Perhaps the most popular DC character, this reading order takes all of the major stories of the Dark Knight and places them in order.

What’s on the Batman Reading Order?

This timeline contains all of the major comic stories about DC’s popular character, Batman. While this list is not perfectly comprehensive, it includes most of the stories you would ever need to read. It allows you to experience the complete story of Batman. Get through this list, and you’ll be a leading expert on the character. Additionally, this timeline also includes several stories for Bat-family characters, such as Robin or Nightwing. If it’s relevant to the overall story of Batman and his team, you’ll find it here. Some of these stories cross over with mainstream DC events, but those are also important to further Batman’s storyline.

We assembled this list using multiple sources, and you should find most Batman stories here. However, if you see anything that is missing or could add to the list, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do to improve the Batman reading order. Additionally, if you enjoyed this timeline, don’t forget to visit some of our others, such as the general DC Events and Recommended Reading page. Thank you again for visiting the site and be sure to click around! In the mean time, enjoy this Batman reading order.

Batman Reading Order 2.0

16The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 12005-04-01graphic-novelbill-finger
20The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 12005-01-03graphic-novelbill-finger
21The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 22006-09-06graphic-novelbill-finger
28The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 11997-11-14graphic-novelbill-finger
29The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 32007-05-02graphic-novelbill-finger
41The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 42007-10-03graphic-novelbill-finger
48The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 21997-11-14graphic-novelbill-finger
49The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 52008-04-29graphic-novelbill-finger
57The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 62008-10-21graphic-novelbill-finger
60The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 32000-06-01graphic-novelbill-finger
66The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 21997-11-14graphic-novelbill-finger
68The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 72009-03-24graphic-novelbill-finger
80The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 82009-10-20graphic-novelbill-finger
82The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 42003-08-01graphic-novelbill-finger
85The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 92010-03-02graphic-novelbill-finger
91The Golden AgeBuyThe Batman Chronicles Vol. 102010-12-14graphic-noveljoe-greene
94The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 5, , , 2006-11-08graphic-novelbill-finger don-cameron joe-greene joe-samachson
96The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 31997-11-14graphic-novelbill-finger
103The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dailies 1943-1944, 1990-10-01graphic-novelbob-kane joe-desris
104The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 62009-12-22graphic-noveldon-cameron
105The Golden AgeBuySuperman: The World’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 12004-09-01graphic-noveljerry-siegel
106The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The World’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 12002-10-01graphic-novelbill-finger
116The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 41998-12-01graphic-novelbill-finger
125The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dailies 1944-19451991-09-01graphic-novelpeter-poplaski
126The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 7, , , , , 2010-12-28graphic-novelalvin-schwartz bill-finger don-cameron jack-schiff joe-greene joe-samachson
135The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dailies 1945-19461991-01-01graphic-novelbill-finger
136The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Dailies 1943-19462007-04-12graphic-novelbill-finger
137The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The Sunday Classics 1943-19462007-04-12graphic-novelbill-finger
139The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 52001-04-01graphic-novelbill-finger
147The Golden AgeBuySuperman: The World’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 22009-11-03graphic-noveljerry-siegel
148The Golden AgeBuyBatman: The World’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 2, , , , 2005-01-20graphic-novelalvin-schwartz bill-finger don-cameron joe-samachson william-woolfolk
150The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 62005-08-01graphic-novelbill-finger
153The Golden AgeBuyBatman In The Forties, 2004-05-01graphic-novelbill-finger jack-schiff
160The Golden AgeBuyBatman Archives Vol. 72007-11-14graphic-novelbill-finger
178The Golden AgeBuyWorld’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 1, , 1999-03-01graphic-novelalvin-schwartz bill-finger edmond-hamilton
186The Silver AgeBuyWorld’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 2, , 2002-01-01graphic-novelbill-finger dave-wood edmond-hamilton
193The Silver AgeBuyBatman in The Fifties, , , , , 2002-05-01graphic-novelbill-finger david-vern-reed david-wood edmond-hamilton france-herron joe-samachson
201The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: World’s Finest Vol. 1, , , , 2007-10-17graphic-novelalvin-schwartz bill-finger dave-wood edmond-hamilton jerry-coleman
218The Silver AgeBuyDC Comics Classics Library: Batman: The Annuals Vol. 12009-04-28graphic-noveledmond-hamilton
246The Silver AgeBuyDC Comics Classics Library: Batman: The Annuals Vol. 22010-08-31graphic-noveledmond-hamilton
250The Silver AgeBuyBatman: The Dynamic Duo Archives Vol. 1, , , 2003-03-01graphic-novelbill-finger ed-herron gardner-fox john-broome
251The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: World’s Finest Vol. 22008-10-28graphic-noveljerry-coleman
257The Silver AgeBuyBatman: The Dynamic Duo Archives Vol. 2, , 2006-06-21graphic-novelbill-finger ed-herron gardner-fox
267The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 1, , , , 2006-08-30graphic-novelbill-finger ed-herron gardner-fox john-broome sheldon-moldoff
285The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 2, , , , 2007-06-06graphic-novelbill-finger gardner-fox john-broome robert-kanigher sheldon-moldoff
295The Silver AgeBuyBat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan2008-10-28graphic-noveljiro-kuwata
298The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: World’s Finest Vol. 32010-03-23graphic-noveljerry-coleman
309The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 3, , 2008-07-15graphic-novelgardner-fox john-broome mike-friedrich
316The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: The Brave And The Bold: Batman Team-ups Vol. 12007-01-24graphic-novelbob-haney
321The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 4, , , , , 2009-07-28graphic-novele-nelson-bridwell frank-robbins gardner-fox john-broome mike-friedrich robert-kanigher
322The Silver AgeBuyBatman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 1, , 2003-10-01graphic-novelbob-haney cary-bates leo-dorfman
327The Silver AgeBuyBatman in The Sixties, , , , , , 1999-03-01graphic-novelbill-finger e-nelson-bridwell frank-robbins gardner-fox john-broome mike-friedrich robert-kanigher
334The Silver AgeBuyBatman From The 30s To The 70s, , , , , 1971-01-01graphic-novelbill-finger dennis-oneil don-cameron e-nelson-bridwell edmond-hamilton gardner-fox
336The Silver AgeBuyBatman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 2, , , , , 2004-09-01graphic-novelbob-haney dennis-oneil frank-robbins len-wein marv-wolfman mike-friedrich
359Bronze AgeBuyShowcase Presents: The Brave And The Bold: Batman Team-ups Vol. 2, 2007-12-26graphic-novelbob-haney dennis-oneil
360Bronze AgeBuyBatman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 3, , , 2006-03-20graphic-noveldennis-oneil frank-robbins len-wein neal-adams
370Bronze AgeBuyBatman: The Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul / Tales of the Demon1991-02-23graphic-noveldennis-oneil
386Bronze AgeBuyShowcase Presents: The Brave And The Bold: Batman Team-ups Vol. 32008-12-23graphic-novelbob-haney
389Bronze AgeBuyBatman In The Seventies, , , , 2000-01-01graphic-novelarchie-goodwin dennis-oneil elliot-s-maggin frank-robbins paul-levitz
393Bronze AgeBuyDC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories Vol. 2: Batman and Robin2010-06-01graphic-novelbill-finger
399Bronze AgeBuyHuntress: Dark Knight Daughter2006-12-06graphic-novelpaul-levitz
403Bronze AgeBuyThe Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told, , , , , , , , , 1997-10-01graphic-novelalvin-schwartz bill-finger bob-haney dave-wood david-vern-reed dennis-oneil e-nelson-bridwell edmond-hamilton len-wein steve-englehart
407Bronze AgeBuySuperman / Batman: The Saga of the Super Sons2007-12-05graphic-novelbob-haney
413Bronze AgeBuyBatman: The Secrets of the Batcave, , , , , , , 2007-08-01graphic-novelalan-brennert bill-finger david-vern-reed dennis-oneil don-cameron edmond-hamilton gerry-conway paul-pope
424Bronze AgeBuyBatman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 1, , , , , , , , 2005-05-01graphic-novelbill-finger dennis-oneil devin-grayson frank-robbins gardner-fox mark-millar mike-w-barr sal-almendola steve-englehart
433Bronze AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders, 2007-09-12graphic-novelmarv-wolfman mike-w-barr
445LegendsBuyBatman: Year One2007-01-10graphic-novelfrank-miller
454LegendsBuyBatman: Birth of the Demon, 2012-03-13graphic-noveldennis-oneil mike-w-barr
455LegendsBuyBatman in the Eighties, , , , , 2004-10-01graphic-novelalan-brennert barbara-kesel doug-moench gerry-conway len-wein mike-w-barr
456LegendsBuyBatman: Year Two: Fear the Reaper2002-12-01graphic-novelmike-w-barr
481MillenniumBuyBatman: Ten Nights of the Beast1994-10-01graphic-noveljim-starlin
482MillenniumBuyBatman: The Cult2009-12-15graphic-noveljim-starlin
485MillenniumBuyBatman: The Killing Joke2008-03-19graphic-novelalan-moore
486MillenniumBuyBatman Second Chances, , 2015-07-21graphic-noveljim-starlin jo-duffy max-allan-collins
487MillenniumBuyBatman: A Death in the Family2011-11-22graphic-noveljim-starlin
588The 1990sBuyBatman: Blind Justice, 2005-05-01graphic-noveldenys-cowan sam-hamm
589The 1990sBuyBatman: The Many Deaths of the Batman, 1992-01-01graphic-noveljim-aparo john-byrne
590The 1990sBuyBatman: A Lonely Place of Dying, 1990-02-01graphic-novelgeorge-perez marv-wolfman
591The 1990sBuyBatman: Bride of the Demon1990-01-01graphic-novelmike-w-barr
594The 1990sBuyBatman: Shaman1993-05-01graphic-noveldennis-oneil
608The 1990sBuySuperman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis, , , 2013-10-22graphic-noveldan-jurgens jerry-ordway john-byrne roger-stern
614The 1990sBuyBatman: The Last Arkham1995-10-01graphic-novelalan-grant
615The 1990sBuyBatman: Gothic2015-07-28graphic-novelgrant-morrison
616The 1990sBuyBatman: Prey2012-06-05graphic-noveldoug-moench
617The 1990sBuyBatman: Venom2012-04-24graphic-noveldennis-oneil
624The 1990sBuyBatman: Sword of Azrael1993-06-10graphic-noveldennis-oneil
634The 1990sBuyBatman: Faces2008-07-29graphic-novelmatt-wagner
635The 1990sBuyBatman: Four of a Kind, , 1998-04-01graphic-novelalan-grant chuck-dixon doug-moench
637The 1990sBuyBatman: Other Realms, , 1998-07-01graphic-novelbo-hampton mark-kneece scott-hampton
636The 1990sBuyBatman: Collected Legends of the Dark Knight, , 1994-05-01graphic-novelalan-grant james-robinson john-francis-moore
638The 1990sBuyBatman: Dark Legends, , , 1996-06-01graphic-novelalan-grant bryan-talbot dennis-oneil mike-mignola
639The 1990sBuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 1., , 2012-05-01graphic-novelalan-grant chuck-dixon doug-moench
640The 1990sBuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 2: Knightquest, , , 2012-05-29graphic-novelalan-grant chuck-dixon doug-moench jo-duffy
642The 1990sBuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 3: Knightsend, , , , 2012-09-11graphic-novelalan-grant chuck-dixon dennis-oneil doug-moench jo-duffy
651Zero HourBuyZero Hour: Crisis in Time1994-08-23graphic-noveldan-jurgens
661Zero HourBuyBatman: Prodigal, , 1998-01-01graphic-novelalan-grant chuck-dixon doug-moench
663Zero HourBuyBatman: Anarky1999-02-22graphic-novelalan-grant
664Zero HourBuyBatman: The Chalice1999-12-01graphic-novelchuck-dixon
680Underworld UnleashedBuyBatman: Contagion, , , 1996-04-01graphic-novelalan-grant christopher-priest chuck-dixon dennis-oneil
683Underworld UnleashedBuyBatman vs Bane2012-02-28graphic-novelchuck-dixon
684Underworld UnleashedBuyBatman: Legacy, , 1997-02-01graphic-novelalan-grant chuck-dixon doug-moench
694Final NightBuyJLA: New World Order1997-04-01graphic-novelgrant-morrison
712Final NightBuyBatman: Cataclysm, , , , , , , 2015-06-16graphic-novelalan-grant chris-renaud chuck-dixon devin-grayson doug-moench kelley-puckett klaus-janson rick-burchett
725DC One MillionBuyBatman: Road to No Man’s Land vol. 1, , , , , 2015-10-13graphic-novelalan-grant bruce-canwell chuck-dixon doug-moench greg-rucka lisa-klink
726DC One MillionBuyBatman: Road to No Man’s Land vol. 2, , , , , 2016-07-12graphic-novelalan-grant bruce-canwell chuck-dixon doug-moench greg-rucka lisa-klink
727DC One MillionBuyBatman: No Man’s Land vol. 1, 2011-12-13graphic-novelbob-gale devin-grayson
728DC One MillionBuyBatman: No Man’s Land vol. 2, , , , , 2012-04-17graphic-novelbob-gale dennis-oneil greg-rucka ian-edginton lisa-klink scott-beatty
730DC One MillionBuyBatman: No Man’s Land vol. 3, , , 2012-08-07graphic-novelgreg-rucka janet-harvey kelley-puckett larry-hama
740DC One MillionBuyBatman: Harley Quinn, , , , , 2015-07-21graphic-noveldoug-alexander james-patrick jim-zubkavich maris-wicks matt-kindt paul-dini
741DC One MillionBuyBatman: No Man’s Land vol. 4, , , , 2012-12-11graphic-novelbronwyn-carlton chuck-dixon devin-grayson greg-rucka larry-hama
742DC One MillionBuyBatman: No Man’s Land vol. 5, , 2001-04-01graphic-noveldevin-grayson greg-rucka jordan-b-gorfinkel
750DC One MillionBuyBatman/Huntress: Cry for Blood2002-04-01graphic-novelgreg-rucka
767DC One MillionBuyBatman: Evolution (New Gotham Vol. 1)2001-08-01graphic-novelgreg-rucka
768DC One MillionBuyJLA: Tower of Babel, , , 2014-02-11graphic-novelchristopher-priest d-curtis-johnson john-ostrander mark-waid
776DC One MillionBuyBatman: Turning Points, , 2007-06-06graphic-novelchuck-dixon ed-brubaker greg-rucka
777DC One MillionBuyBatman: Officer Down (New Gotham Vol. 2), , , , , 2001-08-01graphic-novelbronwyn-carlton chuck-dixon devin-grayson ed-brubaker greg-rucka nunzio-defilippis
791Our Worlds at War/Joker’s Last LaughBuyBatman: The Joker’s Last Laugh, 2008-05-20graphic-novelchuck-dixon scott-beatty
809The 2000sBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne – Murderer?, , , , 2014-03-18graphic-novelchuck-dixon devin-grayson ed-brubaker greg-rucka kelley-puckett
810The 2000sBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Vol. 1, , , 2002-12-01graphic-novelchuck-dixon devin-grayson ed-brubaker kelley-puckett
811The 2000sBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Vol. 2, , , 2003-03-01graphic-noveldevin-grayson ed-brubaker greg-rucka judd-winick
812The 2000sBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Vol. 3, , 2003-10-01graphic-noveled-brubaker greg-rucka kelley-puckett
832The 2000sBuyBatman: Hush2011-12-06graphic-noveljeph-loeb
835The 2000sBuyGotham Central: In the Line of Duty, 2008-09-16graphic-noveled-brubaker greg-rucka
853The 2000sBuyBatman: Death and the Maidens2004-09-01graphic-novelgreg-rucka
854The 2000sBuySuperman/Batman: Public Enemies2004-06-01graphic-noveljeph-loeb
855The 2000sBuyBatman: Broken City2004-07-01graphic-novelbrian-azzarello
856The 2000sBuyBatman and the Monster Men2006-08-23graphic-novelmatt-wagner
857The 2000sBuyBatman and the Mad Monk2007-04-07graphic-novelmatt-wagner
858The 2000sBuyBatman: The Man Who Laughs2009-02-03graphic-noveled-brubaker
859The 2000sBuyBatman: False Faces2009-02-10graphic-novelbrian-k-vaughan
860The 2000sBuyBatman: As the Crow Flies2004-11-01graphic-noveljudd-winick
865The 2000sBuySuperman/Batman: Supergirl2005-03-01graphic-noveljeph-loeb
883The 2000sBuySuperman/Batman: Absolute Power2005-07-01graphic-noveljeph-loeb
884The 2000sBuyBatman: Monsters, , 2009-11-03graphic-novelalan-grant james-robinson warren-ellis
885The 2000sBuyBatman: The Ring, the Arrow and the Bat2003-12-01graphic-noveldennis-oneil
886The 2000sBuyBatman: Terror2003-10-01graphic-noveldoug-moench
887The 2000sBuyBatman: Snow, 2007-03-28graphic-noveldan-curtis-johnson j-h-williams-iii
888The 2000sBuyBatman: Going Sane, 2008-08-12graphic-noveldaren-white j-m-dematteis
889The 2000sBuyBatman: Hush Returns2006-01-04graphic-novela-j-lieberman
891The 2000sBuyBatman: War Drums, , 2004-10-01graphic-novela-j-lieberman andersen-gabrych bill-willingham
893The 2000sBuyGotham Central: Jokers and Madmen, 2011-07-12graphic-noveled-brubaker greg-rucka
894The 2000sBuyBatman: War Games Act One: Outbreak, , , , , 2005-03-01graphic-novela-j-lieberman andersen-gabrych bill-willingham devin-grayson dylan-horrocks ed-brubaker
895The 2000sBuyBatman: War Games Act Two: Tides, , , , , 2005-07-01graphic-novela-j-lieberman andersen-gabrych bill-willingham devin-grayson dylan-horrocks ed-brubaker
896The 2000sBuyBatman: War Games Act Three: Endgame, , , 2005-10-01graphic-novela-j-lieberman bill-willingham dylan-horrocks ed-brubaker
898The 2000sBuyGotham Central: On the Freak Beat, 2010-06-15graphic-noveled-brubaker greg-rucka
900The 2000sBuyYear One: Batman/Ra’s Al Ghul2006-01-04graphic-noveldevin-grayson
901The 2000sBuyBatman: Dark Detective2006-04-12graphic-novelsteve-englehart
902Identity CrisisBuyIdentity Crisis2011-10-18graphic-novelbrad-meltzer
924Identity CrisisBuyBatman: Under the Hood Vol. 12005-11-01graphic-noveljudd-winick
936Identity CrisisBuyBatman: War Crimes, 2006-02-01graphic-novelandersen-gabrych bill-willingham
937Identity CrisisBuyBatman: City of Crime2006-07-06graphic-novelandersen-gabrych
944Identity CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Vengeance2006-07-19graphic-noveljeph-loeb
947Infinite CrisisBuyInfinite Crisis2006-09-20graphic-novelgeoff-johns
959Infinite CrisisBuyGotham Central: Corrigan, 2011-03-15graphic-noveled-brubaker greg-rucka
961Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Under the Red Hood2011-08-30graphic-noveljudd-winick
962Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Under the Hood Vol. 22006-06-07graphic-noveljudd-winick
97352/One Year LaterBuyBatman: Haunted Knight1996-09-01graphic-noveljeph-loeb
97452/One Year LaterBuyBatman: The Long Halloween2007-04-07graphic-noveljeph-loeb
97552/One Year LaterBuyBatman: Dark Victory2012-05-29graphic-noveljeph-loeb
97752/One Year LaterBuyArkham Asylum: Living Hell2004-03-01graphic-noveldan-slott
97852/One Year LaterBuyBatman: Face the Face2006-09-06graphic-noveljames-robinson
101852/One Year LaterBuySuperman/Batman: Enemies Among Us2007-06-20graphic-novelmark-verheiden
1043Countdown to Final CrisisBuyArkham Asylum: Anniversary Edition2014-11-11graphic-novelgrant-morrison
1044Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and Son2007-08-01graphic-novelgrant-morrison
1045Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Under the Cowl, 2010-02-02graphic-novelgeoff-johns grant-morrison
1046Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Detective, 2007-04-07graphic-novelpaul-dini royal-mcgraw
1049Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Death and the City, , 2007-11-07graphic-novelpaul-dini royal-mcgraw stuart-moore
1064Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Torment2008-05-06graphic-novelalan-burnett
1066Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, , , , 2008-05-20graphic-novelfabian-nicieza grant-morrison keith-champagne paul-dini peter-milligan
1124Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and the Outsiders: The Chrysalis2008-10-14graphic-novelchuck-dixon
1129Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Cacophony2014-07-22graphic-novelkevin-smith
1130Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Gotham Underground2008-11-25graphic-novelfrank-tieri
1131Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and the Black Glove2009-10-06graphic-novelgrant-morrison
1132Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Private Casebook, 2008-12-23graphic-novelpaul-dini peter-milligan
1138Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and the Outsiders: The Snare2009-02-24graphic-novelchuck-dixon
1149Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite, 2008-11-04graphic-novelmichael-green mike-johnson
1150Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Finest Worlds, 2009-06-09graphic-novelmichael-green mike-johnson
1152Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: The Heart of Hush2009-04-07graphic-novelpaul-dini
1155Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrinity Vol. 1, 2009-06-02graphic-novelfabian-nicieza kurt-busiek
1156Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrinity Vol. 2, 2009-09-01graphic-novelfabian-nicieza kurt-busiek
1157Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrinity Vol. 3, 2009-10-20graphic-novelfabian-nicieza kurt-busiek
1158Final CrisisBuyFinal Crisis2014-04-22graphic-novelgrant-morrison
1160Final CrisisBuyBatman: The Black Casebook, , 2009-06-23graphic-novelbill-finger ed-herron edmond-hamilton
1161Final CrisisBuyBatman: R.I.P.2009-02-10graphic-novelgrant-morrison
1162Final CrisisBuyBatman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?2009-07-21graphic-novelneil-gaiman
1187Final CrisisBuyBatman: Battle for the Cowl, 2009-11-24graphic-novelfabian-nicieza tony-s-daniel
1188Final CrisisBuyBatman: Battle for the Cowl Companion, , , , 2009-11-10graphic-novelchristopher-yost david-hine fabian-nicieza joe-harris royal-mcgraw
1216Final CrisisBuyBatman: Long Shadows2010-06-01graphic-noveljudd-winick
1217Final CrisisBuyBatman and Robin vol. 1: Batman Reborn2010-04-13graphic-novelgrant-morrison
1223Final CrisisBuyBatman: Streets of Gotham: Hush Money2010-05-25graphic-novelpaul-dini
1224Final CrisisBuyBatman: Streets of Gotham: Leviathan, , 2010-11-02graphic-novelchristopher-yost mike-benson paul-dini
1242Blackest NightBuySuperman/Batman: Night and Day, , , 2010-08-31graphic-novelmatt-cherniss michael-green mike-johnson peter-johnson
1243Blackest NightBuySuperman/Batman: Big Noise2010-12-14graphic-noveljoe-casey
1252Blackest NightBuyWorld’s Finest, , 2010-06-29graphic-novelgeoff-johns gerry-conway sterling-gates
1263Blackest NightBuyBatman: Life After Death2011-10-18graphic-noveltony-s-daniel
1264Blackest NightBuyBatman: Arkham Reborn2010-08-10graphic-noveldavid-hine
1267Blackest NightBuyBatman and Robin. Vol. 2: Batman vs. Robin2010-11-09graphic-novelgrant-morrison

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