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What’s on the Superman Reading Order?

This timeline contains all of the major comic stories about DC’s popular character, Superman. While this list is not perfectly comprehensive, it includes most of the stories you would ever need to read. It allows you to experience the complete story of Superman. Get through this list, and you’ll be a leading expert on the character. Additionally, this timeline also includes several stories for other Kryptonians like Supergirl, though it is not a Supergirl-centric timeline. But overall, if it’s relevant to the overall story of Superman and his family, you’ll find it here. Some of these stories cross over with mainstream DC events, but those are also important to further Superman’s storyline.

We assembled this list using multiple sources, and you should find most Superman stories here. However, if you see anything that is missing or could add to the list, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do to improve the Superman reading order. And if you enjoyed this timeline, don’t forget to visit some of our others, such as the general Batman reading order page. Thank you again for visiting the site and be sure to click around! In the mean time, enjoy this Superman reading order.

1Early OriginsBuySuperman: The Action Comics Archives, Vol. 1Comic
2Early OriginsBuySuperman: The Action Comics Archives, Vol. 2Comic
3Early OriginsBuySuperman: The Action Comics Archives, Vol. 3Comic
4Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 1Comic
5Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 2Comic
6Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 3Comic
7Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 4Comic
8Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 5Comic
9Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 6Comic
10Early OriginsBuySuperman Archives, Vol. 7Comic
11Early OriginsBuySuperman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives, Vol. 1Comic
12Early OriginsBuySuperman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives, Vol. 2Comic
13Early OriginsBuySuperman in the FortiesComic
14Early OriginsBuySuperman in the FiftiesComic
15Early OriginsBuySuperman in the SixtiesComic
16Early OriginsBuySuperman in the SeventiesComic
17Early OriginsBuySuperman in the EightiesComic
18Early OriginsBuySuperman: The Earth StealersComic
19Early OriginsBuySuperman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?Comic
20Post-CrisisBuyCrisis on Infinite EarthsComic
21Post-CrisisBuySuperman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 1Comic
22Post-CrisisBuySuperman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 2Comic
23Post-CrisisBuySuperman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 3Comic
24Post-CrisisBuySuperman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 4Comic
25Post-CrisisBuySuperman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 5Comic
26Post-CrisisBuySuperman: ExileComic
27Post-CrisisBuySuperman: Eradication!Comic
28Post-CrisisBuySuperman: Krisis of the Krimson KryptoniteComic
29Post-CrisisBuySuperman: Time and Time AgainComic
30Post-CrisisBuySuperman: Panic in the SkyComic
31Post-CrisisBuySuperman: They Saved Luthor's Brain!Comic
32Post-CrisisBuyThe Death of SupermanComic
33Post-CrisisBuyWorld Without a SupermanComic
34Post-CrisisBuyThe Return of SupermanComic
35Post-Zero HourBuyZero Hour: Crisis in TimeComic
36Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Doomsday OmnibusComic
37Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: The Death of Clark KentComic
38Post-Zero HourBuyThe Trial of SupermanComic
39Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: The Wedding and BeyondComic
40Post-Zero HourBuyThe Final NightComic
41Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: Transformed!Comic
42Post-Zero HourBuySuperman vs. the Revenge SquadComic
43Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: End of the CenturyComic
44Post-Zero HourBuyThe KentsComic
45Post-Zero HourBuySuperman For All SeasonsComic
46Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 1: No LimitsComic
47Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 2: EndgameComic
48Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 3: 'Til Death Do Us PartComic
49Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 4: Critical ConditionComic
50Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: Emperor JokerComic
51Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 5: President LexComic
52Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 6: Our Worlds at War 1Comic
53Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 7: Our Worlds at War 2Comic
54Post-Zero HourBuySuperman - Vol. 8: Return to KryptonComic
55Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: Day of DoomComic
56Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: BirthrightComic
57Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Shazam!: First ThunderComic
58Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Batman: Public EnemiesComic
59Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Batman: SupergirlComic
60Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Batman: Absolute PowerComic
61Post-Zero HourBuySuperman/Batman: VengeanceComic
62Post-Zero HourBuyMajestic: Strange New VisitorComic
63Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: GodfallComic
64Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: The Wrath of GogComic
65Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: In the Name of GogComic
66Post-Zero HourBuyIdentity CrisisComic
67Post-Zero HourBuyLex Luthor: Man of SteelComic
68Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: For Tomorrow, Vol. 1Comic
69Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: For Tomorrow, Vol. 2Comic
70Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: Unconventional WarfareComic
71Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: That Healing TouchComic
72Post-Zero HourBuyCountdown to Infinite Crisis: The OMAC ProjectComic
73Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: SacrificeComic
74Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: Ruin RevealedComic
75Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: The JourneyComic
76Post-Zero HourBuySuperman: Strange AttractorsComic
77Post-Zero HourBuyJLA: Crisis of ConscienceComic
78Post-Infinite CrisisBuyInfinite CrisisComic
79Post-Infinite CrisisBuyThe Infinite Crisis CompanionComic
80Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Infinite CrisisComic
81Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Up, Up, and Away!Comic
82Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Back in ActionComic
83Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Camelot FallsComic
84Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Camelot Falls 2Comic
85Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: KryptoniteComic
86Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: The Enemies Among UsComic
87Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Last SonComic
88Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: RedemptionComic
89Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: 3-2-1 ActionComic
90Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: The Third KryptonianComic
91Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Escape From Bizarro WorldComic
92Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman and the Legion of Super HeroesComic
93Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Search for KryptoniteComic
94Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: New Krypton Vol. 1Comic
95Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: New Krypton Vol. 2Comic
96Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman/Supergirl: MaelstromComic
97Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: New Krypton Vol. 3Comic
98Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Codename PatriotComic
99Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman/Batman: Night & DayComic
100Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: New Krypton Vol. 4Comic
101Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Last Stand of New Krypton Vol. 1Comic
102Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Last Stand of New Krypton Vol. 2Comic
103Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: War of the SupermenComic
104Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Return of DoomsdayComic
105Post-Infinite CrisisBuySuperman: Reign of DoomsdayComic
106New 52BuyAction Comics — Superman and the Men of SteelComic
107New 52BuyAction Comics Vol. 2: BulletproofComic
108New 52BuyAction Comics Vol. 3: At The End of DaysComic
109New 52BuySuperman Vol. 1: What Price TomorrowComic
110New 52BuySuperman Vol. 2: Secrets & LiesComic
111New 52BuySuperman Vol. 3: Fury At World’s EndComic
112New 52BuySuperman: H’el on EarthComic
113New 52BuySuperman UnchainedComic
114New 52BuyBatman/Superman Vol. 1: Cross WorldComic
115New 52BuyAction Comics Vol. 4: HybridComic
116New 52BuySuperman Vol. 4: Psi-WarComic
117New 52BuySuperman Vol. 5: Under FireComic
118New 52BuyAction Comics Vol. 5: What Lies BeneathComic
119New 52BuySuperman/Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Power CoupleComic
120New 52BuySuperman: DoomedComic
121New 52BuySuperman Vol. 6: The Men of TomorrowComic
122New 52BuyAction Comics Vol. 7Comic
123New 52BuySuperman: Before TruthComic
124New 52BuyAction Comics Vol. 8: TruthComic
125OtherBuyKingdom ComeComic
126OtherBuySuperman: Red SonComic

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