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What is in the Crisis – Zero Hour Timeline?

This Crisis through Zero Hour timeline records the trades between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour. Crisis was DC’s first major reboot of their characters. Zero Hour was the second, though it did not have the same effect as Crisis. This timeline lists all of the trades between these two events.

As with the other comic book timelines, this one lists the publication dates of the trade paperbacks and not the original comics they collect. Additionally, trade paperbacks can have many authors, so you may see a lot of authors listed here. Original publication dates are harder to track down, and so we focus on the trade paperback publication dates. Suffice it to say, these comics came out between 1985 and 1994 when Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour were respectively released.

If you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, such as the Arrowverse timeline. A shared universe based on many of the characters that appear in this timeline. And as always, if you see anything on this timeline that needs to change, please let us know. We love to hear any and all feedback you have for us.

The Crisis to Zero Hour Timeline 2.0

445LegendsBuyBatman: Year One2007-01-10
446LegendsBuyCatwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper1991-05-01
447LegendsBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 1, 1991-09-01
448LegendsBuyTales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 32010-12-21
449LegendsBuyWonder Woman: Gods and Mortals, , 2004-03-01
450LegendsBuyLegends: The Collection, 1993-07-01
451LegendsBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 2, 2003-11-01
452LegendsBuyJustice League International Vol. 12008-03-12
453LegendsBuySuicide Squad: Trial by Fire2011-02-15
454LegendsBuyBatman: Birth of the Demon, 2012-03-13
455LegendsBuyBatman in the Eighties, , , , , 2004-10-01
456LegendsBuyBatman: Year Two: Fear the Reaper2002-12-01
457LegendsBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 3, 2004-10-01
458LegendsBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 4, , 2005-09-01
459LegendsBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 5, , 2006-11-15
460LegendsBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 6, , 2008-03-05
461LegendsBuyQuestion: Zen and Violence2007-10-03
462LegendsBuyQuestion: Poisoned Ground2008-05-13
463LegendsBuyGreen Arrow: The Longbow Hunters1991-09-01
464LegendsBuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 52011-07-12
465LegendsBuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 62011-11-15
468MillenniumBuyJustice League International Vol. 2, 2008-08-19
469MillenniumBuyShowcase Presents: Booster Gold2008-03-26
470MillenniumBuyWonder Woman: Challenge of the Gods, 2004-10-01
471MillenniumBuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 72013-02-12
472MillenniumBuyWonder Woman: Beauty and the Beasts, , 2005-10-01
473MillenniumBuyHellblazer Vol. 1: Original Sins2011-03-08
476MillenniumBuyWonder Woman: Destiny Calling2006-06-21
477MillenniumBuyHawk and Dove, 1993-11-01
478MillenniumBuySword of the Atom2007-09-05
479MillenniumBuyCosmic Odyssey2003-03-04
480MillenniumBuyDeadshot: Beginnings, , , 2013-11-05
481MillenniumBuyBatman: Ten Nights of the Beast1994-10-01
482MillenniumBuyBatman: The Cult2009-12-15
483MillenniumBuyDC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore2006-01-04
484MillenniumBuyHellblazer Vol. 2: The Devil You Know2012-01-03
485MillenniumBuyBatman: The Killing Joke2008-03-19
486MillenniumBuyBatman Second Chances, , 2015-07-21
487MillenniumBuyBatman: A Death in the Family2011-11-22
488InvasionBuyInvasion!, 2008-09-09
489InvasionBuyJustice League International Vol. 32008-11-18
490InvasionBuyAnimal Man Vol. 12001-05-01
491InvasionBuyJustice League International Vol. 42009-03-17
492InvasionBuyNightwing: Old Friends, New Enemies2013-08-20
493InvasionBuyDoom Patrol: Crawling From the Wreckage2000-04-17
494InvasionBuyDoom Patrol: The Painting That Ate Paris2004-10-01
495InvasionBuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 12006-11-01
496InvasionBuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 22007-10-31
497InvasionBuyAbsolute Death2009-10-20
498InvasionBuyQuestion: Epitaph for a Hero2008-11-11
499InvasionBuyQuestion: Welcome to Oz2009-04-28
500The 1990sBuySuperman: Exile, , , 1998-06-01
501The 1990sBuySuperman in the Eighties, , , , , , , 2006-04-19
502The 1990sBuyHellblazer Vol. 3: The Fear Machine2012-06-26
588The 1990sBuyBatman: Blind Justice, 2005-05-01
589The 1990sBuyBatman: The Many Deaths of the Batman, 1992-01-01
590The 1990sBuyBatman: A Lonely Place of Dying, 1990-02-01
591The 1990sBuyBatman: Bride of the Demon1990-01-01
592The 1990sBuyAdam Strange: The Man of Two Worlds2003-03-01
593The 1990sBuyHawkworld1991-09-01
594The 1990sBuyBatman: Shaman1993-05-01
595The 1990sBuySecret Origins of the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes1991-09-01
596The 1990sBuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol. 11991-09-01
597The 1990sBuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol. 22003-04-01
598The 1990sBuyGreen Lantern: The Road Back2003-06-01
599The 1990sBuyAnimal Man: Origin of the Species2002-07-01
600The 1990sBuyAnimal Man: Deus Ex Machina2003-11-01
601The 1990sBuyTime Masters, , 2008-02-13
602The 1990sBuyJustice League International Vol. 52011-01-25
603The 1990sBuyJustice League International Vol. 62011-05-31
604The 1990sBuyQuestion: Riddles2009-10-27
605The 1990sBuyQuestion: Peacemaker2010-05-18
606The 1990sBuySuperman: Eradication, , 1996-01-01
607The 1990sBuyLobo’s Greatest Hits1992-01-01
608The 1990sBuySuperman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis, , , 2013-10-22
610The 1990sBuySuperman: Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite, , 1996-09-01
611The 1990sBuySuperman: Time and Time Again, , 1994-10-01
612The 1990sBuyRobin: A Hero Reborn, 1998-02-23
613The 1990sBuyRobin: Tragedy and Triumph, 1993-11-01
614The 1990sBuyBatman: The Last Arkham1995-10-01
615The 1990sBuyBatman: Gothic2015-07-28
616The 1990sBuyBatman: Prey2012-06-05
617The 1990sBuyBatman: Venom2012-04-24
618The 1990sBuySuperman: Panic in the Sky, , 1993-03-01
619The 1990sBuySuperman: They Saved Luthor’s Brain2000-02-01
620The 1990sBuyDeathstroke, the Terminator: Full Cycle1992-01-01
621The 1990sBuyLobo: Portrait of a Bastich2012-10-02
622The 1990sBuyRay: In a Blaze of Power1994-03-01
623The 1990sBuyFlash: The Return of Barry Allen1996-07-01
624The 1990sBuyBatman: Sword of Azrael1993-06-10
625The 1990sBuyRobin: Cry of the Huntress2015-12-01
626The 1990sBuyDeadman: Lost Souls, 1995-05-01
627The 1990sBuySpectre: Crimes and Punishments1993-10-08
628The 1990sBuyDoom Patrol: Down Paradise Way2005-11-01
629The 1990sBuyDoom Patrol: Musclebound2006-08-30
630The 1990sBuyDoom Patrol: Magic Bus2007-01-31
631The 1990sBuyDoom Patrol: Planet Love, , 2008-01-16
632The 1990sBuyDeath of Superman, , , 2013-02-26
633The 1990sBuySuperman: World Without a Superman, , , , 1993-04-14
634The 1990sBuyBatman: Faces2008-07-29
635The 1990sBuyBatman: Four of a Kind, , 1998-04-01
637The 1990sBuyBatman: Other Realms, , 1998-07-01
636The 1990sBuyBatman: Collected Legends of the Dark Knight, , 1994-05-01
638The 1990sBuyBatman: Dark Legends, , , 1996-06-01
639The 1990sBuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 1., , 2012-05-01
640The 1990sBuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 2: Knightquest, , , 2012-05-29
641The 1990sBuyRobin: Flying Solo2000-07-01
642The 1990sBuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 3: Knightsend, , , , 2012-09-11
643The 1990sBuySuperman: The Return of Superman, , , 1993-09-03
644The 1990sBuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New Dawn2003-10-01
645The 1990sBuySuperman: Bizarro’s World, , , 1996-03-01
646The 1990sBuySuperman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey, , , , , , 1995-09-01
647The 1990sBuySteel: The Forging of a Hero1997-09-01
648The 1990sBuyAquaman: Time and Tide, , 1996-02-01
649The 1990sBuyPower of Shazam1995-05-01
650Zero HourBuyImpulse: Reckless Youth1997-04-01
651Zero HourBuyZero Hour: Crisis in Time1994-08-23
652Zero HourBuyFlash: Terminal Velocity1995-09-01
653Zero HourBuyGreen Lantern: Baptism of Fire1999-03-10
654Zero HourBuyStarman: Sins of the Father1996-01-01
655Zero HourBuyWonder Woman: The Contest1995-04-01
656Zero HourBuyWonder Woman: The Challenge of Artemis1996-05-01
657Zero HourBuySuperman: The Death of Clark Kent, , , , 1997-05-01
658Zero HourBuyLegion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow, , 1999-09-01
659Zero HourBuySovereign Seven1996-08-01
660Zero HourBuyCatwoman: The Catfile1996-04-01
661Zero HourBuyBatman: Prodigal, , 1998-01-01
662Zero HourBuyNightwing: Ties That Bind, 1997-09-01
663Zero HourBuyBatman: Anarky1999-02-22
664Zero HourBuyBatman: The Chalice1999-12-01
665Zero HourBuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 32008-06-17
666Zero HourBuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 42008-11-11

The Crisis to Zero Hour Timeline 2.0

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