Malazan Reading Order

What’s in the Malazan Reading Order?

The Malazan books are primarily written by Steven Erikson, though some are written by Ian C. Esslemont as part of a separate series that intermingles with the main series. Erikson has also written a series of novellas, and recently started a trilogy that takes place thousands of years before the main series. The setting is an epic fantasy world.

We want you to contact us if there’s anything out of order here. We try to keep everything in chronological order, though you can sort by release year if you want. So here is the Malazan Reading Order for those interested in reading the entire saga.

1Kharkanas TrilogyBuyForge of DarknessNovelSteven Erikson2012
2Kharkanas TrilogyBuyFall of LightNovelSteven Erikson2016
3Kharkanas TrilogyWalk in ShadowNovelSteven EriksonN/A
4Path to AscendancyBuyDancer's LamentNovelIan C. Esslemont2016
5Malazan Main SeriesBuyMidnight TidesNovelSteven Erikson2004
6Malazan Main SeriesBuyGardens of the MoonNovelSteven Erikson1999
7Malazan Main SeriesBuyNight of KnivesNovelIan C. Esslemont2005
8Malazan Main SeriesBuyDeadhouse GatesNovelSteven Erikson2000
9Malazan Main SeriesBuyBlood FollowsNovellaSteven Erikson2002Collected in The Tales Of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, Vol 1
10Malazan Main SeriesBuyThe Lees of Laughter's EndNovellaSteven Erikson2007Collected in The Tales Of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, Vol 1
11Malazan Main SeriesBuyThe Wurms of BlearmouthNovellaSteven Erikson2012
12Malazan Main SeriesBuyMemories of IceNovelSteven Erikson2001
13Malazan Main SeriesBuyHouse of ChainsNovelSteven Erikson2002
14Malazan Main SeriesBuyThe Healthy DeadNovellaSteven Erikson2004Collected in The Tales Of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, Vol 1
15Malazan Main SeriesBuyThe BonehuntersNovelSteven Erikson2006
16Malazan Main SeriesBuyReaper's GaleNovelSteven Erikson2007
17Malazan Main SeriesBuyCrack'd Pot TrailNovellaSteven Erikson2009
18Malazan Main SeriesBuyReturn of the Crimson GuardNovelIan C. Esslemont2008
19Malazan Main SeriesBuyToll the HoundsNovelSteven Erikson2008
20Malazan Main SeriesBuyStonewielderNovelIan C. Esslemont2010
21Malazan Main SeriesBuyGoats of GloryShort StorySteven Erikson2010Collected in Swords & Dark Magic
22Malazan Main SeriesBuyDust of DreamsNovelSteven Erikson2009
23Malazan Main SeriesBuyOrb Sceptre ThroneNovelIan C. Esslemont2012
24Malazan Main SeriesBuyThe Crippled GodNovelSteven Erikson2011
25Malazan Main SeriesBuyBlood and BoneNovelIan C. Esslemont2012
26Malazan Main SeriesBuyAssailNovelIan C. Esslemont2014

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