Fast and Furious Timeline

What’s on the Fast and Furious Timeline?

The Fast and Furious timeline takes all of the films and short films from the Fast and Furious franchise and places them in chronological order, since they were not originally released in that order. There are a few video games in the franchise, but these do not contribute to the canonical story of Fast and Furious, so they are left out of the timeline.

Where do I start watching Fast and Furious?

Generally speaking, the Fast and Furious films tend to stand on their own, but there is still a lot you will gain by watching them chronologically. We recommend starting with the first film and watching the films chronologically from there. In the case of Tokyo Drift, which came out third but is placed later on the timeline, we would still recommend waiting to watch it until its chronological placement.

If you enjoyed this timeline, we recommend also checking out our Bourne timeline, or any of the many timelines you can find on this site. And be sure to let us know if there’s anything you would add or change by contacting us. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this Fast and Furious timeline!

1Fast and FuriousBuyThe Fast and the FuriousFilmRob Cohen2001
2Fast and FuriousBuyTurbo-Charged PreludeShort FilmPhillip Atwell2003
3Fast and FuriousBuy2 Fast 2 FuriousFilmJohn Singleton2003
4Fast and FuriousBuyLos BandolerosShort FilmVin Diesel2009
5Fast and FuriousBuyFast & FuriousFilmJustin Lin2009
6Fast and FuriousBuyFast FiveFilmJustin Lin2011
7Fast and FuriousBuyFast & Furious 6FilmJustin Lin2013
8Fast and FuriousBuyThe Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftFilmJustin Lin2006
9Fast and FuriousBuyFurious 7FilmJames Wan2015
10Fast and FuriousFast 8FilmF. Gary Gray2017

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