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What’s in the DC Extended Universe Timeline?

The DC Extended Universe timeline is fairly new, but there are huge plans for the franchise that we’ll see unfold in the future. This timeline includes all of the following:

  • The DC Films: These make up the bulk of the DC Extended Universe. The films started with Man of Steel, though they do not include any previous films like the Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman v Superman was the second installment in the franchise, and continued with many more films to follow.
  • Tie-in Books/Comics: Some of the films come with tie-in comics and novels that flesh out the characters and the situations behind the films. We include these tie-in materials here.
  • Television: The primary DCTV universe (the Arrowverse) does not exist in this universe. However, some future shows (like Krypton) may exist in this universe. All tie-in television shows are included.

Many wonder what is canon in this universe, and all of that is listed here. However, it’s important to note that DC embraces the concept of the multiverse. So while we won’t see the Arrowverse as part of the DC Extended Universe timeline, we might see it as part of the connected multiverse between each of these universes.

The DC Extended Universe Timeline 2.0

DCEUKrypton 1.01: “Pilot”, 2018
DCEUMan of Steel Prequel2013-05-18
DCEUBuyWonder Woman2017-06-02
DCEUBuyWonder Woman: The Official movie Novelization2017-06-06
DCEUBuyMan of Steel2013-06-14
DCEUBuyMan of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization2013-06-18
DCEUBuyBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Cross Fire2016-02-16
DCEUWarner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016-01-28
DCEUGeneral Mills Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, , , 2016-02-28
DCEUBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Upstairs/Downstairs2016-02-29
DCEUBuyBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016-03-25
DCEUSuicide Squad – Suicide Blonde2016-06-02
DCEUBuySuicide Squad2016-08-05
DCEUBuySuicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization2016-08-05
DCEUJustice League2017-11-17
DCEUThe Batman, , TBD
DCEUGreen Lantern CorpsTBD
The DC Extended Universe Timeline 2.0