Doctor Who art for the Doctor Who timeline, featuring a peek at each Doctor.

What’s on the Doctor Who Episode Timeline?

Creating a Doctor Who Episode Timeline has always been tricky. The makers of Doctor Who never made clear statements about the canon of the Doctor Who franchise. Many of the novels have little to do with the show. However, some of the recent ones do. It is also very tricky to build a timeline due to the fact that the Doctor transcends space and time. Thankfully we have the chronology of the Doctors themselves. So I have tried to put the pieces of media in a list by doctor. For now, I’ve included just the television series. Perhaps the novels and other platforms will join this timeline eventually.

This is the episode list for all the Doctor Who episodes from William Hartnell to the present. Furthermore, this timeline also contains episodes from Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, and Class. These are spin-off series. So if you’re only interested in watching the episodes, here you go. Additionally, if you want a really good timeline with all forms of Doctor Who media, including books and comics, I recommend visiting this site.

1Ninth DoctorBuy1.01: "Rose"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
2Ninth DoctorBuy1.02: "The End of the World"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
3Ninth DoctorBuy1.03: "The Unquiet Dead"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
4Ninth DoctorBuy1.04: "Aliens of London"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
5Ninth DoctorBuy1.05: "World War Three"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
6Ninth DoctorBuy1.06: "Dalek"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
7Ninth DoctorBuy1.07: "The Long Game"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
8Ninth DoctorBuy1.08: "Father's Day"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
9Ninth DoctorBuy1.09: "The Empty Child"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
10Ninth DoctorBuy1.10: "The Doctor Dances"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
11Ninth DoctorBuy1.11: "Boom Town"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
12Ninth DoctorBuy1.12: "Bad Wolf"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
13Ninth DoctorBuy1.13: "The Parting of the Ways"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
14Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: "The Christmas Invasion"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2005
15Tenth DoctorBuy2.01: "New Earth"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
16Tenth DoctorBuy2.02: "Tooth and Claw"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
17Tenth DoctorBuy2.03: "School Reunion"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
18Tenth DoctorBuy2.04: "The Girl in the Fireplace"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
19Tenth DoctorBuy2.05: "Rise of the Cybermen"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
20Tenth DoctorBuy2.06: "The Age of Steel"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
21Tenth DoctorBuy2.07: "The Idiot's Lantern"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
22Tenth DoctorBuy2.08: "The Impossible Planet"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
23Tenth DoctorBuy2.09: "The Satan Pit"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
24Tenth DoctorBuy2.10: "Love & Monsters"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
25Tenth DoctorBuy2.11: "Fear Her"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
26Tenth DoctorBuy2.12: "Army of Ghosts"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
27Tenth DoctorBuy2.13: "Doomsday"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
28Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: "The Runaway Bride"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
29TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.01: "Everything Changes"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
30TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.02: "Day One"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
31TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.03: "Ghost Machine"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
32Tenth DoctorBuySJA Special: "Invasion of the Bane"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
33Tenth DoctorBuy3.01: "Smith and Jones"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
34TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.04: "Cyberwoman"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
35Tenth DoctorBuy3.02: "The Shakespeare Code"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
36TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.05: "Small Worlds"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
37Tenth DoctorBuy3.03: "Gridlock"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
38TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.06: "Countrycide"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
39Tenth DoctorBuy3.04: "Daleks in Manhattan"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
40TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.07: "Greeks Bearing Gifts"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
41Tenth DoctorBuy3.05: "Evolution of the Daleks"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
42TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.08: "They Keep Killing Suzie"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
43Tenth DoctorBuy3.06: "The Lazarus Experiment"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
44Tenth DoctorThe Infinite QuestTelevisionRussell T. Davies2007Totally DW animation.
45TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.09: "Random Shoes"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
46Tenth DoctorBuy3.07: "42"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
47TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.10: "Out of Time"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
48Tenth DoctorBuy3.08: "Human Nature"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
49TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.11: "Combat"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2006
50Tenth DoctorBuy3.09: "The Family of Blood"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
51TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.12: Captain Jack Harkness"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
52Tenth DoctorBuy3.10: "Blink"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
53TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 1.13: "End of Days"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
54Tenth DoctorBuy3.11: "Utopia"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
55Tenth DoctorBuy3.12: "The Sound of Drums"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
56Tenth DoctorBuy3.13: "The Last of the Time Lords"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
57Tenth DoctorTime CrashTelevisionSteven Moffat2007
58Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: "Voyage of the Damned"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
59TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.01: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
60TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.02: "Sleeper"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
61TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.03: "To The Last Man"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
62Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 1.01: "Revenge of the Slitheen" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
63Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 1.02: "Warriors of Kudlak" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
64Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 1.03: "Eye of the Gorgon" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
65Tenth DoctorBuy4.01: "Partners in Crime"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
66Tenth DoctorBuy4.02: "The Fires of Pompeii"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
67Tenth DoctorBuy4.03: "Planet of the Ood"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
68Tenth DoctorBuy4.04: "The Sontaran Strategem"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
69Tenth DoctorBuy4.05: "The Poison Sky"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
70TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.04: "Meat"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
71TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.05: "Adam"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
72TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.06: "Reset"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
73TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.07: "Dead Man Walking"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
74TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.08: "A Day in the Death"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
75TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.09: "Something Borrowed"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
76TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.10: "From Out of the Rain"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
77Tenth DoctorBuy4.06: "The Doctor's Daughter"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
78Tenth DoctorBuy4.07: "The Unicorn and the Wasp"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
79Tenth DoctorBuy4.08: "Silence in the Library"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
80Tenth DoctorBuy4.09: "Forest of the Dead"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
81Tenth DoctorBuy4.10: "Midnight"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
82Tenth DoctorBuy4.11: "Turn Left"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
83TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.11: "Adrift"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
84TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.12: "Fragments"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
85TorchwoodBuyTorchwood 2.13: "Exit Wounds"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
86Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 1.04: "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
87Tenth DoctorBuy4.12: "The Stolen Earth"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
88Tenth DoctorBuy4.13: "Journey's End"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
89Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 1.05: "The Lost Boy"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2007
90Tenth DoctorMusic of the SpheresTelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
91Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: "The Next Doctor"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
92Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: "Planet of the Dead"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
93TorchwoodBuyTorchwood: Children of the EarthTelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
94Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 2.01: "The Last Sontaran" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
95Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 2.02: "The Day of the Clown" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
96Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 2.03: "Secrets of the Stars" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
97Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 2.04: "The Mark of the Berserker" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
98Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 2.05: "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
99Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 2.06: "Enemy of the Bane" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2008
100Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: "The Waters of Mars"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
101Tenth DoctorDreamlandTelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
102Tenth DoctorBuySJA Special: "From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
103Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 3.01: "Prisoner of the Judoon" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
104Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 3.02: "The Mad Woman in the Attic" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
105Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 3.03: "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
106Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 3.04: "The Eternity Trap" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
107Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 3.05: "Mona Lisa's Revenge" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
108Sarah Jane AdventuresBuySJA 3.06: "The Gift" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2009
109Tenth DoctorBuySpecial: The End of TimeTelevisionRussell T. Davies2010Parts 1 & 2
110Eleventh DoctorBuy5.01: "The Eleventh Hour"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
111Eleventh DoctorBuy5.02: "The Beast Below"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
112Eleventh DoctorBuy5.03: "Victory of the Daleks"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
113Eleventh DoctorBuy5.04: "The Time of Angels"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
114Eleventh DoctorBuy5.05: "Flesh and Stone"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
115Eleventh DoctorBuy5.06: "The Vampires of Venice"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
116Eleventh DoctorBuy5.07: "Amy's Choice"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
117Eleventh DoctorBuy5.08: "The Hungry Earth"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
118Eleventh DoctorBuy5.09: "Cold Blood"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
119Eleventh DoctorGood as GoldWebSteven Moffat2012
120Eleventh DoctorBuy5.10: "Vincent and the Doctor"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
121Eleventh DoctorBuy5.11: "The Lodger"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
122Eleventh DoctorBuy5.12: "The Pandorica Opens"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
123Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 4.01: "The Vault of Secrets"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2010
124Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 4.02: "The Nightmare Man"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2010
125Eleventh DoctorBuy5.13: "The Big Bang"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
126Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 4.03: "Death of the Doctor"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2010
127Eleventh DoctorBuySpecial: "A Christmas Carol"TelevisionSteven Moffat2010
128Eleventh DoctorBad NightWebSteven Moffat2011
129Eleventh DoctorSpace TimeWebSteven Moffat2011
130Eleventh DoctorGood NightWebSteven Moffat2011
131Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 4.04: "The Empty Planet"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2010
132Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 4.05: "Lost in Time"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2010
133Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 4.06: "Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith"TelevisionRussell T. Davies2010
134Eleventh DoctorBuy6.01: "The Impossible Astronaut"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
135Eleventh DoctorBuy6.02: "Day of the Moon"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
136Eleventh DoctorBuy6.03: "The Curse fo the Black Spot"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
137Eleventh DoctorBuy6.04: "The Doctor's Wife"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
138Eleventh DoctorBuy6.05: "The Rebel Flesh"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
139Eleventh DoctorBuy6.06: "The Almost People"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
140Eleventh DoctorBuy6.07: "A Good Man Goes to War"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
141Eleventh DoctorBuy6.08: "Let's Kill Hitler"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
142Eleventh DoctorFirst Night/Last NightWebSteven Moffat2011
143Eleventh DoctorBuy6.09: "Night Terrors"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
144Eleventh DoctorBuy6.10: "The Girl Who Waited"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
145TorchwoodBuyTorchwood: Miracle DayTelevisionRussell T. Davies2011
146Eleventh DoctorBuy6.11: "The God Complex"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
147Eleventh DoctorDeath Is the Only AnswerWebJeremy Webb2011
148Eleventh DoctorBuy6.12: "Closing Time"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
149Eleventh DoctorBuy6.13: "The Wedding of River Song"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
150Eleventh DoctorThe InforariumWebSteven Moffat2013
151Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 5.01: "Sky" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2011
152Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 5.02: "The Curse of Clyde Langer" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2011
153Eleventh DoctorBuySJA 5.03: "The Man Who Never Wars" (2 episodes)TelevisionRussell T. Davies2011
154Eleventh DoctorBuySpecial: "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"TelevisionSteven Moffat2011
155Eleventh DoctorPond LifeWebSteven Moffat2011
156Eleventh DoctorBuy7.01: "Asylum of the Daleks"TelevisionSteven Moffat2012
157Eleventh DoctorBuy7.02: "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"TelevisionSteven Moffat2012
158Eleventh DoctorBuy7.03: "A Town Called Mercy"TelevisionSteven Moffat2012
159Eleventh DoctorBuy7.04: "The Power of Three"TelevisionSteven Moffat2012
160Eleventh DoctorBuy7.05: "The Angels Take Manhattan"TelevisionSteven Moffat2012
161Eleventh DoctorRain GodsWebSteven Moffat2013
162Eleventh DoctorThe Great DetectiveWebSteven Moffat2012
163Eleventh DoctorBuySpecial: "The Snowmen"TelevisionSteven Moffat2012
164Eleventh DoctorBuy7.06: "The Bells of Saint John"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
165Eleventh DoctorBuy7.07: "The Rings of Akhaten"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
166Eleventh DoctorClara and the TardisWebSteven Moffat2013
167Eleventh DoctorBuy7.08: "Cold War"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
168Eleventh DoctorBuy7.09: "Hide"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
169Eleventh DoctorBuy7.10 "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
170Eleventh DoctorBuy7.11: "The Crimson Horror"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
171Eleventh DoctorBuy7.12: "Nightmare in Silver"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
172Eleventh DoctorBuy7.13: "The Name of the Doctor"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
173Eleventh DoctorShe Said, He SaidWebSteven Moffat2013
174Eleventh DoctorBuySpecial: The Day of the DoctorTelevisionSteven Moffat2013
175Eleventh DoctorBuySpecial: "The Time of the Doctor"TelevisionSteven Moffat2013
176Twelfth DoctorBuy8.01: "Deep Breath"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
177Twelfth DoctorBuy8.02: "Into the Dalek"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
178Twelfth DoctorBuy8.03: "Robot of Sherwood"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
179Twelfth DoctorBuy8.04: "Listen"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
180Twelfth DoctorBuy8.05: "Time Heist"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
181Twelfth DoctorBuy8.06: "The Caretaker"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
182Twelfth DoctorBuy8.07: "Kill the Moon"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
183Twelfth DoctorBuy8.08: "Mummy on the Orient Express"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
184Twelfth DoctorBuy8.09: "Flatline"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
185Twelfth DoctorBuy8.10: "In the Forest of the Night"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
186Twelfth DoctorBuy8.11: "Dark Water"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
187Twelfth DoctorBuy8.12: "Death in Heaven"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
188Twelfth DoctorBuySpecial: "Last Christmas"TelevisionSteven Moffat2014
189Twelfth DoctorBuy9.01: "The Magician's Apprentice"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
190Twelfth DoctorBuy9.02: "The Witch's Familiar"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
191Twelfth DoctorBuy9.03: "Under the Lake"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
192Twelfth DoctorBuy9.04: "Before the Flood"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
193Twelfth DoctorBuy9.05: "The Girl Who Died"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
194Twelfth DoctorBuy9.06: "The Woman Who Lived"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
195Twelfth DoctorBuy9.07: "The Zygon Invasion"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
196Twelfth DoctorBuy9.08: "The Zygon Inversion"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
197Twelfth DoctorBuy9.09: "Sleep No More"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
198Twelfth DoctorBuy9.10: "Face the Raven"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
199Twelfth DoctorBuy9.11: "Heaven Sent"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
200Twelfth DoctorBuy9.12: "Hell Bent"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
201Twelfth DoctorBuySpecial: "The Husbands of River Song"TelevisionSteven Moffat2015
202ClassClass 1.01: "For Tonight We Might Die"TelevisionPatrick Ness2016
203ClassClass 1.02: "The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo"TelevisionPatrick Ness2016
204ClassClass 1.03: "Nightvisiting"TelevisionPatrick Ness2016
205Twelfth DoctorSpecial: "The Return of Doctor Mysterio"TelevisionSteven Moffat2016
206Twelfth Doctor10.01: "A Star in Her Eye"TelevisionSteven Moffat2017