universe Streaming Platform in 2019”