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What’s on the Dune Reading Order?

Dune was started by Frank Herbert in 1965. However, he was only able to finish six books before his death. His son, Brian Herbert, with the help of Kevin J. Anderson continued the series. Then they expanded the lore behind it. Here is the completely chronological Dune reading order for the entire series, including the original six novels and Brian’s additions. This list includes all of the following:

  • The original books: The six books originally written by Frank Herbert, starting with Dune in 1965.
  • Additional books: All of the books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Road to Dune: A collection of short stories.
  • Film/Television Adaptations: The 1984 film adaptation, and the Syfy adaptations of Dune, Dune: Messiah, and Children of Dune.

The bulk of this series comes in the form of books; it’s not as diverse in the media that is used to tell this story. However, that keeps the Dune timeline and reading order quite simple, so we like it that way. We hope you enjoy. As always, if there’s a problem with the timeline, be sure to let us know. Additionally, if you enjoyed this timeline, you might like others, such as our Lord of the Rings timeline.

1Road to DuneBuyHunting HarkonnensShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2002Collected in Road to Dune
2Legends of DuneBuyThe Butlerian JihadNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2004
3Road to DuneBuyWhipping MekShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2003Collected in Road to Dune
4Legends of DuneBuyThe Machine CrusadeNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2003
5Road to DuneBuyThe Faces of a MartyrShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2004Collected in Road to Dune
6Legends of DuneBuyThe Battle of CorrinNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2004
7Great SchoolsBuySisterhood of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2012
8Great SchoolsBuyMentats of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2014
9Great SchoolsBuyNavigators of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2016
10Prelude to DuneBuyHouse AtreidesNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson1999
11Prelude to DuneBuyHouse HarkonnenNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2000
12Prelude to DuneBuyHouse CorrinoNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2001
13Prelude to DuneBuyWedding SilkShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2011Collected in Road to Dune
14Original EraBuyDuneNovelFrank Herbert1965
15Original EraBuyDuneFilmDavid Lynch1984The original film adaptation.
16Original EraBuyDuneTelevisionJohn Harrison2000The television mini-series adaptation.
17Original EraBuyDune: The Official Comic BookComicRalph Macchio1984Comic adaptation.
18Road to DuneBuyA Whisper of Caladan SeasShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2001Collected in Road to Dune
19Heroes of DuneBuyPaul of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2008
20Road to DuneBuyThe Road to DuneShort StoryFrank Herbert1985Collected in Road to Dune
21Original EraBuyDune MessiahNovelFrank Herbert1969
22Heroes of DuneBuyThe Winds of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2009
23Original EraBuyChildren of DuneNovelFrank Herbert1976
24Original EraBuyChildren of DuneTelevisionGreg Yaitanes2003A television mini-series adaptation of Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.
25Original EraBuyGod Emperor of DuneNovelFrank Herbert1981
26Original EraBuyHeretics of DuneNovelFrank Herbert1984
27Original EraBuyChapterhouse DuneNovelFrank Herbert1985
28Road to DuneBuySea ChildShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2006Collected in Road to Dune
29SequelsBuyHunters of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2006
30SequelsBuyTreasure in the SandShort StoryBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2006Included in Hunters of Dune paperback.
31SequelsBuySandworms of DuneNovelBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson2007

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