What’s on the DC Animated Movie Universe Timeline?

The “official” DC Animated Movie Universe timeline consists of the films that started with Justice League: War and continued (with a few exceptions) since. In fact, most of the films on this timeline are not part of the official animated movie universe. However, we love to create our own fan continuities. We don’t like to leave anything out. So this timeline assembles all of the DC Animated Movies into one timeline. There are several continuities on this timeline, and we mark those in the ‘Series’ column. We mark the main continuity as “canon.”

Think about it this way. Think of each of the top films listed on this timeline as separate universes. With Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox an event occurs that merges and resets the timeline. At that point we get the main continuity. Additionally this timeline also includes films that you will find on other timelines, like the Arkham universe.

Where do I start?

Additionally, this timeline should actually provide a decent viewing order for these films. We also recommend watching them by release date. But if you only want to watch the canonical films in  he DC Animated Movie Universe timeline, you should start where the ‘Series’ column specifies films as canon.
The DC Animated Movie Universe Archives

StandalonesBuyDC Showcase: Jonah Hex2010-07-27
SupermanBuySuperman: Doomsday2007-09-18
SupermanBuySuperman vs. The Elite2012-06-12
SupermanBuySuperman: Unbound2013-05-07
Wonder WomanBuyWonder Woman, 2009-03-03
BatmanBuyBatman: Year One2011-10-18
BatmanBuyDC Showcase: Catwoman2011-10-18
BatmanBuyBatman: Under the Red Hood2010-07-27
BatmanGotham by GaslightTBD
BatmanBuyThe Dark Knight Returns, Part 12012-09-25
BatmanBuyThe Dark Knight Returns, Part 22013-01-29
Superman/BatmanBuySuperman/Batman: Public Enemies2009-09-29
Superman/BatmanBuySuperman/Batman: Apocalypse2010-09-28
Green LanternBuyGreen Lantern: First Flight, 2009-07-28
Green LanternBuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Knights, , , , , , , 2011-06-07
Justice LeagueBuyJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths2010-02-23
Justice LeagueBuyJustice League: Doom2012-02-28
StandalonesBuyJustice League: The New Frontier, 2008-02-26
StandalonesBuyDC Showcase: The Spectre2010-02-23
StandalonesBuyDC Showcase: Green Arrow2010-09-28
StandalonesBuySuperman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam2010-11-09
StandalonesBuyAll-Star Superman2011-02-22
StandalonesBuyBatman: The Killing Joke2016-07-22
StandalonesJustice League: Gods and monsters Chronicles (Season 1), , 2015-06-12
StandalonesBuyJustice League: Gods and Monsters2015-07-21
CanonBuyJustice League: The Flashpoint Paradox2013-07-30
CanonBuyJustice League: War2014-01-21
CanonBuySon of Batman2014-04-22
CanonBuyJustice League: Throne of Atlantis2015-01-13
CanonBuyBatman vs. Robin2015-04-07
CanonBuyBatman: Bad Blood2016-01-20
CanonBuyJustice League vs. Teen Titans, 2016-03-26
CanonBuyJustice League Dark2017-01-24
CanonBuyTeen Titans: The Judas Contract2017-04-18
The DC Animated Movie Universe Archives