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A Gotham before Batman, this show tried a curiously new angle in the Batman mythos. Whether or not it succeeded is up to you.

What’s in the Gotham Universe Episode Order?

Gotham started out as an interesting idea from its creators, to have a show about Gotham before Batman. The show focuses on Jim Gordon, who is probably the most important character outside of the Bat-family in other stories. Here, he’s the main character.

Gotham has received some criticism but still managed to stay airing for a while. And who knows what the future might bring. Despite some pitfalls, it does have a few shining moments (like the perfect casting of Alexander Siddig as Ra’s al Ghul), and it certainly keeps a unique tone.

Gotham does not tie-in with other known DC universes, so far at least. There are other shows that could, in theory, crossover in the future. But for now, it stands on its own. As with all of our DC timelines, if you enjoyed this one, check out our DC Comics Hub for everything DC! And if you see anything that needs correction or updating, let us know on our contact page. We love to hear any and all feedback you may have for us!
The Gotham Universe Timeline 2.0

1GothamBuyGotham: Dawn of Darkness2017-01-31
2GothamBuyGotham 1.01: Pilot2014-09-22
3GothamBuyGotham 1.02: Selina Kyle2014-09-29
4GothamBuyGotham 1.03:The Balloonman2014-10-06
5GothamBuyGotham 1.04: Arkham2014-10-13
6GothamBuyGotham 1.05: Viper2014-10-20
7GothamBuyGotham 1.06: Spirit of the Goat2014-10-27
8GothamBuyGotham 1.07: Penguin’s Umbrella2014-11-03
9GothamBuyGotham 1.08: The Mask2014-11-10
10GothamBuyGotham 1.09: Harvey Dent2014-11-17
11GothamBuyGotham 1.10: Lovecraft2014-11-24
12GothamBuyGotham 1.11: Rogues’ Gallery2015-01-05
13GothamBuyGotham 1.12: What the Little Bird Told Him2015-01-19
14GothamBuyGotham 1.13: Welcome back, Jim Gordon2015-01-26
15GothamBuyGotham 1.14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane2015-02-02
16GothamBuyGotham 1.15: The Scarecrow2015-02-09
17GothamBuyGotham 1.16: The Blind Fortune Teller2015-02-16
18GothamBuyGotham 1.17: Red Hood2015-02-23
19GothamBuyGotham 1.18: Everyone Has a Cobblepot2015-03-02
20GothamBuyGotham 1.19: Beasts of Prey2015-04-13
21GothamBuyGotham 1.20: Under the Knife2015-04-20
22GothamBuyGotham 1.21: The Anvil or the Hammer2015-04-27
23GothamBuyGotham 1.22: All Happy Families Are Alike2015-05-04
24GothamBuyGotham 2.01: Damned If You Do…2015-09-21
25GothamBuyGotham 2.02: Knock, Knock2015-09-28
26GothamBuyGotham 2.03: The Last Laugh2015-10-05
27GothamBuyGotham 2.04: Strike Force2015-10-12
28GothamBuyGotham 2.05: Scarification2015-10-19
29GothamBuyGotham 2.06: By Fire2015-10-26
30GothamBuyGotham 2.07: Mommy’s Little Monster2015-11-02
31GothamBuyGotham 2.08: Tonight’s the Night2015-11-09
32GothamBuyGotham 2.09: A Bitter Pill to Swallow2015-11-16
33GothamBuyGotham 2.10: The Son of Gotham2015-11-23
34GothamBuyGotham 2.11: Worse Than a Crime2015-11-30
35GothamGotham Stories: The Whole Frozen Affair, , 2016-02-29
36GothamBuyGotham 2.12: Mr. Freeze2016-02-29
37GothamBuyGotham 2.13: A Dead Man Feels No Cold2016-03-07
38GothamBuyGotham 2.14: This Ball of Mud and Meanness2016-03-14
39GothamBuyGotham 2.15: Mad Grey Dawn2016-03-21
40GothamBuyGotham 2.16: Prisoners2016-03-28
41GothamBuyGotham 2.17: Into the Woods2016-04-11
42GothamBuyGotham 2.18: Pinewood, 2016-04-18
43GothamBuyGotham 2.19: Azrael, 2016-05-02
44GothamBuyGotham 2.20: Unleashed2016-05-09
45GothamBuyGotham 2.21: A Legion of Horribles2016-05-16
46GothamBuyGotham 2.22: Transference2016-05-23
47GothamBuyGotham City of Monsters2018-05-29
48GothamBuyGotham 3.01: Better to Reign in Hell…2016-09-19
49GothamBuyGotham 3.02: Burn the Witch2016-09-26
50GothamBuyGotham 3.03: Look Into My Eyes2016-10-03
51GothamBuyGotham 3.04: New Day Rising2016-10-10
52GothamBuyGotham 3.05: Anything for You2016-10-17
53GothamBuyGotham 3.06: Follow the White Rabbit, 2016-10-24
54GothamBuyGotham 3.07: Red Queen2016-10-31
55GothamBuyGotham 3.08: Blood Rush2016-11-07
56GothamBuyGotham 3.09: The Executioner2016-11-14
57GothamBuyGotham 3.10: Time Bomb2016-11-21
58GothamBuyGotham 3.11: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster2016-11-28
59GothamBuyGotham 3.12: Ghosts2017-01-16
60GothamBuyGotham 3.13: Smile Like You Mean It, 2017-01-23
61GothamBuyGotham 3.14: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies2017-01-30
62GothamBuyGotham 3.15: How the Riddler Got His Name2017-04-24
63GothamBuyGotham 3.16: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions2017-05-01
64GothamBuyGotham 3.17: The Primal Riddle, 2017-05-08
65GothamBuyGotham 3.18: Light the Wick2017-05-15
66GothamBuyGotham 3.19: All Will Be Judged2017-05-22
67GothamBuyGotham 3.20: Pretty Hate Machine, 2017-05-29
68GothamBuyGotham 3.21: Destiny Calling2017-06-05
69GothamBuyGotham 3.22: Heavydirtysoul2017-06-05
70GothamBuyGotham 4.01: Pax Penguina2017-09-21
71GothamBuyGotham 4.02: The Fear Reaper2017-09-28
72GothamBuyGotham 4.03: They Who Hide Behind Masks, 2017-10-05
73GothamBuyGotham 4.04: The Demon’s Head2017-10-12
74GothamBuyGotham 4.05: The Blade’s Path2017-10-19
75GothamBuyGotham 4.06: Hog Day Afternoon2017-10-26
76GothamBuyGotham 4.07: A Day in the Narrows2017-11-02
77GothamBuyGotham 4.08: Stop Hitting Yourself2017-11-09
78GothamBuyGotham 4.09: Let Them Eat Pie2017-11-16
79GothamBuyGotham 4.10: Things That Go Boom, 2017-11-30
80GothamBuyGotham 4.11: Queen Takes Knight2017-12-07
81GothamBuyGotham 4.12: Pieces of a Broken Mirror2018-03-01
82GothamBuyGotham 4.13: A Beautiful Darkness2018-03-08
83GothamBuyGotham 4.14. Reunion2018-03-15
84GothamBuyGotham 4.15: The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause2018-03-22
The Gotham Universe Timeline 2.0

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