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Supergirl is perhaps the most important member of the Superfamily, next to Superman himself. In fact, she’s even more powerful than Superman in several ways…

What’s on this Supergirl Reading Order?

Supergirl, aka Kara Danvers, is Superman’s cousin. She was sent to Earth to keep an eye on Superman, but in most versions of the story she ended up arriving later, after Superman had already grown up. Having not grown up on Earth, Kara possessed Kryptonian powers that made her more powerful than her cousin.

This timeline attempts to tell all of the major stories that involve Supergirl. While it might not contain every single story with the character, it does look at the primary comics.

Where to Start?

You can start anywhere you like on this timeline. You can start with the classic stuff, or move on to the more recent comics. When you see the Volumes begin to start over with number 1, that’s often a good place to start.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timelines in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Supergirl Reading Order.

Supergirl Reading Order 2.0

202The Silver AgeBuyThe Supergirl Archives Vol. 1, 2001-11-01graphic-noveljerry-siegel otto-binder
212The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 1, 2007-11-28graphic-noveljerry-siegel otto-binder
215The Silver AgeBuyThe Supergirl Archives Vol. 2, 2004-03-01graphic-noveljerry-siegel otto-binder
255The Silver AgeBuyShowcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 22008-12-16graphic-noveljerry-siegel
442Bronze AgeBuyCrisis on Infinite Earths2001-01-01graphic-novelmarv-wolfman
690Final NightBuySupergirl1998-04-01graphic-novelpeter-david
823The 2000sBuySupergirl: Many Happy Returns2003-08-01graphic-novelpeter-david
865The 2000sBuySuperman/Batman: Supergirl2005-03-01graphic-noveljeph-loeb
942Identity CrisisBuySupergirl: Power2006-06-14graphic-noveljeph-loeb
99952/One Year LaterBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Strange Visitor from Another Century2006-10-25graphic-novelmark-waid
100052/One Year LaterBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Adult Education, , 2007-04-07graphic-novelmark-waid stuart-moore tony-bedard
100152/One Year LaterBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Dominator War, 2007-09-05graphic-novelmark-waid tony-bedard
100252/One Year LaterBuySupergirl: Candor, , , , 2007-03-07graphic-novelbob-harras geoff-johns greg-rucka joe-kelly mark-verheiden
102652/One Year LaterBuySupergirl: Identity, , , 2007-11-07graphic-noveljimmy-palmiotti joe-kelly justin-gray mark-sable
1078Countdown to Final CrisisBuySupergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Quest for Cosmic Boy2008-04-15graphic-noveltony-bedard
1101Countdown to Final CrisisBuySupergirl: Beyond Good and Evil, , , 2008-08-19graphic-novelfabian-nicieza geoff-johns kelley-puckett kurt-busiek
1102Countdown to Final CrisisBuySupergirl: Way of the World, , 2009-04-21graphic-noveljames-peaty kelley-puckett will-pfeifer
1179Final CrisisBuySuperman/Supergirl: Maelstrom, 2009-12-15graphic-noveljimmy-palmiotti justin-gray
1199Final CrisisBuySupergirl: Who is Superwoman?2009-11-17graphic-novelsterling-gates
1230Final CrisisBuySupergirl: Friends and Fugitives, , 2010-05-25graphic-novelgreg-rucka james-robinson sterling-gates
1255Blackest NightBuySupergirl: Death and the Family, , 2010-09-21graphic-novelhelen-slater jake-black sterling-gates
1292Brightest Day/FlashpointBuySupergirl: Bizarrogirl2011-08-30graphic-novelsterling-gates
1379New 52 Vol. 1BuySupergirl Vol. 1: Last Daughter of Krypton, 2012-10-23graphic-novelmichael-green mike-johnson
1466New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero MonthBuySupergirl Vol. 2: Girl in the World, 2013-07-16graphic-novelmichael-green mike-johnson
1509New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the FamilyBuySupergirl Vol. 3: Sanctuary, 2014-02-18graphic-novelfrank-hannah mike-johnson
1584New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever EvilBuySupergirl Vol. 4: Out of the Past, , , 2014-07-22graphic-noveljustin-jordan michael-alan-nelson scott-lobdell tony-bedard
1614New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures EndBuySupergirl Vol. 5: Red Daughter of Krypton, , , , 2015-01-20graphic-novelcharles-soule frank-barbiere michael-alan-nelson robert-venditti tony-bedard
1619New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures EndBuySupergirl Vol. 6: Crucible, , 2015-07-21graphic-novelkate-perkins mike-johnson tony-bedard
1765ElseworldBuySupergirl: Wings2001-01-01graphic-novelj-m-dematteis
1782ElseworldBuyElseworld’s Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl, , 1997-01-01graphic-novelbarbara-kesel matt-haley tom-simmons
1915RebirthBuySupergirl Vol. 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Supermen2017-05-23graphic-novelsteve-orlando
1984RebirthBuySupergirl Vol. 2: Escape from the Phantom Zone, 2017-10-31graphic-novelsteve-orlando vita-ayala
1998.001RebirthBuySupergirl Vol. 3: Girl of No Tomorrow2018-04-10graphic-novelsteve-orlando
2018ElseworldBuySupergirl: Being Super2018-06-05graphic-novelmariko-tamaki
Supergirl Reading Order 2.0

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