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What’s on the Halo Timeline?

This list attempts to create a reading order (or in some cases viewing/playing order) for all major pieces of Halo media. This includes primarily all video games, novels, films, and comic books. This list does not attempt to split up any media into individual scenes/pages, but rather focuses on an easy to follow reading/playing/watching list (with a few exceptions). In the event that two works cover the exact same time-frame we first list the first published work. Additionally we base the placement within the timeline on where the work ends rather than where it begins.

This list of Halo media includes:

  • The Halo Games: Considered the “core” medium for the Halo franchise. These include the main series of games, as well as a few mobile games such as Spartan Assault.
  • Novels/Comics: Halo has more tie-in novels and comics than any other video game franchise. I include them in the timeline.
  • Films/Short Films: Though the Halo franchise has never seen a theatrical release, the series does include a few films that were released through other mediums, often online.

There are a few other pieces of media that fit in, such as the Hunt the Truth podcast, and you can find it all in chronological order below. We hope you enjoy!

Where do I start reading the Halo books?

Since this is a franchise based on video games, you should definitely start with those. We recommend the Halo: Master Chief Collection for the best starting experience. However, if you’re looking to start reading the books and/or comics, you should start with The Fall of Reach, which has the richest background information for the game franchise.

How to Use This Halo Timeline

For Halo, you have the following features:

  1. Titles that link to an expanded page for each item.
  2. Sorting by Title, Series, Media Type, Writer, and Release Date
  3. Filtering by Media Type or Writer.

Feel free to click on individual items to see more information! As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our Forum. We hope you enjoy.
The Halo Timeline 2.0

2Forerunner SagaBuyCryptum2011-01-04
3Forerunner SagaBuyPrimordium2012-01-03
8Halo: LegendsBuyLegends: The Duel2010-02-16
10The Fall of ReachBuyThe Fall of Reach: Boot Camp2011-04-27
11BuyContact Harvest2007-10-30
12Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Pariah2009-11-24
13Halo: LegendsBuyLegends: Homecoming2010-02-16
14Halo WarsBuyHalo Wars: Genesis2009-03-03
15Halo WarsBuyHalo Wars2009-02-26
20BuyThe Cole Protocol2008-11-25
22Halo: LegendsBuyLegends: The Package2010-02-16
23Halo: LegendsBuyLegends: Prototype2010-02-16
25Halo: LegendsBuyLegends: The Babysitter2010-02-16
29BuyBlood Line2010-07-28
31The Fall of ReachBuyThe Fall of Reach2001-10-30
33BuyHalo: Reach2010-09-14
35Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Stomping on the Heels of a Fuss2009-11-24
36The Original Halo TrilogyBuyHalo: Combat Evolved2001-11-15
37BuyThe Flood2003-04-01
40BuyFirst Strike2003-12-02
43The Original Halo TrilogyBuyHalo 22004-11-09
46BuyGhosts of Onyx2006-10-31
49BuyHalo 3: ODST2009-09-22
51The Original Halo TrilogyBuyHalo 32007-09-25
55Kilo-Five TrilogyBuyGlasslands2011-10-25
70BuyHalo: Nightfall2015-03-16
1Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Soma the Painter2009-11-24
4Forerunner SagaBuySilentium2013-03-19
5Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Defender of the Storm2016-09-20
7Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Promises to Keep2016-09-20
6Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Untitled Story2016-09-20
9BuyBroken Circle2014-11-04
16The Fall of ReachBuyThe Fall of Reach: Covenant2011-12-14
17The Fall of ReachBuyThe Fall of Reach2015-10-27
18BuyHalo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, 2012-11-02
19Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: The Ballad of Hamish Beamish2016-09-20
21Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: Something Has Happened2016-10-25
24Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian2009-11-24
26Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Headhunters2009-11-24
27Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: Hunting Party2016-10-25
30Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Blunt Instruments2009-11-24
32The Fall of ReachBuyThe Fall of Reach: Invasion2012-07-18
34Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Dirt2009-11-24
38Halo Graphic NovelBuyHalo Graphic Novel: Breaking Quarantine2006-07-19
39Halo Graphic NovelBuyHalo Graphic Novel: The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor2006-07-19
41Halo Graphic NovelBuyHalo Graphic Novel: Armor Testing, , 2006-07-19
42Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Mona Lisa, 2009-11-24
44Halo Graphic NovelBuyHalo Graphic Novel- Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa2006-07-19
45Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Palace Hotel2009-11-24
50Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Human Weakness2009-11-24
52Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: Wages of Sin2009-11-24
53Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: The Impossible Life & The Possible Death of Preston Cole2009-11-24
54Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: From the Office of Dr. William Arthur Iqbal2009-11-24
56BuyShadow of Intent2015-12-07
58Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Breaking Strain2016-09-20
59Kilo-Five TrilogyBuyThe Thursday War2012-10-02
60Kilo-Five TrilogyBuyMortal Dictata2014-01-21
61BuyLast Light2015-09-15
62Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: A Necessary Truth2016-09-20
64BuyHunters in the Dark2015-06-16
65BuyNew Blood2015-03-02
66Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Lessons Learned2016-09-20
67Legacy of Onyx2017-11-14
68Bad Blood2018-04-24
69Halo: Spartan Assault2013-07-18
71Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Anarosa2016-09-20
72Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Into the Fire2016-09-20
73BuySmoke and Shadow2016-11-28
74Halo: LegendsBuyLegends: Origins2010-02-16
75Halo: Spartan Strike2015-04-16
76BuySaint’s Testimony2015-07-27
77Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Oasis2016-09-20
78Second Halo TrilogyBuyHalo 42012-11-06
79Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: Dominion Splinter2016-10-25
80BuyHalo 4: Sparten Ops2012-11-06
81Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: Fireteam Majestic Poker Night2016-10-25
82Halo: EscalationBuyEscalation, Vol. 12014-10-21
84Halo: EscalationBuyEscalation, Vol. 22015-04-21
83Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: Knight Takes Bishop2016-10-25
85Hunt the TruthHunt the Truth (Season 1)2015-03-22
86Halo: EscalationBuyEscalation, Vol. 32015-09-29
87Halo: EscalationBuyEscalation, Vol. 42016-03-22
88Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: On the Brink2016-10-25
89Hunt the TruthHunt the Truth (Season 2)2015-09-22
91Second Halo TrilogyBuyHalo 5: Guardians2015-10-27
92Halo WarsRise of Atriox, , , , , , , TBD
93Tales from SlipspaceBuyTales from Slipspace: Undefeated2016-10-25
94Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: Rossbach’s World2016-09-20
95Halo: FracturesBuyFractures: What Remains2016-09-20
96Halo EvolutionsBuyEvolutions: The Return2009-11-24
97Halo WarsBuyHalo Wars 22017-02-21
The Halo Timeline 2.0

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