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What’s in the Legend of Drizzt Reading Order?

Of all the many characters found in the Forgotten Realms saga, Drizzt Do’urden is perhaps the most popular. For a non-human character, he has an impressive number of books, short stories, and even comic adaptations. Every book involving this character (at least in a major way) we include in this timeline. Most of these stories were written by R. A. Salvatore, one of the more famous authors within the Forgotten Realms.

Where to Start Reading the Legend of Drizzt?

This is a point of debate for a lot of people. Many suggest the Icewind Dale trilogy as a starting point, since those came first. However, the Dark Elf trilogy is the true origin story for Drizzt. So either are okay. We, personally, recommend starting with the Dark Elf trilogy.

As always, if you see something that needs changing, adding, or deleting, please let us know. Additionally, if you enjoyed this timeline, you should check out our full Forgotten Realms timeline. It includes everything here, plus the hundreds of books and short stories that make up the Forgotten Realms universe in total.

The Legend of Drizzt 2.0 Timeline

15253 DRBuyGuenhwyvar1995-12-01
241100s DRBuyThe First Notch2011-02-01
351328 DRBuyHomeland1990-08-01
361328 DRBuyHomeland, 2008-07-23
411340 DRBuyExile1990-12-01
421340 DRBuyExile, 2006-03-29
441341 DRBuyThe Third Level1994-12-27
491347 DRBuySojourn1991-05-01
501347 DRBuySojourn, 2015-12-29
611356 DRBuyThe Crystal Shard1988-01-01
621356 DRBuyThe Crystal Shard, 2007-03-06
631356 DRBuyStreams of Silver1989-01-01
641356 DRBuyStreams of Silver, 2007-08-21
681357 DRBuyDark Mirror1993-01-26
711357 DRBuyThe Halfling’s Gem1990-01-01
721357 DRBuyThe Halfling’s Gem, 2017-04-25
731357 DRBuyThe Legacy1992-09-01
741357 DRBuyStarless Night1993-08-24
861358 DRBuySiege of Darkness1994-08-30
871358 DRBuyThe Dowery2011-02-01
1291364 DRBuyPassage to Dawn1996-08-06
1301364 DRBuyThe Silent Blade1998-10-13
1381366 DRBuyServant of the Shard2000-10-01
1421366 DRBuyThe Spine of the World1999-09-07
1471367 DRBuyThat Curious Sword2002-04-01
1561368 DRBuyWickless in the Nether2004-08-05
2271370 DRBuyBones and Stones2008-01-08
2381370 DRBuySea of Swords2001-10-01
2391370 DRBuyThe Thousand Orcs2002-10-01
2401370 DRBuyThe Lone Drow2003-10-01
2431371 DRBuyComrades at Odds2006-02-07
2491371 DRBuyThe Two Swords2004-10-01
2741372 DRBuyThe Orc King2007-09-25
3351377 DRBuyThe Pirate King2009-07-07
3511385 DRBuyThe Ghost King2009-10-01
3551390s DRBuyIruladoon2010-01-05
3591439 DRBuyTo Legend He Goes2011-02-01
3601462 DRBuyGauntlgrym2010-10-05
3611462 DRBuyDungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Tales – The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 1, 2013-05-14
3631463 DRBuyNeverwinter2011-10-04
3641463 DRBuyCharon’s Claw2012-08-07
4101484 DRBuyThe Last Threshold2013-03-05
4111484 DRBuyThe Companions2013-08-06
4141484 DRBuyDungeons & Dragons: Cutter, 2014-11-25
4151484 DRBuyNight of the Hunter2014-03-11
4161484 DRBuyRise of the King2014-09-30
4171485 DRBuyVengeance of the Iron Dwarf2015-03-03
4211486 DRBuyArchmage2015-09-01
4231486 DRBuyMaestro2016-04-05
4251486 DRBuyHero2016-10-25
14.001UnknownBuyIf Ever They Happened Upon My Lair2011-02-01
The Legend of Drizzt 2.0 Timeline

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