DC Post-crisis Art for our post-crisis reading order, featuring the Justice League

Continuing the DC main continuity from the Infinit Crisis event to the game-changing Flashpoint reboot.

What’s in the Infinite Crisis to Flashpoint Timeline?

This Infinite Crisis to Flashpoint timeline details the trade paperbacks from Infinite Crisis to the Flashpoint event that started the New 52. These are two of the biggest events in DC’s recent history, especially the Flashpoint event, that even received an animated film adaptation, which is also included on this timeline. Even though the animated film made some creative changes, it’s still included to give you an idea of the creative process behind the adaptation of a comic to film.

As with other comic timelines, the date and author are omitted since there may be multiple dates/authors for each trade. We hope you enjoy this timeline. And if you can’t get enough DC Comics, visit our DC Comics hub for all our related timelines.

Infinite Crisis to Flashpoint Timeline 2.0

97052/One Year LaterBuy52 Omnibus, , 2012-11-27
97152/One Year LaterBuy52: World War III, 2007-12-05
97252/One Year LaterBuySuperman: Up, Up and Away, 2006-09-27
97352/One Year LaterBuyBatman: Haunted Knight1996-09-01
97452/One Year LaterBuyBatman: The Long Halloween2007-04-07
97552/One Year LaterBuyBatman: Dark Victory2012-05-29
97652/One Year LaterBuyCatwoman: When in Rome2007-06-06
97752/One Year LaterBuyArkham Asylum: Living Hell2004-03-01
97852/One Year LaterBuyBatman: Face the Face2006-09-06
97952/One Year LaterBuyManhunter: Origins2007-08-01
98052/One Year LaterBuyJSA: Ghost Stories, 2007-01-03
98152/One Year LaterBuyCheckmate: A King’s Game2007-02-21
98252/One Year LaterBuyGreen Arrow: Crawling Through the Wreckage2007-04-04
98352/One Year LaterBuyGreen Lantern Corps: To Be a Lantern, 2007-05-02
98452/One Year LaterBuyGreen Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns2006-11-29
98552/One Year LaterBuyGreen Lantern Corps: The Dark Side of Green, , 2007-11-07
98652/One Year LaterBuyNightwing: Brothers in Blood2007-03-07
98852/One Year LaterBuyOutsiders: The Good Fight2007-01-03
98952/One Year LaterBuyShadowpact: The Pentacle Plot2007-03-21
99052/One Year LaterBuyBirds of Prey: Perfect Pitch2007-02-21
99152/One Year LaterBuyRobin: Wanted2007-03-21
99252/One Year LaterBuyTeen Titans: Titans Around the World2007-02-14
99352/One Year LaterBuyInfinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven, 2007-01-03
99452/One Year LaterBuyFlash, The Fastest Man Alive: Lightning in a Bottle, 2007-03-21
99552/One Year LaterBuyAquaman, Sword of Atlantis: Once and Future2006-12-20
99652/One Year LaterBuyFirestorm: The Nuclear Man: Reborn2007-02-28
99752/One Year LaterBuySuperman: Back in Action, , , , 2007-01-31
99852/One Year LaterBuySuperman: Camelot Falls Vol. 12008-07-01
99952/One Year LaterBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Strange Visitor from Another Century2006-10-25
100052/One Year LaterBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Adult Education, , 2007-04-07
100152/One Year LaterBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Dominator War, 2007-09-05
100252/One Year LaterBuySupergirl: Candor, , , , 2007-03-07
100352/One Year LaterBuyCatwoman: The Replacements2007-02-21
100452/One Year LaterBuyCatwoman: It’s Only a Movie2007-08-01
100552/One Year LaterBuyWonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman?2008-01-07
100652/One Year LaterBuyInfinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre2007-05-02
100752/One Year LaterBuySpectre: Tales of the Unexpected2007-12-05
100852/One Year LaterBuyDoctor 13: Architecture and Mortality2007-09-19
100952/One Year LaterBuyMystery in Space Vol. 12007-10-03
101052/One Year LaterBuyMystery in Space Vol. 22008-05-06
101152/One Year LaterBuyBlue Beetle: Shellshocked2006-12-06
101252/One Year LaterBuyBirds of Prey: Blood and Circuits2007-08-01
101352/One Year LaterBuyHelmet of Fate2007-10-03
101452/One Year LaterBuyHawkgirl: The Maw2007-04-07
101552/One Year LaterBuyJustice League of America: The Tornado’s Path2007-06-07
101652/One Year LaterBuyGreen Lantern: Wanted – Hal Jordan2007-08-01
101752/One Year LaterBuyMartian Manhunter: The Others Among Us2007-07-04
101852/One Year LaterBuySuperman/Batman: Enemies Among Us2007-06-20
101952/One Year LaterBuyAll New Atom: My Life in Miniature2007-05-02
102052/One Year LaterBuyAll New Atom: Future/Past2007-12-05
102152/One Year LaterBuyHawkgirl: Hawkman Returns2007-11-07
102252/One Year LaterBuySuperman: Redemption, , 2008-01-02
102352/One Year LaterBuyJustice Society of America: The Next Age2008-11-04
102452/One Year LaterBuyRobin: Teenage Wasteland2007-11-07
102552/One Year LaterBuyNightwing: Love and War2007-10-03
102652/One Year LaterBuySupergirl: Identity, , , 2007-11-07
102752/One Year LaterBuyOutsiders: Pay as You Go, , 2007-07-04
102852/One Year LaterBuyIon: The Torchbearer2007-01-31
102952/One Year LaterBuyIon: The Dying Flame2007-09-12
103052/One Year LaterBuyUncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters Vol. 12007-07-04
103152/One Year LaterBuyCreeper: Welcome to Creepsville2007-10-03
103252/One Year LaterBuyTrials of Shazam Vol. 12007-06-06
103352/One Year LaterBuyBlue Beetle: Road Trip2007-06-06
103452/One Year LaterBuyBrave and the Bold: The Lords of Luck2008-12-16
103552/One Year LaterBuyBrave and the Bold: The Book of Destiny2009-08-25
1036Countdown to Final CrisisBuyManhunter: Unleashed2008-01-30
1037Countdown to Final CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Love and Murder, 2007-11-07
1038Countdown to Final CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Amazons Attack2007-12-05
1039Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCatwoman: Catwoman Dies2008-02-20
1040Countdown to Final CrisisBuyUncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters: Brave New World, 2008-09-23
1041Countdown to Final CrisisBuy52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen2008-05-20
1042Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBlack Adam: The Dark Age2008-06-10
1043Countdown to Final CrisisBuyArkham Asylum: Anniversary Edition2014-11-11
1044Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and Son2007-08-01
1045Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Under the Cowl, 2010-02-02
1046Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Detective, 2007-04-07
1047Countdown to Final CrisisBuyNightwing: The Lost Year, 2008-03-05
1048Countdown to Final CrisisBuyRobin: The Big Leagues2008-03-05
1049Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Death and the City, , 2007-11-07
1050Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Arrow: Road to Jericho2007-11-07
1051Countdown to Final CrisisBuyConnor Hawke: Dragon’s Blood2008-02-13
1052Countdown to Final CrisisBuySecret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation2007-03-28
1053Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBirds of Prey: Dead of Winter2008-02-27
1054Countdown to Final CrisisBuyHawkgirl: Hath-Set, 2008-03-05
1055Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice League of America: The Lightning Saga, 2008-02-13
1056Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTeen Titans: Titans East, 2007-09-26
1057Countdown to Final CrisisBuyFlash, The Fastest Man Alive: Full Throttle2007-12-05
1058Countdown to Final CrisisBuyFlash: The Wild Wests, 2008-08-12
1059Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: Last Son, 2013-01-15
1060Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: Camelot Falls Vol. 22009-03-03
1061Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: Kryptonite2009-10-06
1062Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown to Final Crisis Vol. 12008-06-10
1063Countdown to Final CrisisBuyMetal Men2008-09-02
1064Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Torment2008-05-06
1065Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Arrow/Black Canary: Road to the Altar2008-08-05
1066Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, , , , 2008-05-20
1068Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCheckmate: Pawn Breaks2007-09-05
1067Countdown to Final CrisisBuyShadowpact: Cursed2008-01-02
1069Countdown to Final CrisisBuyOutsiders/Checkmate: Checkout, 2008-01-30
1070Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCheckmate: Fall of the Wall, 2008-05-20
1071Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Book One, , 2012-10-02
1072Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Lantern: Tales of the Sinestro Corps, 2008-07-08
1073Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBooster Gold: 52 Pick-Up2008-05-20
1074Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Book One2008-04-29
1075Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTeen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow, , , 2008-07-15
1076Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBlue Beetle: Reach for the Stars2008-02-27
1077Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown to Adventure2008-08-05
1078Countdown to Final CrisisBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Quest for Cosmic Boy2008-04-15
1079Countdown to Final CrisisBuyLegion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Rising2009-11-03
1080Countdown to Final CrisisBuyLegion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Manifest, 2009-05-19
1081Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Arrow/Black Canary: The Wedding Album2008-10-07
1082Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice League of America: The Injustice League2008-06-24
1083Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTangent: Superman’s Reign Vol. 12009-02-10
1084Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTangent: Superman’s Reign Vol. 22009-09-15
1085Countdown to Final CrisisBuyOutsiders: Five of a Kind, , , , , 2008-03-05
1086Countdown to Final CrisisBuyInfinity Inc.: Luthor’s Monsters2008-06-17
1087Countdown to Final CrisisBuyInfinity Inc.: The Bogeyman2009-01-06
1088Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTeen Titans Spotlight: Cyborg2009-03-24
1089Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBirds of Prey: Metropolis or Dust2008-10-14
1090Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTeen Titans: On the Clock2008-12-09
1091Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBirds of Prey: Club Kids2009-01-13
1092Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Lantern: Secret Origin2008-12-16
1093Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Lantern Corps: Ring Quest2008-12-02
1094Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBlue Beetle: End Game, 2008-10-07
1095Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuicide Squad: From the Ashes2008-09-02
1096Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCheckmate: Chimera2009-03-31
1097Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown to Final Crisis Vol. 2, , 2008-07-29
1098Countdown to Final CrisisBuyAll New Atom: The Hunt for Ray Palmer2008-06-10
1099Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer, , 2008-07-15
1100Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: 3-2-1 Action2008-04-02
1101Countdown to Final CrisisBuySupergirl: Beyond Good and Evil, , , 2008-08-19
1102Countdown to Final CrisisBuySupergirl: Way of the World, , 2009-04-21
1103Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: The Third Kryptonian2008-10-07
1104Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCaptain Carrot and the Final Ark, , , , 2008-04-15
1105Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown to Final Crisis: Arena2008-08-12
1106Countdown to Final CrisisBuyShadowpact: Darkness and Light2008-07-01
1107Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrials of Shazam Vol. 22008-07-29
1108Countdown to Final CrisisBuyShadowpact: The Burning Age2009-01-27
1109Countdown to Final CrisisBuyDeath of the New Gods2009-08-11
1110Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Book Two2008-12-16
1111Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown to Final Crisis Vol. 3, , 2008-10-07
1112Countdown to Final CrisisBuyDr. Fate: Countdown to Mystery2008-09-09
1113Countdown to Final CrisisBuyEclipso: The Music of the Spheres2009-01-20
1114Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists2008-09-02
1115Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCountdown to Final Crisis Vol. 4, , 2008-11-25
1116Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTeen Titans Spotlight: Wonder Girl2008-07-22
1117Countdown to Final CrisisBuyWonder Woman: The Circle2008-09-30
1118Countdown to Final CrisisBuyWonder Woman: The Ends of the Earth2009-03-17
1119Countdown to Final CrisisBuyAll New Atom: Small Wonder2008-12-30
1120Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTeen Titans Spotlight: Raven2009-01-06
1121Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTitans: Old Friends2009-01-20
1122Countdown to Final CrisisBuyRann/Thanagar Holy War Vol. 12009-05-26
1123Countdown to Final CrisisBuyRann/Thanagar Holy War Vol. 22009-12-08
1124Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and the Outsiders: The Chrysalis2008-10-14
1125Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatgirl: Redemption2009-06-09
1126Countdown to Final CrisisBuySalvation Run2008-09-30
1127Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCatwoman: Crime Pays2008-10-28
1128Countdown to Final CrisisBuyCatwoman: The Long Road Home2009-03-17
1129Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Cacophony2014-07-22
1130Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Gotham Underground2008-11-25
1131Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and the Black Glove2009-10-06
1132Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: Private Casebook, 2008-12-23
1133Countdown to Final CrisisBuyNightwing: Freefall2008-11-11
1134Countdown to Final CrisisBuyRobin: Violent Tendencies2008-12-02
1135Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Arrow/Black Canary: Family Business2009-02-03
1136Countdown to Final CrisisBuyGreen Arrow/Black Canary: A League of Their Own2009-05-12
1137Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBirds of Prey: Platinum Flats2009-08-04
1138Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman and the Outsiders: The Snare2009-02-24
1139Countdown to Final CrisisBuyManhunter: Forgotten2009-05-05
1140Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBlue Beetle: Boundaries2009-04-28
1141Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBooster Gold: Blue and Gold, 2008-11-11
1142Countdown to Final CrisisBuyQuestion: The Five Books of Blood2008-06-24
1143Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Book Three2009-04-21
1144Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: Escape from Bizarro World, , , , 2008-06-03
1145Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman and the Legion of Super-Heroes2008-07-22
1146Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice League of America: Sanctuary2010-01-26
1147Countdown to Final CrisisBuyJustice League of America: Second Coming2009-05-12
1148Countdown to Final CrisisBuyVixen: Return of the Lion2009-12-22
1149Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite, 2008-11-04
1150Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Finest Worlds, 2009-06-09
1151Countdown to Final CrisisBuySuperman: Shadows Linger2009-01-27
1152Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBatman: The Heart of Hush2009-04-07
1153Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBrave and the Bold: Demons and Dragons2009-03-31
1154Countdown to Final CrisisBuyBrave and the Bold: Without Sin, 2009-07-07
1155Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrinity Vol. 1, 2009-06-02
1156Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrinity Vol. 2, 2009-09-01
1157Countdown to Final CrisisBuyTrinity Vol. 3, 2009-10-20
1158Final CrisisBuyFinal Crisis2014-04-22
1159Final CrisisBuyFinal Crisis Companion2009-06-16
1160Final CrisisBuyBatman: The Black Casebook, , 2009-06-23
1161Final CrisisBuyBatman: R.I.P.2009-02-10
1162Final CrisisBuyBatman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?2009-07-21
1163Final CrisisBuyFinal Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge2009-07-28
1164Final CrisisBuyFinal Crisis: Revelations2009-08-11
1165Final CrisisBuyGreen Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns2009-07-07
1166Final CrisisBuyGreen Lantern Corps: Sins of the Star Sapphire2009-06-09
1167Final CrisisBuySuperman: Secret Origin Deluxe Edition2010-12-21
1168Final CrisisBuySuperman: The Coming of Atlas2009-04-14
1169Final CrisisBuySuperman: Brainiac2009-03-10
1170Final CrisisBuySuperman: New Krypton Vol. 1, , 2009-05-19

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