Jurassic Park Timeline

What’s in the Jurassic Park Timeline?

This is the unofficial Jurassic Park timeline. Though most people associate the franchise with the series of films that were released, the books actually came first. Both the books and the films are included here.

The franchise also had a number of comics that tie-in to the films. However, some of these (particularly those that take place after The Lost World), paved their own continuity, much of which was largely ignored by the relaunch with Jurassic World. However, with a little retconning, you can still keep them, so they are also included.

1Original EraBuyJurassic ParkNovelMichael Crichton1990
2Original EraBuyJurassic ParkFilmSteven Spielberg1993
3TelltaleBuyJurassic Park: The GameGameTelltale Games2011
4Classic ComicsBuyClassic Jurassic Park, Vol. 1ComicWalter Simonson2010
5Classic ComicsBuyClassic Jurassic Park, Vol. 2: Raptors' RevengeComicSteve Englehart2011
6Classic ComicsBuyClassic Jurassic Park, Vol. 3: Amazon Adventure!ComicMichael Golden2011
7Classic ComicsBuyClassic Jurassic Park, Vol. 4: Return to Jurassic Park, Part 1ComicSteve Englehart2012
8Classic ComicsBuyClassic Jurassic Park, Vol. 5: Return to Jurassic Park, Part 2ComicTom Bierbaum2013
9Original EraBuyThe Lost WorldNovelMichael Crichton1995
10Original EraBuyThe Lost WorldFilmSteven Spielberg1997
11Classic ComicsClassic Jurassic Park, Vol. 6: The Lost WorldComicDon McGregor2014
12Original EraBuyJurassic Park IIIFilmJoe Johnston2001
13New ComicsBuyJurassic Park Vol. 1: RedemptionComicBob Schreck2011
14New ComicsBuyJurassic Park: The Devils in the DesertComicJohn Byrne2011
15New ComicsBuyJurassic Park: Dangerous GamesComicErik Bear2012Potentially out of continuity.
16Jurassic WorldBuyJurassic WorldFilmColin Trevorrow2015
17Jurassic WorldJurassic World 2FilmN/A2018
18Jurassic WorldJurassic World 3FilmN/AN/A

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