The DC Animated universe timeline art, with a lot of different characters from the animated collection of shows.

Starting with the critically aclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) is what made many of us fall in love with DC’s characters.

What’s in the DC Animated Universe Timeline?

We have several DC animated universes. This timeline doesn’t cover all of them. But there is one that stands out above the rest. We present the DC Animated Universe, consisting of the Batman/Superman animated series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, etc. There were tie-in comics to these series that, as of right now, we do not include in the timeline. These tie-in comics are complex, and don’t always line up perfectly with the continuity of the shows they are based on. However, we will hopefully include them in future updates.

Additionally, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, like the DC Animated Movie Universe. And if you have any questions or helpful recommendations, you can contact us.

Where to start watching the DC Animated Universe?

We recommend you start with Batman: The Animated Series. This series came out in the ’90s, but remains a fantastic series nonetheless. Additionally, we highly recommend Justice League: Unlimited as another great entry in the series. But feel free to watch them all in chronological order for the best taste of what the DC Animated Universe timeline has to offer.
The DC Animated Universe Timeline 2.0

1Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.01: The Last Son of Krypton, Part 1, 1996-09-06tv-episodealan-burnett paul-dini
2Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.03: New Kids in Town, 1998-10-31tv-episoderich-fogel stan-berkowitz
3Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.01: On Leather Wings1992-09-06tv-episodemitch-brian
5Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.03: Nothing to Fear, 1992-09-15tv-episodehenry-t-gilroy sean-catherine-derek
6Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.04: The Last Laugh1992-09-22tv-episodecarl-swenson
7Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.05: Pretty Poison1992-09-14tv-episodetom-ruegger
8Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.06: The Underdwellers, 1992-10-21tv-episodejules-dennis richard-mueller
13Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.11: Two-Face, Part 21992-09-28tv-episoderandy-rogel
15Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.13: I’ve Got Batman in My Basement, 1992-09-30tv-episodechris-hubbell sam-graham
18Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.16: The Cat and the Claw, Part 2, 1992-09-12tv-episodejules-dennis richard-mueller
19Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.17: See No Evil1993-02-24tv-episodemartin-pasko
20Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.18: Beware the Gray Ghost, 1992-11-04tv-episodegarin-wolf tom-ruegger
21Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.19: Prophecy of Doom1992-10-06tv-episodesean-catherine-derek
22Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.20: Feat of Clay, Part 11992-09-08tv-episodemarv-wolfman
24Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.22: Joker’s Favor1992-09-11tv-episodepaul-dini
27Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.25: The Clock King1992-09-21tv-episodedavid-wise
28Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.26: Appointment in Crime Alley1992-09-17tv-episodegerry-conway
29Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.27: Mad as a Hatter1992-10-12tv-episodepaul-dini
30Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.28: Dreams In Darkness, 1992-11-03tv-episodegarfield-reeves-stevens judith-reeves-stevens
34Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.32: Robin’s Reckoning, Part 11993-02-07tv-episoderandy-rogel
38Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.36: Cat Scratch Fever1992-11-05tv-episodebuzz-dixon
43Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.41: Joker’s Wild1992-11-19tv-episodepaul-dini
48Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.46: Almost Got ‘Im1992-11-10tv-episodepaul-dini
49Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.47: Birds of a Feather1993-02-08tv-episodebrynne-stephens
50Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.48: What Is Reality?, 1992-11-24tv-episodemarty-isenberg robert-n-skir
51Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.49: I Am the Night1992-11-09tv-episodemichael-reaves
52Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.50: Off Balance1992-11-23tv-episodelen-wein
53Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.51: The Man Who Killed Batman1993-02-01tv-episodepaul-dini
54Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.52: Mudslide1993-09-15tv-episodesteve-perry
55Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.53: Paging The Crime Doctor, 1993-09-17tv-episodemartin-pasko randy-rogel
56Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.54: Zatanna1993-02-02tv-episodepaul-dini
57Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.55: The Mechanic1993-01-24tv-episoderandy-rogel
58Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.56: Harley and Ivy1993-01-18tv-episodepaul-dini
59Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.57: Shadow of the Bat, Part 11993-09-13tv-episodebrynne-stephens
60Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.58: Shadow of the Bat, Part 21993-09-14tv-episodebrynne-stephens
61Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.59: Blind as a Bat1993-02-22tv-episodelen-wein
62Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.60: The Demon’s Quest, Part 11993-05-03tv-episodedennis-oneil
63Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.61: The Demon’s Quest, Part 21993-05-04tv-episodelen-wein
64Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.62: His Silicon Soul, 1992-11-20tv-episodemarty-isenberg robert-n-skir
65Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.63: Fire From Olympus, 1993-05-24tv-episodegarfield-reeves-stevens judith-reeves-stevens
66Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.64: Read My Lips1993-05-10tv-episodejoe-r-lansdale
67Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.65: The Worry Men1993-09-16tv-episodepaul-dini
68Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman: Mask of the Phantasm, , , 1993-12-25filmalan-burnett martin-pasko michael-reaves paul-dini
69Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.01: Sideshow, 1994-05-03tv-episodebrynne-stephens michael-reaves
70Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.02: A Bullet for Bullock1995-09-14tv-episodemichael-reaves
71Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.03: Trial1994-05-16tv-episodepaul-dini
72Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.04: Avatar1994-05-09tv-episodemichael-reaves
73Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.05: House and Garden1994-05-02tv-episodepaul-dini
74Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.06.: The Terrible Trio1995-09-11tv-episodemichael-reaves
75Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.07: Harlequinade1994-05-23tv-episodepaul-dini
76Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.08: Time Out of Joint1994-10-08tv-episodesteve-perry
77Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.09: Catwalk1995-09-13tv-episodepaul-dini
78Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.10: Bane1994-09-10tv-episodemitch-brian
79Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.11: Baby Doll1994-10-01tv-episodepaul-dini
80Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.12: The Lion and the Unicorn, , 1995-09-15tv-episodediane-duane peter-morwood steve-perry
81Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.13: Showdown1995-09-12tv-episodejoe-r-lansdale
82Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.14: Riddler’s Reform1994-09-24tv-episoderandy-rogel
83Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.15: Second Chance1994-09-17tv-episodegerry-conway
84Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.16: Harley’s Holiday1994-10-15tv-episodepaul-dini
85Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.17: Lock-Up, 1994-11-19tv-episodemarty-isenberg robert-n-skir
86Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.18: Make ‘Em Laugh, 1994-11-05tv-episodepaul-dini randy-rogel
87Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.19: Deep Freeze1994-11-26tv-episodepaul-dini
88Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 2.20: Batgirl Returns, 1994-11-12tv-episodebrynne-stephens michael-reaves
89FilmBuyBatman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, 1998-03-17filmboyd-kirkland randy-rogel
90ShortBuyGotham Girls, 2002-11-19webhilary-j-bader paul-dini
91Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.02: The Last Son of Krypton, Part 2, 1996-09-06tv-episodealan-burnett paul-dini
92Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.03: The Last Son of Krypton, Part 3, 1996-09-06tv-episodealan-burnett paul-dini
93Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.04: Fun and Games, 1996-09-07tv-episodemarty-isenberg robert-n-skir
94Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.05: A Little Piece of Home1996-09-14tv-episodehilary-j-bader
95Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.06: Feeding Time1996-09-21tv-episoderobert-goodman
96Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.07: The Way of All Flesh1996-10-19tv-episodestan-berkowitz
97Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.08: Stolen Memories1996-11-02tv-episoderich-fogel
98Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.09: The Main Man, Part 11996-11-09tv-episodepaul-dini
99Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.10: The Main Man, Part 21996-11-16tv-episodepaul-dini
100Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.11: My Girl1996-11-23tv-episodehilary-j-bader
101Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.12: Tools of the Trade1997-02-01tv-episodemark-evanier
102Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 1.13: Two’s a Crowd1997-02-15tv-episodestan-berkowitz
103Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.01: Blasts From The Past, Part 11997-09-08tv-episoderobert-goodman
104Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.02: Blasts From The Past, Part 21997-09-09tv-episoderobert-goodman
105Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.03: The Prometheon, 1997-09-12tv-episodealan-burnett stan-berkowitz
106Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.04: Speed Demons1997-09-13tv-episoderich-fogel
107New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.02: Sins of the Father1997-09-20tv-episoderich-fogel
108New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.01: Holiday Knights1997-09-13tv-episodepaul-dini
109Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.05: Livewire, 1997-09-13tv-episodeevan-dorkin sarah-dyer
110Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.06: Identity Crisis, 1997-09-15tv-episodejoe-r-lansdale robert-goodman
111Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.07: Target1997-09-19tv-episodehilary-j-bader
112Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.08: Mxyzpixilated1997-09-20tv-episodepaul-dini
113Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.09: Action Figures1997-09-20tv-episodehilary-j-bader
114Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.10: Double Dose1997-09-22tv-episodehilary-j-bader
115Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.11: Solar Power, 1997-09-26tv-episodejoe-r-lansdale robert-goodman
116Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.12: Brave New Metropolis, 1997-09-27tv-episodealan-burnett stan-berkowitz
117Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.13: Monkey Fun, 1997-09-27tv-episodeevan-dorkin sarah-dyer
118Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.14: Ghost in the Machine1997-09-29tv-episoderich-fogel
119Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.15: Father’s Day, 1997-10-03tv-episodemark-evanier steve-gerber
120Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.16: World’s Finest, Part 1 (Crossover), , 1997-10-04tv-episodealan-burnett paul-dini rich-fogel
121Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.17: World’s Finest, Part 2 (Crossover), , 1997-10-04tv-episodealan-burnett paul-dini steve-gerber
122Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.18: World’s Finest, Part 3 (Crossover), , 1997-10-04tv-episodealan-burnett paul-dini stan-berkowitz
123Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.19: Bizarro’s World1997-10-10tv-episoderobert-goodman
124Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.20: The Hand of Fate, 1997-10-11tv-episodehilary-j-bader stan-berkowitz
125Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.21: Prototype1997-10-11tv-episodehilary-j-bader
126New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.03: Cold Comfort1997-10-11tv-episodehilary-j-bader
127New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.04: Double Talk1997-11-01tv-episoderobert-goodman
128New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.05: You Scratch My Back1997-11-15tv-episodehilary-j-bader
129New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.06: Never Fear1997-11-22tv-episodestan-berkowitz
130Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.22: The Late Mr. Kent1997-11-01tv-episodestan-berkowitz
131Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.23: Heavy Metal1997-11-08tv-episodehilary-j-bader
132Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.24: Warrior Queen1997-11-22tv-episodehilary-j-bader
133Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.25: Apokolips… Now!, Part 1, 1998-02-07tv-episodebruce-timm rich-fogel
134Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.26: Apokolips… Now!, Part 2, 1998-02-14tv-episodebruce-timm rich-fogel
135New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.07: Joker’s Millions1998-02-21tv-episodepaul-dini
136New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.08: Growing Pains1998-02-28tv-episoderobert-goodman
137Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.27: Little Girl Lost, Part 1, , , 1998-05-02tv-episodealan-burnett evan-dorkin paul-dini sarah-dyer
138Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 2.28: Little Girl Lost, Part 2, , 1998-05-02tv-episodeevan-dorkin rich-fogel sarah-dyer
139New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.09: Love is a Croc1998-04-25tv-episodesteve-gerber
140New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.10: Torch Song1998-05-09tv-episoderich-fogel
141New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.11: The Ultimate Thrill1998-05-23tv-episodehilary-j-bader
142New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.12: Over the Edge1998-06-13tv-episodepaul-dini
143New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.13: Mean Seasons1998-07-11tv-episodehilary-j-bader
144New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.14: Critters1998-09-14tv-episodejoe-r-lansdale
145New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.15: Cult of the Cat1998-09-19tv-episodestan-berkowitz
146New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.16: Animal Act1998-09-26tv-episodehilary-j-bader
147New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.17: Old Wounds1998-10-03tv-episoderich-fogel
148New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.18: The Demon Within1998-10-03tv-episodestan-berkowitz
149New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.19: Legends of the Dark Knight1998-10-10tv-episoderobert-goodman
150Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.01: Where There’s Smoke1998-09-19tv-episodehilary-j-bader
151Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.02: Knight Time1998-10-10tv-episoderobert-goodman
152New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.20: Girls’ Night Out1998-10-17tv-episodehilary-j-bader
153Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.04: Obsession, 1998-11-14tv-episodeandrew-donkin ron-fogelman
154Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.05: Little Big Head Man, 1998-11-21tv-episodepaul-dini robert-goodman
155Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.06: Absolute Power, 1999-01-16tv-episodealan-burnett hilary-j-bader
156New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.21: Mad Love1998-10-24tv-episodepaul-dini
157New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.22: Chemistry1998-10-31tv-episodestan-berkowitz
158New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.23: Beware the Creeper1998-11-07tv-episodesteve-gerber
159New Batman AdventuresBuyNew Batman Adventures 1.24: Judgment Day, 1999-01-16tv-episodealan-burnett rich-fogel
160Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.07: In Brightest Day…1999-02-06tv-episodehilary-j-bader
161Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.08: Superman’s Pal1999-02-20tv-episoderobert-goodman
162Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.09: A Fish Story, 1999-05-08tv-episodehilary-j-bader rich-fogel
163Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.10: Unity, 1999-05-15tv-episodepaul-dini rich-fogel
164FilmBuySuperman: Brainiac Attacks, 2006-06-20filmchristopher-simmons duane-capizzi
165Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.11: The Demon Reborn1999-09-18tv-episoderich-fogel
166Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.12: Legacy, Part 12000-02-05tv-episoderich-fogel
167Superman: The Animated SeriesBuySuperman TAS 3.13: Legacy, Part 2, 2000-02-12tv-episodepaul-dini rich-fogel
168Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.01: Shock to the System2000-09-23tv-episodechristopher-simmons
169Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.02: Aftershock2000-09-30tv-episodestan-berkowitz
170Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.03: The Breed2000-10-07tv-episodechristopher-simmons
171Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.04: Grounded2000-10-14tv-episodelen-uhley
172Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.05: They’re Playing My Song2000-11-11tv-episodedwayne-mcduffie
173Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.06: The New Kid2000-11-18tv-episoderodney-vaccaro
174Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.07: Child’s Play2000-12-02tv-episodestan-berkowitz
175Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.08: Sons of the Fathers2000-12-09tv-episodechristopher-simmons
176Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.09: Winds of Change2000-12-16tv-episodelen-uhley
177Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.10: Bent Out of Shape2001-01-27tv-episodedwayne-mcduffie
178Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.11: Junior2001-02-10tv-episodedwayne-mcduffie
179Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.12: Replay2001-03-03tv-episodelen-uhley
180Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 1.13: Tantrum2001-05-12tv-episodechristopher-simmons
181Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.01: Secret Origins, Part 12001-11-17tv-episoderich-fogel
182Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.02: Secret Origins, Part 22001-11-17tv-episoderich-fogel
183Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.03: Secret Origins, Part 32001-11-17tv-episoderich-fogel
184Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.04: In Blackest Night, Part 12001-11-19tv-episodestan-berkowitz
185Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.05: In Blackest Night, Part 22001-11-26tv-episodestan-berkowitz
186Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.06: The Enemy Below, Part 12001-12-03tv-episodekevin-hopps
187Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.07: The Enemy Below, Part 22001-12-10tv-episodekevin-hopps
188Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.08: Paradise Lost, Part 12002-01-21tv-episodejoseph-kuhr
189Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.09: Paradise Lost, Part 22002-01-28tv-episodejoseph-kuhr
190Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.10: War World, Part 12002-02-23tv-episodestan-berkowitz
191Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.11: War World, Part 22002-03-03tv-episodestan-berkowitz
192Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.01: The Big Leagues2002-01-26tv-episodelen-uhley
193Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.02: Power Play2002-02-02tv-episodedwayne-mcduffie
194Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.03: Brother-Sister Act2002-02-09tv-episodelen-uhley
195Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.04: Static Shaq2002-02-16tv-episodechristopher-simmons
196Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.05: Frozen Out2002-02-23tv-episodelen-uhley
197Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.06: Sunspots2002-03-02tv-episodestan-berkowitz
198Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.12: The Brave and the Bold, Part 12002-03-10tv-episodedwayne-mcduffie
199Justice LeagueBuyJustice League 1.13: The Brave and the Bold, Part 22002-03-17tv-episodedwayne-mcduffie
200Static ShockBuyStatic Shock 2.07: Pop’s Girlfriend2002-03-09tv-episodechristopher-simmons
4Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.02: Christmas with the Joker1992-11-13tv-episodeeddie-gorodetsky
9Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.07: P.O.V., 1992-09-18tv-episodelaren-bright sean-catherine-derek
10Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.08: The Forgotten, , 1992-10-08tv-episodejules-dennis richard-mueller sean-catherine-derek
11Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.09: Be a Clown, 1992-09-16tv-episodesteve-hayes ted-pedersen
12Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.10: Two-Face, Part 11992-09-25tv-episoderandy-rogel
14Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.12: It’s Never Too Late1992-09-10tv-episodegarin-wolf
16Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.14: Heart of Ice1992-09-07tv-episodepaul-dini
17Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.15: The Cat and the Claw, Part 1, 1992-09-05tv-episodelaren-bright sean-catherine-derek
23Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.21: Feat of Clay, Part 21992-09-09tv-episodemichael-reaves
25Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.23: Vendetta1992-10-05tv-episodemichael-reaves
26Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.24: Fear of Victory1992-09-29tv-episodesamuel-warren-joseph
31Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.29: Eternal Youth1992-09-23tv-episodebeth-bornstein
32Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.30: Perchance To Dream1992-10-19tv-episodejoe-r-lansdale
33Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.31: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy1992-10-14tv-episodeelliot-s-maggin
35Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.33: Robin’s Reckoning, Part 21993-02-14tv-episoderandy-rogel
36Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.34: The Laughing Fish1993-01-10tv-episodepaul-dini
37Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.35: Night of the Ninja1992-10-26tv-episodesteve-perry
39Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.37: The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne, 1992-10-29tv-episodegarfield-reeves-stevens judith-reeves-stevens
40Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.38: Heart Of Steel, Part 11992-11-16tv-episodebrynne-stephens
41Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.39: Heart Of Steel, Part 21992-11-17tv-episodebrynne-stephens
42Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.40: If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?1992-11-18tv-episodedavid-wise
44Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.42: Tyger, Tyger1992-10-30tv-episodecherie-wilkerson
45Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.43: Moon of the Wolf1992-11-11tv-episodelen-wein
46Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.44: Day of the Samurai1993-02-23tv-episodesteve-perry
47Batman: The Animated SeriesBuyBatman TAS 1.45: Terror in the Sky1992-11-12tv-episodemark-saraceni

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