Art for the Dark Tower timeline.

What’s on The Dark Tower Reading Order?

The Dark Tower is a series by Stephen King, and is actually considered the lynch-pin for all of his works. Many elements of King’s books show up in The Dark Tower. However, since there is a multiverse involved, those books are largely ignored in this timeline. This timeline is only about the Dark Tower series, including the books and the comics.

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Where to Start?

Most would agree you should start with The Gunslinger, the first book in the series. The comics are supplemental. Therefore you should save those until you are more familiar with the books. However, you might enjoy a full, chronological readthrough.

Additionally, if you liked this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, such as our Dune series timeline. Thank you so much for visiting, and we hope you enjoy perusing through the shadowy world of The Dark Tower.

1PrequelsBuyThe Gunslinger BornComicPeter David2007
2PrequelsBuyThe Long Road HomeComicPeter David2008
3PrequelsBuyTreacheryComicPeter David2009
4PrequelsBuyThe SorcererComicPeter David2009
5PrequelsBuyFall of GileadComicPeter David2009
6PrequelsBuyBattle of Jericho HillComicPeter David2010
7PrequelsBuyThe Journey BeginsComicPeter David2010
8PrequelsBuyThe Little Sisters of EluriaNovellaStephen King2002From Everything's Eventual
9PrequelsBuyThe Little Sisters of EluriaComicPeter David2011
10The GunslingerBuyThe GunslingerNovelStephen King1982
11The GunslingerBuyThe Battle of TullComicPeter David2011
12The GunslingerBuyThe Way StationComicPeter David2012
13The GunslingerBuyThe Man in BlackComicPeter David2012
14The GunslingerBuySheemie's TaleComicPeter David2013
15The GunslingerBuyEvil GroundComicPeter David2013
16The GunslingerBuySo Fell Lord PerthComicPeter David2013
17The GunslingerBuyThe Drawing of the ThreeNovelStephen King1987
18The GunslingerBuyThe PrisonerComicPeter David2014
19The GunslingerBuyThe Waste LandsNovelStephen King1991
20The GunslingerBuyWizard and GlassNovelStephen King1997
21The GunslingerBuyThe Wind Through the KeyholeNovelStephen King2012
22The GunslingerBuyWolves of the CallaNovelStephen King2003
23The GunslingerBuySong of SusannahNovelStephen King2004
24The GunslingerBuyThe Dark TowerNovelStephen King2004
25The GunslingerThe Dark TowerFilmNikolaj Arcel2017

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