Lost timeline artwork, with most of the major character featured.

What’s on the Lost Timeline?

This is the unofficial Lost timeline for fans of the show that aired from 2004 to 2010. The show prompted several pieces of tie-in media, including a few novels focusing on side characters, a video game, some webisodes, and a multi-media online experience.

The Lost Experience as it is called, does not tell too much of a story, but the information provided is considered canon. A link to a gathering of the various websites and other pieces can be found below. As with our other timelines, be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve this or other timelines.

1LostBuyLost (Season 1)TelevisionDamon Lindelof2004
2LostBuyEndangered SpeciesNovelCathy Hapka2005Takes place shortly after the crash.
3LostBuySecret IdentityNovelCathy Hapka2006Takes place shortly after the crash.
4LostBuySigns of LifeNovelFrank Thompson2006Takes place shortly after the crash.
5LostBuyLost (Season 2)TelevisionDamon Lindelof2005
6LostBuyLost: Via DomusGameUbisoft2008
7LostThe Lost ExperienceWebDamon Lindelof2006Learn more here.
8LostBuyBad TwinNovelLaurence shames (as Gary Troup)2006Meta novel set in universe.
9LostBuyLost (Season 3)TelevisionDamon Lindelof2006
10LostBuyLost: Missing PiecesWebDamon Lindelof2007Take place during key moments of the first 3 seasons.
11LostBuyLost (Season 4)TelevisionDamon Lindelof2007
12LostBuyLost (Season 5)TelevisionDamon Lindelof2008
13LostBuyLost (Season 6)TelevisionDamon Lindelof2009