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What’s in the Post-Convergence – Rebirth timeline?

Much of the information I have gathered here comes from the website: Collected Editions Timeline.

This Post-Convergence – Rebirth timeline consists of the DC Universe following the Convergence event and including DC You and Rebirth. The DC Universe continues to grow in this era. Therefore, we will likely keep updating this page from time to time. We don’t have too many comics in this page at the moment, but that should change. Additionally, if you enjoy this page, you should view all of our DC Comics TimelineDC Multiverse Timelines.

As with the other comic timelines, this one does not include dates/authors because there may be multiple per trade paperback. Each trade often has multiple authors, and the date of publication for the trade does not necessarily reflect the date of publication for the comics it collects. The timeline does include all of the titles, Amazon links, the type of media (most comics), and the chronological order of the comics.

We hope you enjoy this timeline of all of the comics from the DC Post-Convergence – Rebirth timeline. Please let us know if there are any errors, or if the timeline is missing a crucial trade paperback.

1DC YouBuyDeathstroke Vol. 2: God KillerComic
2DC YouBuyWonder Woman Vol. 8: A Twist of FateComic
3DC YouBuyWonder Woman Vol. 9: ResurrectionComic
4DC YouBuyMartian Manhunter Vol. 1: The EpiphanyComic