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What’s on the Wonder Woman Reading Order?

This timeline contains all of the major comic stories about DC’s popular character, Wonder Woman. While this list is not perfectly comprehensive, it includes most of the stories you would ever need to read. It allows you to experience the complete story of Wonder Woman, including a few out-of-continuity stories. Get through this list, and you’ll be a leading expert on the character. Overall, if it’s relevant to the overall story of Wonder Woman, though you’ll see some other characters pop up here and there. Some of these stories crossover with mainstream DC events, but those are also important to further Wonder Woman’s storyline.

We assembled this list using multiple sources, and you should find most Wonder Woman stories here. However, if you see anything that is missing or could add to the list, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do to improve the Wonder Woman reading order. And if you enjoyed this timeline, don’t forget to visit some of our others, such as the general Superman reading order page. Thank you again for visiting the site and be sure to click around! In the meantime, enjoy this Wonder Woman reading order.

1Early OriginsBuyWonder Woman: Spirit of TruthComic
2Early OriginsBuyThe Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol. 1Comic
3Early OriginsBuyWonder Woman: Earth OneComic
4Early OriginsBuyBatman/Superman/Wonder Woman: TrinityComic
5Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Gods & MortalsComic
6Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman by George Perez OmnibusComic
7Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman By George Perez Omnibus Vol. 2Comic
8Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: War of the GodsComic
9Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 1Comic
10Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Challenge of the GodsComic
11Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Beauty and the BeastsComic
12Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Destiny CallingComic
13Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: The ContestComic
14Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: The Challenge of ArtemisComic
15Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Second GenesisComic
16Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: LifelinesComic
17Post-CrisisBuyJLA: A League of OneComic
18Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Paradise LostComic
19Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Paradise FoundComic
20Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: The HiketeiaComic
21Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Down to EarthComic
22Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Bitter RivalsComic
23Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Eyes of the GorgonComic
24Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Land of the DeadComic
25Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Mission’s EndComic
26Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman?Comic
27Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Love and MurderComic
28Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Amazons AttackComic
29Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: The CircleComic
30Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Ends of the EarthComic
31Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Rise of the OlympianComic
32Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: WarkillerComic
33Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: ContagionComic
34Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Odyssey Vol. 1Comic
35Post-CrisisBuyWonder Woman: Odyssey Vol. 2Comic
36FlashpointBuyFlashpoint World of Wonder WomanComic
38New 52BuySensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1Comic
39New 52BuySensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 2Comic
40New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 1: BloodComic
41New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 2: GutsComic
42New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 3: IronComic
43New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 4: WarComic
44New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 5: FleshComic
45New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 6: BonesComic
46New 52BuySuperman/Wonder Woman Vol. 1Comic
47New 52BuySuperman/Wonder Woman Vol. 2Comic
48New 52BuySuperman/Wonder Woman Vol. 3Comic
49New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 7: War-TornComic
50New 52BuyWonder Woman Vol. 8: Twist of FaithComic
51New 52BuySuperman/Wonder Woman Vol. 4Comic
52RebirthBuyWonder Woman Vol. 1: The LiesComic
53RebirthBuyWonder Woman Vol. 2: Year OneComic
54RebirthBuyTrinity Vol. 1: Better TogetherComic
55RebirthBuyWonder Woman Vol. 3: The TruthComic
56Other WorksBuyDC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 1: EnlistedComic
57Other WorksBuyDC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 2: AlliesComic
58Other WorksBuyDC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 3Comic
59Other WorksBuyWonder Woman: The True AmazonComic
60Other WorksBuyThe Legend of Wonder Woman Vol. 1: OriginsComic
61Other WorksBuyWonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1Comic

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