Buffyverse Canon Timeline

What’s on the Buffyverse Canon Timeline?

There is a large expanded universe for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, in addition to the two television shows: Buffy and Angel. However, the vast majority of these novels, comics, and other media tie-ins, is not canon as it often contradicts itself and the shows.

Thankfully, some of the Buffy expanded universe has been designated as canon by creator Joss Whedon, most of which are comics. You can find those, and a list of all the Buffy/Angel episodes in chronological order in the list below. As always, if something is missing or we got something wrong, don’t forget to let us know on our contact page. And if you enjoyed this timeline, perhaps you will enjoy some of our others, including the Harry Potter timeline.

Recommended Order

While we list these timelines chronologically by default, that is not always the way we recommend. For Buffy, we recommend starting with the original show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then you can start Angel once that kicks in. Read the comics when you feel you understand and enjoy the show.

1Tie-insBuyTales of the SlayersComicJoss Whedon2002
2Tie-insBuyTales of the VampiresComicJoss Whedon2003
3Tie-insBuyThe OriginComicChristopher Golden1999
4BuffyBuyBuffy (Seasons 1)TelevisionJoss Whedon1997
5BuffyBuyBuffy (Seasons 2)TelevisionJoss Whedon1998
6BuffyBuyBuffy (Seasons 3)TelevisionJoss Whedon1999
7BuffyBuyBuffy 4.01: "The Freshman"TelevisionJoss Whedon1999
8AngelBuyAngel 1.01: "City of..."TelevisionJoss Whedon1999
9BuffyBuyBuffy 4.02: "Living Conditions"TelevisionDavid Grossman1999
10AngelBuyAngel 1.02: "Lonely Hearts"TelevisionJames A. Contner1999
11BuffyBuyBuffy 4.03: "The Harsh Light of Day"TelevisionJames A. Contner1999
12AngelBuyAngel 1.03: "In the Dark"TelevisionBruce Seth Green1999
13BuffyBuyBuffy 4.04: "Fear, Itself"TelevisionTucker Gates1999
14AngelBuyAngel 1.04: "I Fall to Pieces"TelevisionVern Gillum1999
15BuffyBuyBuffy 4.05: "Beer Bad"TelevisionDavid Solomon1999
16AngelBuyAngel 1.05: "Rm w/a Vu"TelevisionScott McGinnis1999
17BuffyBuyBuffy 4.06: "Wild at Heart"TelevisionDavid Grossman1999
18AngelBuyAngel 1.06: "Sense & Sensitivity"TelevisionJames A. Contner1999
19BuffyBuyBuffy 4.07: "The Initiative"TelevisionJames A. Contner1999
20AngelBuyAngel 1.07: "Bachelor Party"TelevisionDavid Straiton1999
21BuffyBuyBuffy 4.08: "Pangs"TelevisionMichael Lange1999
22AngelBuyAngel 1.08: "I Will Remember You"TelevisionDavid Grossman1999
23BuffyBuyBuffy 4.09: "Something Blue"TelevisionNick Marck1999
24AngelBuyAngel 1.09: "Hero"TelevisionTucker Gates1999
25BuffyBuyBuffy 4.10: "Hush"TelevisionJoss Whedon1999
26BuffyBuyBuffy 4.11: "Doomed"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
27AngelBuyAngel 1.10: "Parting Gifts"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
28AngelBuyAngel 1.11: "SomnambulistTelevisionWinrich Kolbe2000
29BuffyBuyBuffy 4.12: "A New Man"TelevisionMichael Gershman2000
30AngelBuyAngel 1.12: "Expecting"TelevisionDavid Semel2000
31AngelBuyAngel 1.13: "She"TelevisionDavid Greenwalt2000
32BuffyBuyBuffy 4.13: "The I in Team"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
33BuffyBuyBuffy 4.14: "Goodbye Iowa"TelevisionDavid Solomon2000
34AngelBuyAngel 1.14: "I've Got You Under My Skin"TelevisionR.D. Price2000
35AngelBuyAngel 1.15: "The Prodigal"TelevisionBruce Seth Green2000
36BuffyBuyBuffy 4.15: "This Year's Girl"TelevisionMichael Gershman2000
37BuffyBuyBuffy 4.16: "Who Are You"TelevisionJoss Whedon2000
38AngelBuyAngel 1.16: "The Ring"TelevisionNick Marck2000
39BuffyBuyBuffy 4.17: "Superstar"TelevisionDavid Grossman2000
40AngelBuyAngel 1.17: "Eternity"TelevisionRegis B. Kimble2000
41BuffyBuyBuffy 4.18: "Where the Wild Things Are"TelevisionDavid Solomon2000
42BuffyBuyBuffy 4.19: "New Moon Rising"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
43AngelBuyAngel 1.18: "Five by Five"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
44AngelBuyAngel 1.19: "Sanctuary"TelevisionMichael Lange2000
45BuffyBuyBuffy 4.20: "The Yoko Factor"TelevisionDavid Grossman2000
46BuffyBuyBuffy 4.21: "Primeval"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
47BuffyBuyBuffy 4.22: "Restless"TelevisionJoss Whedon2000
48AngelBuyAngel 1.20: "War Zone"TelevisionDavid Straiton2000
49AngelBuyAngel 1.21: "Bline Date"TelevisionThomas J. Wright2000
50AngelBuyAngel 1.22: "To Shanshu in L. A."TelevisionDavid Greenwalt2000
51AngelBuyAngel 2.01: "Judgment"TelevisionMichael Lange2000
52BuffyBuyBuffy 5.01: "Buffy vs. Dracula"TelevisionDavid Solomon2000
53AngelBuyAngel 2.02: "Are You Now or Have You Ever BeenTelevisionDavid Semel2000
54BuffyBuyBuffy 5.02: "Real Me"TelevisionDavid Grossman2000
55AngelBuyAngel 2.03: "First Impressions"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
56BuffyBuyBuffy 5.03: "The Replacement"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
57AngelBuyAngel 2.04: "Untouched"TelevisionJoss Whedon2000
58BuffyBuyBuffy 5.04: "Out of My Mind"TelevisionDavid Grossman2000
59AngelBuyAngel 2.05: "Dear Boy"TelevisionDavid Greenwalt2000
60BuffyBuyBuffy 5.05: "No Place Like Home"TelevisionDavid Solomon2000
61AngelBuyAngel 2.06: "Guise Will be Guise"TelevisionKrishna Rao2000
62BuffyBuyBuffy 5.06: "Family"TelevisionJoss Whedon2000
63AngelBuyAngel 2.07: "Darla"TelevisionTim Minear2000
64BuffyBuyBuffy 5.07: "Fool for Love"TelevisionNick Marck2000
65AngelBuyAngel 2.08: "The Shroud of Rahmon"TelevisionDavid Grossman2000
66BuffyBuyBuffy 5.08: "Shadow"TelevisionDan Attias2000
67AngelBuyAngel 2.09: "The Trial"TelevisionBruce Seth Green2000
68BuffyBuyBuffy 5.09: "Listening to Fear"TelevisionDavid Solomon2000
69AngelBuyAngel 2.10: "Reunion"TelevisionJames A. Contner2000
70BuffyBuyBuffy 5.10: "Into the Woods"TelevisionMarti Noxon2000
71AngelBuyAngel 2.11: "Redefinition"TelevisionMichael Grossman2001
72BuffyBuyBuffy 5.11: "Triangle"TelevisionChristopher Hibler2001
73AngelBuyAngel 2.12: "Blood Money"TelevisionR.D. Price2001
74BuffyBuyBuffy 5.12: "Checkpoint"TelevisionNick Marck2001
75AngelBuyAngel 2.13: "Happy Anniversary"TelevisionBill L. Norton2001
76BuffyBuyBuffy 5.13: "Blood Ties"TelevisionMichael Gershman2001
77AngelBuyAngel 2.14: "The Thin Dead Line"TelevisionScott McGinnis2001
78BuffyBuyBuffy 5.14: "Crush"TelevisionDan Attias2001
79AngelBuyAngel 2.15: "Reprise"TelevisionJames Whitmore, Jr.2001
80BuffyBuyBuffy 5.15: "I Was Made to Love You"TelevisionJames A. Contner2001
81AngelBuyAngel 2.16: "Epiphany"TelevisionThomas J. Wright2001
82BuffyBuyBuffy 5.16: "The Body"TelevisionJoss Whedon2001
83AngelBuyAngel 2.17: "Disharmony"TelevisionFred Keller2001
84BuffyBuyBuffy 5.17: "Forever"TelevisionMarti Noxon2001
85AngelBuyAngel 2.18: "Dead End"TelevisionJames A. Contner2001
86BuffyBuyBuffy 5.18: "Intervention"TelevisionMichael Gershman2001
87AngelBuyAngel 2.19: "Belonging"TelevisionTuri Meyer2001
88AngelBuyAngel 2.20: "Over the Rainbow"TelevisionFred Keller2001
89BuffyBuyBuffy 5.19: "Tough Love"TelevisionDavid Grossman2001
90BuffyBuyBuffy 5.20: "Spiral"TelevisionJames A. Contner2001
91AngelBuyAngel 2.21: "Through the Looking Glass"TelevisionTim Minear2001
92BuffyBuyBuffy 5.21: "The Weight of the World"TelevisionDavid Solomon2001
93BuffyBuyBuffy 5.22: "The Gift"TelevisionJoss Whedon2001
94AngelBuyAngel 2.22: "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"TelevisionDavid Greenwalt2001
95AngelBuyAngel 3.01: "Heartthrob"TelevisionDavid Greenwalt2001
96AngelBuyAngel 3.02: "That Vision Thing"TelevisionBill L. Norton2001
97BuffyBuyBuffy 6.01: "Bargaining, Part One"TelevisionDavid Grossman2001
98BuffyBuyBuffy 6.02: "Bargaining, Part Two"TelevisionDavid Grossman2001
99AngelBuyAngel 3.03: "That Old Gang of Mine"TelevisionFred Keller2001
100BuffyBuyBuffy 6.03: "After Life"TelevisionDavid Solomon2001
101AngelBuyAngel 3.04: "Carpe Noctem"TelevisionJames A. Contner2001
102BuffyBuyBuffy 6.04: "Flooded"TelevisionDouglas Petrie2001
103AngelBuyAngel 3.05: "Fredless"TelevisionMarita Grabiak2001
104BuffyBuyBuffy 6.05: "Life Serial"TelevisionNick Marck2001
105AngelBuyAngel 3.06: "Billy"TelevisionDavid Grossman2001
106BuffyBuyBuffy 6.06: "All the Way"TelevisionDavid Solomon2001
107AngelBuyAngel 3.07: "Offspring"TelevisionTuri Meyer2001
108BuffyBuyBuffy 6.07: "Once More, with Feeling"TelevisionJoss Whedon2001
109AngelBuyAngel 3.08: "Quickening"TelevisionSkip Schoolnik2001
110BuffyBuyBuffy 6.08: "Tabula Rasa"TelevisionDavid Grossman2001
111AngelBuyAngel 3.09: "Lullaby"TelevisionTim Minear2001
112BuffyBuyBuffy 6.09: "Smashed"TelevisionTuri Meyer2001
113BuffyBuyBuffy 6.10: "Wrecked"TelevisionDavid Solomon2001
114AngelBuyAngel 3.10: "Dad"TelevisionFred Keller2001
115BuffyBuyBuffy 6.11: "Gone"TelevisionDavid Fury2002
116AngelBuyAngel 3.11: "Birthday"TelevisionMichael Grossman2002
117AngelBuyAngel 3.12: "Provider"TelevisionBill L. Norton2002
118BuffyBuyBuffy 6.12: "Doublemeat Palace"TelevisionNick Marck2002
119AngelBuyAngel 3.13: "Waiting in the Wings"TelevisionJoss Whedon2002
120BuffyBuyBuffy 6.13: "Dead Things"TelevisionJames A. Contner2002
121BuffyBuyBuffy 6.14: "Older and Far Away"TelevisionMichael Gershman2002
122AngelBuyAngel 3.14: "Couplet"TelevisionTim Minear2002
123AngelBuyAngel 3.15: "Loyalty"TelevisionJames A. Contner2002
124BuffyBuyBuffy 6.15: "As You Were"TelevisionDouglas Petrie2002
125AngelBuyAngel 3.16: "Sleep Tight"TelevisionTerrence O'Hara2002
126BuffyBuyBuffy 6.16: "Hell's Bells"TelevisionDavid Solomon2002
127BuffyBuyBuffy 6.17: "Normal Again"TelevisionRick Rosenthal2002
128AngelBuyAngel 3.17: "Forgiving"TelevisionTuri Meyer2002
129AngelBuyAngel 3.18: "Double or Nothing"TelevisionDavid Grossman2002
130AngelBuyAngel 3.19: "The Price"TelevisionMarita Grabiak2002
131BuffyBuyBuffy 6.18: "Entropy"TelevisionJames A. Contner2002
132AngelBuyAngel 3.20: "A New World"TelevisionTim Minear2002
133BuffyBuyBuffy 6.19: "Seeing Red"TelevisionMichael Gershman2002
134AngelBuyAngel 3.21: "Benediction"TelevisionTim Minear2002
135BuffyBuyBuffy 6.20: "Villains"TelevisionDavid Solomon2002
136AngelBuyAngel 3.22: "Tomorrow"TelevisionDavid Greenwalt2002
137BuffyBuyBuffy 6.21: "Two to Go"TelevisionBill L. Norton2002
138BuffyBuyBuffy 6.22: "Grave"TelevisionJames A. Contner2002
139BuffyBuyBuffy 7.01 "Lessons"TelevisionDavid Solomon2002
140BuffyBuyBuffy 7.02 "Beneath You"TelevisionNick Marck2002
141AngelBuyAngel 4.01: "Deep Down"TelevisionTerrence O'Hara2002
142BuffyBuyBuffy 7.03 "Same Time, Same Place"TelevisionJames A. Contner2002
143AngelBuyAngel 4.02: "Ground State"TelevisionMichael Grossman2002
144BuffyBuyBuffy 7.04 "Help"TelevisionRick Rosenthal2002
145AngelBuyAngel 4.03: "The House Always Wins"TelevisionMarita Grabiak2002
146BuffyBuyBuffy 7.05 "Selfless"TelevisionDavid Solomon2002
147AngelBuyAngel 4.04: "Slouching Toward Bethlehem"TelevisionSkip Schoolnik2002
148AngelBuyAngel 4.05: "Supersymmetry"TelevisionBill L. Norton2002
149BuffyBuyBuffy 7.06 "Him"TelevisionMichael Gershman2002
150AngelBuyAngel 4.06: "Spin the Bottle"TelevisionJoss Whedon2002
151BuffyBuyBuffy 7.07 "Conversations with Dead People"TelevisionNick Marck2002
152AngelBuyAngel 4.07: "Apocalypse, Nowish"TelevisionVern Gillum2002
153BuffyBuyBuffy 7.08 "Sleeper"TelevisionAlan J. Levi2002
154BuffyBuyBuffy 7.09 "Never Leave Me"TelevisionDavid Solomon2002
155BuffyBuyBuffy 7.10 "Bring on the Night"TelevisionDavid Grossman2002
156BuffyBuyBuffy 7.11 "Showtime"TelevisionMichael Grossman2003
157AngelBuyAngel 4.08: "Habeas Corpses"TelevisionSkip Schoolnik2003
158BuffyBuyBuffy 7.12 "Potential"TelevisionJames A. Contner2003
159AngelBuyAngel 4.09: "Long Day's Journey"TelevisionTerrence O'Hara2003
160AngelBuyAngel 4.10: "Awakening"TelevisionJames A. Contner2003
161BuffyBuyBuffy 7.13 "The Killer in Me"TelevisionDavid Solomon2003
162AngelBuyAngel 4.11: "Souless"TelevisionSean Astin2003
163BuffyBuyBuffy 7.14 "First Date"TelevisionDavid Grossman2003
164AngelBuyAngel 4.12: "Calvary"TelevisionBill L. Norton2003
165BuffyBuyBuffy 7.15 "Get it Done"TelevisionDouglas Petrie2003
166BuffyBuyBuffy 7.16 "Storyteller"TelevisionMarita Grabiak2003
167AngelBuyAngel 4.13: "Salvage"TelevisionJefferson Kibbee2003
168AngelBuyAngel 4.14: "Release"TelevisionJames A. Contner2003
169BuffyBuyBuffy 7.17 "Lies My Parents Told Me"TelevisionDavid Fury2003
170AngelBuyAngel 4.15: "Orpheus"TelevisionTerrence O'Hara2003
171AngelBuyAngel 4.16: "Players"TelevisionMichael Grossman2003
172AngelBuyAngel 4.17: "Inside Out"TelevisionSteven S. DeKnight2003
173AngelBuyAngel 4.18: "Shiny Happy People"TelevisionMarita Grabiak2003
174BuffyBuyBuffy 7.18 "Dirty Girls"TelevisionMichael Gershman2003
175AngelBuyAngel 4.19: "The Magic Bullet"TelevisionJeffrey Bell2003
176AngelBuyAngel 4.20: "Sacrifice"TelevisionDavid Straiton2003
177BuffyBuyBuffy 7.19 "Empty Places"TelevisionJames A. Contner2003
178AngelBuyAngel 4.21: "Peace Out"TelevisionJefferson Kibbee2003
179BuffyBuyBuffy 7.20 "Touched"TelevisionDavid Solomon2003
180AngelBuyAngel 4.22: "Home"TelevisionTim Minear2003
181BuffyBuyBuffy 7.21 "End of Days"TelevisionMarita Grabiak2003
182BuffyBuyBuffy 7.22 "Chosen"TelevisionJoss Whedon2003
183AngelBuyAngel (Season 5)TelevisionJoss Whedon2004
184Tie-insBuyAngel: Season Six, Vol. 1ComicJoss Whedon2007
185Tie-insBuyAngel: Season Six, Vol. 2ComicJoss Whedon2008
186Tie-insBuySpikeComicJoss Whedon2011
187Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 1ComicJoss Whedon2007
188Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 2ComicJoss Whedon2008
189Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 3ComicJoss Whedon2008
190Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 4ComicJoss Whedon2009
191Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 5ComicJoss Whedon2009
192Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 6ComicJoss Whedon2010
193Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 7ComicJoss Whedon2010
194Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 8ComicJoss Whedon2011
195Tie-insBuyFrayComicJoss Whedon2001
196Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 1ComicAndrew Chambliss2012
197Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith, Vol. 1ComicChristos Gage2012
198Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 2ComicAndrew Chambliss2012
199Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith, Vol. 2ComicChristos Gage2012
200Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 3ComicAndrew Chambliss2013
201Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith, Vol. 3ComicChristos Gage2013
202Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 4ComicAndrew Chambliss2013
203Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith, Vol. 4ComicChristos Gage2013
204Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 5ComicAndrew Chambliss2014
205Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith, Vol. 5ComicChristos Gage2014
206Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 1ComicChristos Gage2014
207Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 1ComicVictor Gischler2014
208Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 2ComicChristos Gage2015
209Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 2ComicVictor Gischler2015
210Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 3ComicChristos Gage2015
211Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 3ComicVictor Gischler2015
212Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 4ComicChristos Gage2016
213Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 4ComicVictor Gischler2016
214Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 5ComicChristos Gage2016
215Tie-insBuyAngel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 5ComicVictor Gischler2016
216Tie-insBuyBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 6ComicChristos Gage2016
217Tie-insBuffy Season 11ComicJoss Whedon2017

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