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What started as a small, gritty realization of one of DC’s minor characters, the Green Arrow, has turned into a huge television universe. This is the Arrowverse timeline, putting it all together.

What’s on the Arrowverse Timeline?

Welcome to our unofficial Arrowverse timeline, which assembles all of the media comprising the DCTV universe that started with Arrow on the CW. This is just one of our DC Comics timelines. This timeline includes media from the following:

  • Arrow: The CW show following Oliver Queen as Green Arrow as he defends Star City.
  • The Flash: The CW show following Barry Allen who gains super speed and becomes the Flash, defending his home town of Central City.
  • Legends of Tomorrow (LoT): A time-travel adventure on the CW, featuring multiple characters.
  • Vixen: An animated adventure found exclusively online. It features the character Vixen, a woman from Detroit with a magic totem that allows her to gain the abilities of any animal.
  • Constantine: A show that originally debuted on NBC, but ended after one season. The show was adopted into the Arrowverse timeline when the main character appeared on a season 4 episode of Arrow.
  • Tie-in comics: Several shows have tie-in comics and a few books that flesh out the characters/stories.
  • Supergirl: Though Supergirl exists in an alternate dimension from the Arrowverse, the Flash does possess the ability to travel the multiverse, therefore making it possible to meet Supergirl in her own dimension. Additionally, this show eventually merged with the main Arrowverse timeline.

We hope you enjoy this unofficial Arrowverse timeline, and please let us know if there are any inconsistencies or errors. Furthermore, if you loved this timeline, be sure to look at some of our other timelines, like Smallville.

How to Use This Arrowverse Timeline

For the Arrowverse, you have the following features:

  1. Titles that link to an expanded page for each item.
  2. Sorting by Title, Series, Media Type, Writer, and Release Date
  3. Filtering by Media Type or Writer.

Feel free to click on individual items to see more information! As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our contact page. We hope you enjoy.



46 thoughts on “DC Comics: Arrowverse Timeline

      1. Actually there has been a new superhero fightclub 3.0 promo on youtube saying offically that black lightning is part of the arrowverse.

        1. No, that was just a promo for all the CW’s shows that are alike, not saying that Black Lightning was a part of the Arrowverse.

          1. Yup, thank frick Black Lightning isn’t in the Arrowverse, Black Lightning is a great DC show, sadly a lot of the Arrowverse isn’t sadly…

  1. I I believe arrow season 3 ep 1 is before flash season 1 ep 1 because at the end of arrow barry calls oliver while in the flash barry is telling oliver the story of the episode. The frame story is after.

    1. It happens to me too, definitely a glitch, hitting next goes to Marvel Comics Timeline.
      It can something fix itself if you refresh the window.

  2. Not working here. Same problem of this other guy.. “the newest update broke the timeline, i no longer can sort out Comics, and i can’t get to pages other than 1”.. Barry must have gone back in time

    1. Have you bookmarked the second and third pages? Because those are no longer there. It’s a different system now. And you can use the Filter bar at the top of the timeline to select which ones you want to filter.

  3. I dont know what people are complaining about. It works fine. Instead of saying it doesn’t work try doing different things… like the box that says *filter*.

    1. Tried using the filter button as suggested and expanding to show 100 at a time. Still can’t get past the 1st page. Still a season behind and hoping this gets corrected so we can get caught up

      1. Do any of the other timelines work for you? Try the Star Wars or MCU timelines. Try in another browser, and if that doesn’t work, the app should still have it.

  4. If I click one page further the message comes: “Page not found” and “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?”
    Is there an error in the page?

    For Sort i have used “Chronological”.
    I need to watch the episodes in the right order. Does anyone else have the mistake?

  5. hey i was wondering since the flash (1990) and Smallville are joining the arrow verse this year for the crossover are you going to add them to the Arrow verse

  6. so anybody ever going to update this section or we going to have to wait months?

    I love this site but the updates are incredible slow and would prefer coming to this site rather then another.

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