Art for the Fallout timeline, taken from Fallout 3.

The game series that defined the post-apocalyptic genre in video gaming, Fallout has become one of the most expansive and inclusive mashups of first-person-shooter, and RPG.

What’s on the Fallout Timeline?

This is the unofficial Fallout timeline for the popular (and ongoing) series of games. There are no novels, comics, or other tie-in material. And thankfully (for me) most of the games are released in chronological order. So that means that the list of Fallout media is pretty short and straightforward. But just in case you were wondering what is the best way to play the Fallout games in order, this is probably your best list. Though for those uninterested in playing retro games, we recommend simply starting with Fallout 3.

The game is set in an alternate reality where nuclear war broke out and left the world a barren wasteland. You get to wade through broken ruins of known cities like Washington D. C. or Las Vegas. Some people and animals have mutated and serve as the primary antagonists during the series. And even though this timeline is very short, the lore behind the Fallout games is massive. For a comprehensive outline of the lore behind the series, I recommend visiting this YouTube channel to learn more. Fallout 4 is relatively recent, so we can hope that we’ll see more Fallout games in the future. We hope you enjoy!
The Fallout Timeline 2.0

1FalloutBuyFallout 762018-11-14game
2Classic FalloutBuyFallout, , 1997-10-10gamebrian-freyermuth mark-ogreen scott-campbell
3Classic FalloutBuyFallout 2, , 1998-09-30gamejason-taylor r-scott-campbell tim-cain
4Classic FalloutBuyFallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel2001-03-15game
5Classic FalloutBuyFallout: Brotherhood of Steel2004-01-14game
6FalloutBuyFallout 32008-10-28gameemil-pagliarulo
7FalloutBuyFallout: New Vegas2010-10-19gamejohn-gonzalez
8FalloutBuyFallout: Shelter2015-06-14gameemil-pagliarulo
9FalloutBuyFallout 42015-11-10gameemil-pagliarulo
The Fallout Timeline 2.0

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