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What’s on the Ender’s Game Timeline?

The Ender’s Series by Orson Scott Card (also known as the Enderverse, Ender Saga, or the Ender Universe) has grown to be quite large, especially considering one author has been responsible for most of it. This Ender’s Game timeline takes all of those books, short stories, comics, and the film to form a cohesive reading order for you to easily follow. While I do recommend starting with Ender’s Game on this series, that doesn’t mean reading it through chronologically won’t be a ton of fun. In fact, I would recommend readingĀ Ender’s Game (so you know what the big deal is), then start reading the rest of the series chronologically. Because it gets good.

1First Formic WarBuyEarth UnawareNovelOrson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston2012
2First Formic WarBuyEarth AfireNovelOrson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston2013
3First Formic WarBuyEarth AwakensNovelOrson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston2014
4First Formic WarBuyFormic Wars: Burning EarthComicOrson Scott Card2011
5First Formic WarBuyFormic Wars: Silent StrikeComicOrson Scott Card2012
6Second Formic WarBuyThe SwarmNovelOrson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston2016
7Second Formic WarThe HiveNovelOrson Scott Card, Aaron JohnstonN/A
8Second Formic WarThe QueensNovelOrson Scott Card, Aaron JohnstonN/A
9Second Formic WarBuyMazer in PrisonShort StoryOrson Scott Card2005
10Second Formic WarBuyMazer in PrisonComicOrson Scott Card2010
11Second Formic WarBuyThe Polish BoyShort StoryOrson Scott Card2002
12Second Formic WarBuyTeacher's PestShort StoryOrson Scott Card2003
13Second Formic WarBuyPretty BoyShort StoryOrson Scott Card2006
14Second Formic WarBuyCheaterShort StoryOrson Scott Card2006
15Ender's GameBuyEnder's StockingShort StoryOrson Scott Card2007
16Ender's GameBuyEnder's GameNovelOrson Scott Card1985
17Ender's GameBuyEnder's GameComicOrson Scott Card2012Comic adaptation of the book.
18Ender's GameBuyEnder's GameFilmGavin Hood2013Film adaptation of the book.
19Shadow NovelsBuyEnder's ShadowNovelOrson Scott Card1999Takes place concurrently with Ender's Game.
20Shadow NovelsBuyEnder's ShadowComicOrson Scott Card2012Comic adaptation of the book.
21Shadow NovelsBuyA War of GiftsNovelOrson Scott Card2007Takes place during Ender's Game
22Shadow NovelsBuyA War of GiftsComicOrson Scott Card2009
23Shadow NovelsBuyRecruiting ValentineComicOrson Scott Card2009Takes place during Ender's Game
24Shadow NovelsBuyThe League WarComicOrson Scott Card2010
25Shadow NovelsBuyEnder's HomecomingShort StoryOrson Scott Card2008
26Shadow NovelsBuyA Young Man with ProspectsShort StoryOrson Scott Card2007
27Shadow NovelsBuyShadow of the HegemonNovelOrson Scott Card2001
28Shadow NovelsBuyShadow PuppetsNovelOrson Scott Card2002
29Shadow NovelsBuyShadow of the GiantNovelOrson Scott Card2005
30Ender's StoryBuyEnder in FlightShort StoryOrson Scott Card2008
31Ender's StoryBuyEnder in FlightComicOrson Scott Card2011
32Ender's StoryBuyEnder in ExileNovelOrson Scott Card2008
33Ender's StoryBuyThe Gold BugShort StoryOrson Scott Card2007
34Ender's StoryThe Gold BugComicOrson Scott Card2010
35Ender's StoryBuyInvestment CounselorShort StoryOrson Scott Card1999
36Ender's StoryBuyShadows in FlightNovelOrson Scott Card2012
37Ender's StoryBuySpeaker for the DeadNovelOrson Scott Card1986
38Ender's StoryBuySpeaker for the DeadComicOrson Scott Card2011
39Ender's StoryBuyGloriously BrightShort StoryOrson Scott Card1991
40Ender's StoryBuyXenocideNovelOrson Scott Card1991
41Ender's StoryBuyChildren of the MindNovelOrson Scott Card1996
42Shadow NovelsShadows AliveNovelOrson Scott CardN/A