Welcome to the Marvel Trade Paperbacks Chronology and other various timelines related to Marvel Comics. This list compiles all of the Marvel trade paperbacks in a chronological reading order. Additionally, this page also includes fan favorites like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We hope you enjoy!

Our most popular timelines are:

Events and Recommended ReadingMarvel Cinematic Universe Timeline (MCU)

And here’s the full list of Marvel Comics timelines.

The Primary Continuity (Earth-616) – This is the primary continuity for all of the Marvel comics. Most Marvel trade paperbacks fit into this timeline. It does not include “Age of..” timelines, What If stories, or alternate earths. Some of these extra universes can be found elsewhere on this site. We’re still working on assembling all of the comics for this portion of the site, but you can see what we have here:

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) – Yes, Marvel considers the MCU a part of the Marvel multiverse. It takes place on Earth – 199999. There are currently no crossovers with other universes, but who knows, that doesn’t have to remain that way. The MCU does not include X-Men, but does include Sony’s version of Spider-man with Tom Holland in the leading role.

The X-Men Cinematic Universe (Earth 10005) – Fox owns the X-Men universe, which only includes the X-Men, X-Force, and the Fantastic Four movie rights, though FF may or may not be linked to the same universe.

The Amalgam Universe (Earth 9602) – This universe is where Marvel and DC Comics collide. Therefore, they can theoretically be said to exist in the same multiverse. There are elements from both that mash up into the Amalgam Universe.