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What’s on the Kurtherian Universe Reading Order?

The Kurtherian Universe is probably the largest, independently published shared universe out there. Originally developed by Michael Anderle, other authors have joined with their own stories set in the same universe. Therefore, this Kurtherian Universe reading order assembles all of the books in the various series in chronological order.

At one point, the timeline splits into two main continuities, one that takes place in space, called the Age of Expansion. The other takes place in Earth’s far future,┬áthe Age of Magic. We’ve placed the Age of Expansion first, even though the chronology places them together.

Where to Start Reading the Kurtherian Universe

Each series in the Kurtherian Universe is designed to be read separately. However, if you want to start at the beginning, we do recommend Death Becomes Her, the book that started it all. It is also the start of the largest series in the universe, the Kurtherian Gambit series. If that series is too long for you, keep in mind that only the first six books are a complete story arc. Read those, and then you can pick another series if you wish.

The Kurtherian Universe Reading Order 2.0

Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyDeath Becomes Her2015-11-02
Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyQueen Bitch2015-11-11
Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyLove Lost2015-11-25
Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyBite This2015-12-14
Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyNever Forsaken2016-01-11
Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyUnder My Heel2016-02-03
Stories of the UnknownWorldBuyYou Don’t Touch John’ Cousin, 2016-03-21
Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)BuyKneel or Die2016-03-06
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuyWe Will Build2016-04-21
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuyIt’s Hell to Choose2016-05-25
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuyRelease the Dogs of War2016-06-27
Stories of the UnknownWorldBuyBitch’s Night Out, 2016-06-03
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuySued for Peace2016-07-27
Boris ChroniclesBuyEvacuation, 2016-07-14
Boris ChroniclesBuyRetaliation, 2016-08-11
Boris ChroniclesBuyRevelations, 2017-01-04
Boris ChroniclesRestitution, TBD
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuyWe Have Contact2016-08-30
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuyMy Ride is a Bitch2016-10-05
Stories of the UnknownWorldBuyBellatrix, , 2016-12-21
Etheric AcademyBuyAlpha Class, 2017-01-01
Etheric AcademyBuyAlpha Class: Engineering, 2017-03-13
Trials and TribulationsBuyRisk Be Damned, 2017-02-28
Trials and TribulationsBuyDamned to Hell, 2017-05-06
Trials and TribulationsHell’s Worst Nightmare, TBD
Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)BuyDon’t Cross This Line2016-11-12
Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)BuyNever Submit2017-02-02
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad Found, 2016-12-20
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad Redeemed, 2017-01-13
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad Unleashed, 2017-02-05
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad Supreme, 2017-03-03
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad’s Fury, 2017-03-13
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad’s Justice, 2017-04-09
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad Avenged, 2017-05-29
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad Mortis, 2017-06-18
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad’s Force, 2017-07-27
Terry Henry Walton ChroniclesBuyNomad’s Galaxy, 2017-08-17
StandaloneBuyWorld’s Worst Day Ever, , 2017-04-21
The Second Dark AgesBuyThe Dark Messiah2016-12-23
The Second Dark AgesBuyThe Darkest Night2017-05-24
The Second Dark AgesDarkest Before the DawnTBD
The Second Dark AgesDawn ArrivesTBD
Reclaiming HonorBuyJustice is Calling, 2016-12-08
Reclaiming HonorBuyClaimed by Honor, 2017-01-12
Reclaiming HonorBuyJudgment Has Fallen, 2017-02-13
Reclaiming HonorBuyAngel of Reckoning, 2017-04-04
Reclaiming HonorBuyBorn Into Flames, 2017-07-07
Reclaiming HonorBuyDefending the Lost, 2017-08-06
Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)BuyNever Surrender2017-03-29
Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)BuyForever Defend2017-06-30
Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)BuyMight Makes Right2017-08-22
Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)Ahead FullTBD
Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)Capture DeathTBD
Kurtherian GambitLife Goes OnTBD
The Ascension MythBuyAwakened, 2017-05-10
The Ascension MythBuyActivation, 2017-05-17
The Ascension MythBuyAscension, 2017-06-05
The Ascension MythBuySanctioned, 2017-07-05
The Ascension MythBuyRebirth, 2017-07-23
The Ascension MythBuyRetribution, 2017-08-27
The Rise of MagicBuyRestriction, , 2017-03-15
The Rise of MagicBuyReawakening, , 2017-03-24
The Rise of MagicBuyRebellion, , 2017-04-19
The Rise of MagicBuyRevolution, , 2017-06-02
The Rise of MagicBuyUnlawful Passage, , 2017-08-03
The Hidden Magic ChroniclesBuyShades of Light, 2017-05-18
The Hidden Magic ChroniclesBuyShades of Dark, 2017-07-10
The Hidden Magic ChroniclesShades of Glory, TBD
Storms of MagicBuyStorm Raiders, 2017-06-15
Storms of MagicBuyStorm Callers, 2017-07-25
Storms of MagicStorm Breakers, TBD
Tales of the Feisty DruidBuyThe Arcadian Druid, 2017-07-19
Tales of the Feisty DruidBuyThe Undying Illusionist, 2017-08-08
Path of HeroesBuyRogue Mage, 2017-08-10
The Kurtherian Universe Reading Order 2.0