Art for the Dark Knight Returns universe.

What’s on the Batman Reading Order?

This timeline contains all of the major comic stories about DC’s popular character, Batman. While this list is not perfectly comprehensive, it includes most of the stories you would ever need to read. It allows you to experience the complete story of Batman. Get through this list, and you’ll be a leading expert on the character. Additionally, this timeline also includes several stories for Bat-family characters, such as Robin or Nightwing. If it’s relevant to the overall story of Batman and his team, you’ll find it here. Some of these stories cross over with mainstream DC events, but those are also important to further Batman’s storyline.

We assembled this list using multiple sources, and you should find most Batman stories here. However, if you see anything that is missing or could add to the list, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do to improve the Batman reading order. And if you enjoyed this timeline, don’t forget to visit some of our others, such as the general DC Events and Recommended Reading page. Thank you again for visiting the site and be sure to click around! In the mean time, enjoy this Batman reading order.

1Early OriginsBuyBatman: The Golden Age Omnibus, Vol. 1Comic
2Early OriginsBuyBatman in the 40'sComic
3Early OriginsBuyBatman in the 50'sComic
4Early OriginsBuyBatman in the 60'sComic
5Early OriginsBuyBatman: Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 1Comic
6Early OriginsBuyBatman: Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 2Comic
7Early OriginsBuyBatman: Tales of the DemonComic
8Early OriginsBuyBatman: Strange ApparitionsComic
9Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Year OneComic
10Post-CrisisBuyCatwoman: Her Sister’s KeeperComic
11Post-CrisisBuyBatman: ShamanComic
12Post-CrisisBuyBatman: GothicComic
13Post-CrisisBuyBatman: PreyComic
14Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Dark LegendsComic
15Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The Man Who LaughsComic
16Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Dead To RightsComic
17Post-CrisisBuyBatman: VenomComic
18Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Going SaneComic
19Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Four of a KindComic
20Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Collected LegendsComic
21Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Other RealmsComic
22Post-CrisisBuyBatman: SnowComic
23Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The Long HalloweenComic
24Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Haunted KnightComic
25Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Year TwoComic
26Post-CrisisBuyBatman And the Monster MenComic
27Post-CrisisBuyBatman And the Mad MonkComic
28Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Dark VictoryComic
29Post-CrisisBuyCatwoman: When in RomeComic
30Post-CrisisBuyBatgirl/Robin: Year OneComic
31Post-CrisisBuyBatman: BatgirlComic
32Post-CrisisBuyBatman: FacesComic
33Post-CrisisBuyBatman: TerrorComic
34Post-CrisisBuyBatman: MonstersComic
35Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Rules Of EngagementComic
36Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Full CircleComic
37Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Fortunate SonComic
38Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Night CriesComic
39Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The Cat and The BatComic
40Post-CrisisBuyNightwing: Year OneComic
41Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Dark DetectiveComic
42Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The Killing JokeComic
43Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Ten Nights of the BeastComic
44Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The CultComic
45Post-CrisisBuyBatman: A Death in the FamilyComic
46Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Blind JusticeComic
47Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The Many Deaths of the BatmanComic
48Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Year ThreeComic
49Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Arkham AsylumComic
50Post-CrisisBuyBatman: A Lonely Place of DyingComic
51Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Bride of the DemonComic
52Post-CrisisBuyRobin: Tragedy and TriumphComic
53Post-CrisisBuyRobin: A Hero RebornComic
54Post-CrisisBuyBatman: The Last ArkhamComic
55Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Birth of the DemonComic
56Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Sword of AzraelComic
57Post-CrisisBuyRobin: Cry of the HuntressComic
58Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Vengeance of BaneComic
59Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Knightfall, Vol. 1.Comic
60Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Knightfall, Vol. 2: KnightquestComic
61Post-CrisisBuyBatman: Knightfall, Vol. 3: KnightsendComic
62Post-CrisisBuyBatman: ProdigalComic
63Post-CrisisBuyBatman: TroikaComic
64Post-CrisisBuyNightwing: Ties That BindComic
65Post-CrisisBuyRobin: Flying SoloComic
66Post-CrisisBuyNightwing: A Knight In BludhavenComic
67Post-CrisisBuyZero Hour: Crisis in TimeComic
68Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: AnarkyComic
69Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: The ChaliceComic
70Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: ContagionComic
71Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: Rough JusticeComic
72Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: LegacyComic
73Post-Zero HourBuyJLA: New World OrderComic
74Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: CataclysmComic
75Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: Love & BulletsComic
76Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: AftershockComic
77Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Road to No Man's Land, Vol. 1Comic
78Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Road to No Man's Land, Vol. 2Comic
79Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: No Man’s Land, Vol. 1Comic
80Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: No Man’s Land, Vol. 2Comic
81Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: No Man’s Land, Vol. 3Comic
82Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Harley QuinnComic
83Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: No Man’s Land, Vol. 4Comic
84Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: No Man’s Land, Vol. 5Comic
85Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: The Hunt for OracleComic
86Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: EvolutionComic
87Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: Big GunsComic
88Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: On the Razor's EdgeComic
89Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Turning PointsComic
90Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Officer DownComic
91Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: False FacesComic
92Post-Zero HourBuyHarley Quinn: Preludes and Knock Knock JokesComic
93Post-Zero HourBuyBatman & Huntress: A Cry For BloodComic
94Post-Zero HourBuyJLA: Tower of BabelComic
95Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne Murderer?Comic
96Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive, Vol. 1Comic
97Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive, Vol. 2Comic
98Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive, Vol. 3Comic
99Post-Zero HourBuyGotham Central, Book 1: In the Line of DutyComic
100Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: HushComic
101Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Death and the MaidensComic
102Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Broken CityComic
103Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: As the Crow FliesComic
104Post-Zero HourBuyRobin: UnmaskedComic
105Post-Zero HourBuyArkham Asylum: Living HellComic
106Post-Zero HourBuyGotham Central, Book 2: Jokers & MadmenComic
107Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Batman: Public EnemiesComic
108Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Batman: SupergirlComic
109Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: War DrumsComic
110Post-Zero HourBuyGotham Central, Book 3Comic
111Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: War Games Act OneComic
112Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: War Games Act TwoComic
113Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: War Games Act ThreeComic
114Post-Zero HourBuyRobin/Batgirl: Fresh BloodComic
115Post-Zero HourBuyIdentity CrisisComic
116Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Hush ReturnsComic
117Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: City of CrimeComic
118Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: Mobbed UpComic
119Post-Zero HourBuyRobin: To Kill a BirdComic
120Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: Under the Red HoodComic
121Post-Zero HourBuyRed Hood: The Lost DaysComic
122Post-Zero HourBuyBatman: War CrimesComic
123Post-Zero HourBuyRobin: Days of Fire & MadnessComic
124Post-Zero HourBuyGotham Central, Book 4Comic
125Post-Zero HourBuyNightwing: RenegadeComic
126Post-Zero HourBuyInfinite CrisisComic
127Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Face to FaceComic
128Post-Infinite CrisisBuyNightwing: Brothers in BloodComic
129Post-Infinite CrisisBuyRobin: WantedComic
130Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: DetectiveComic
131Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman and SonComic
132Post-Infinite CrisisBuyNightwing: Love & WarComic
133Post-Infinite CrisisBuyRobin: Teenage WastelandComic
134Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Death and the CityComic
135Post-Infinite CrisisBuyRobin: The Big LeaguesComic
136Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: CacophonyComic
137Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Gotham UndergroundComic
138Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Resurrection of Ra’s Al GhulComic
139Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman and the Black GloveComic
140Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Private CasebookComic
141Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Heart of HushComic
142Post-Infinite CrisisBuyNightwing: FreefallComic
143Post-Infinite CrisisBuyRobin: Violent TendenciesComic
144Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Black CasebookComic
145Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman R.I.P.Comic
146Post-Infinite CrisisBuyFinal CrisisComic
147Post-Infinite CrisisBuyNightwing: The Great LeapComic
148Post-Infinite CrisisBuyRobin: Search for a HeroComic
149Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Battle for the CowlComic
150Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Long ShadowsComic
151Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman and Robin, Vol. 1Comic
152Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Streets Of Gotham: Hush MoneyComic
153Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Streets Of Gotham: LeviathanComic
154Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Streets of Gotham: House Of HushComic
155Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman and Robin, Vol. 2Comic
156Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Life After DeathComic
157Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Arkham RebornComic
158Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Time and The BatmanComic
159Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Return of Bruce WayneComic
160Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Bruce Wayne: The Road HomeComic
161Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman and Robin, Vol. 3Comic
162Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Return of Bruce WayneComic
163Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Eye of the BeholderComic
164Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Black MirrorComic
165Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: The Dark Knight: Golden DawnComic
166Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman & Robin: Dark Knight vs White KnightComic
167Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Gotham Shall Be JudgedComic
168Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman: Gates Of GothamComic
169Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman, Incorporated- Vol. 1Comic
170Post-Infinite CrisisBuyBatman Inc.: Leviathan StrikesComic
171The New 52BuyBatman, Vol. 4: Zero Year – Secret CityComic
172The New 52BuyDC Comics: Zero YearComic
173The New 52BuyBatman, Vol, 5: Zero Year – Dark CityComic
174The New 52BuyBatman, Vol. 1: The Court of OwlsComic
175The New 52BuyBatman: The Night of the OwlsComic
176The New 52BuyBatman, Vol. 2: The City of OwlsComic
177The New 52BuyDetective Comics: Faces of DeathComic
178The New 52BuyBatman, Incorporated, Vol. 1: Demon StarComic
179The New 52BuyBatman and Robin: Born to KillComic
180The New 52BuyDetective Comics: Scare TacticsComic
181The New 52BuyBatman and Robin: PearlComic
182The New 52BuyBatman, Vol. 3: Death of the FamilyComic
183The New 52BuyThe Joker: Death of the FamilyComic
184The New 52BuyDetective Comics: Emperor PenguinComic
185The New 52BuyBatman, Incorporated, Vol. 2: Gotham’s Most WantedComic
186The New 52BuyBatman and Robin: RequiemComic
187The New 52BuyDetective Comics: The WrathComic
188The New 52BuyBatman, Vol. 6: The Graveyard ShiftComic
189The New 52BuyBatman Eternal, Vol. 1Comic
190The New 52BuyBatman Eternal, Vol. 2Comic
191The New 52BuyArkham ManorComic
192The New 52BuyBatman Eternal, Vol. 3Comic
193The New 52BuyBatman, Vol. 7: EndgameComic
194The New 52BuyThe Joker: EndgameComic
195Dark Knight UniverseBuyBatman: The Dark Knight ReturnsComic
196Dark Knight UniverseBuyBatman: The Dark Knight Strikes AgainComic
197Dark Knight UniverseBuyWhat Ever Happened to the Caped Crusader?Comic

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