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What’s in the Earth One Universe Timeline?

The DC Earth One universe timeline consists of more realistic takes on the characters. Each one approaches the character by focusing on their impact on the world, assuming the world hasĀ a realistic reaction to their existence. Most of these comics are very good. We don’t usually include too many side-universes on this site, but the quality of this particular universe warranted a spot on

So far there are only a few trades, but it is slowly continuing. We expect the Earth One universe timeline to grow considerably over the next few years. Like the other comic timelines, this timeline does not include authors or dates. There are often several authors collected in a trade, and the years don’t always line up with the original publication date of the comic, especially in older comics that have been republished over the years.

We hope you enjoy our timeline for the Earth One universe, listed in chronological order. Please let us know if there are any inconsistencies or errors in the timeline. We will correct them as soon as possible. You can contact us through our official contact page, or contact Jason on Twitter. See links below.

1Earth OneBuySuperman: Earth One, Vol. 1Comic
2Earth OneBuyBatman: Earth One, Vol. 1Comic
3Earth OneBuySuperman: Earth One, Vol. 2Comic
4Earth OneBuyTeen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 1Comic
5Earth OneBuySuperman: Earth One, Vol. 3Comic
6Earth OneBuyBatman: Earth One, Vol. 2Comic
7Earth OneBuyWonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1Comic
8Earth OneBuyTeen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 2Comic
9Earth OneBuyAquaman: Earth One, Vol. 1Comic
10Earth OneBuyThe Flash: Earth One, Vol. 1Comic