Marvel Comics Timeline: The 2000s

What’s in the Marvel Comics Timeline: The 2000s?

Welcome to the sixth chapter of the Marvel Comics timeline. This section covers all of the major comics for popular Marvel characters from the 2000s. The 2000s began Marvel’s comeback, especially after the successful film adaptations of X-men and Spider-man. You can find those films on some of our other timelines. For the full list of timelines in the Marvel comics timeline, visit our main Marvel Multiverse page.

Only comics make up this timeline. Since the contents are not a multi-media timeline like many of the other timelines on this site, there is no color coding found here. This timeline also does not include the publication year or author. We do this because Marvel releases multiple re-releases across several years, and you will often find multiple authors per trade paperback. For that reason, we do not include them. However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow list of books in the Marvel 616 timeline, this is the best place to start.

Be sure to let us know if you see anything that needs to be added, changed, or deleted from the timeline. You can do so on our contact page, or by contacting Jason through Twitter.

1The Early 2000sBuyContest Of Champions IIComic
2The Early 2000sBuyWolverine / Punisher: RevelationComic
3The Early 2000sBuyThe InhumansComic
4The Early 2000sBuyAvengers: Ultron UnlimitedComic
5The Early 2000sBuyX-Men: The ShatteringComic
6The Early 2000sBuyX-Men: DeathwishComic
7The Early 2000sBuyAvengers Legends Vol. 1: Avengers ForeverComic
8The Early 2000sBuyAvengers ForeverComic
9The Early 2000sBuyX-Men vs. Apocalypse Vol. 1: The TwelveComic
10The Early 2000sBuyAnt-Man’s Big ChristmasComic
11The Early 2000sBuyX-Men vs. Apocalypse Vol. 2: Ages Of ApocalypseComic
12The Early 2000sBuyX-Men: PowerlessComic
13The Early 2000sBuyCaptain Marvel: First ContactComic
14The Early 2000sBuyThor Vol. 4Comic
15The Early 2000sBuyAvengers: Living LegendsComic
16The Early 2000sBuyIron Man: Mask In The Iron ManComic
17The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Platinum: The Definitive Iron ManComic
18The Early 2000sBuyWizard Wolverine Masterpiece EditionComic
19The Early 2000sBuyWolverine: Blood DebtComic
20The Early 2000sBuyAvengers Assemble Vol. 3Comic
21The Early 2000sBuyAvengers / Thunderbolts Vol. 1: The Nefaria ProtocolsComic
22The Early 2000sBuyHulk: Dogs Of WarComic
23The Early 2000sBuyCounter X Vol. 1: X-ForceComic
24The Early 2000sBuyCounter X Vol. 2: Generation XComic
25The Early 2000sBuyCounter X Vol. 3: X-ManComic
26The Early 2000sBuyAvengers / X-Men: Maximum SecurityComic
27The Early 2000sBuyPeter Parker, Spider-Man: A Day In The LifeComic
28The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man: Revenge Of The Green GoblinComic
29The Early 2000sBuyThe SentryComic
30The Early 2000sBuyPunisher Vol. 1: Welcome Back, FrankComic
31The Early 2000sBuyMarvel BoyComic
32The Early 2000sBuyFantastic Four: Flesh And StoneComic
33The Early 2000sBuyX-Men: Dream’s EndComic
34The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Platinum: The Definitive Incredible HulkComic
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36The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil Vol. 1Comic
37The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil / Spider-ManComic
38The Early 2000sBuyBlack WidowComic
39The Early 2000sBuyThor: Across All WorldsComic
40The Early 2000sBuyAvengers Assemble Vol. 4Comic
41The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil: NinjaComic
42The Early 2000sBuyX-Men: Eve Of DestructionComic
43The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil Vol. 3: Wake UpComic
44The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Masters: The Art Of John ByrneComic
45The Early 2000sBuyFantastic Four: Into The BreachComic
46The Early 2000sBuyThe Fantastic 4th Voyage Of SinbadComic
47The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Platinum: The Greatest Foes Of WolverineComic
48The Early 2000sBuyPeter Parker, Spider-Man: One Small BreakComic
49The Early 2000sBuyX-Treme X-Men Vol. 1: DestinyComic
50The Early 2000sBuyNew X-Men Vol. 1: E is for ExtinctionComic
51The Early 2000sBuyCaptain America / Nick Fury: The Otherworld WarComic
52The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Masters: The Tales Of Kurt Busiek And The Art Of John Romita Sr. And John Romita Jr. (Collectors Edition)Comic
53The Early 2000sBuyAvengers: Above And BeyondComic
54The Early 2000sBuyExiles Vol. 1: Down The Rabbit HoleComic
55The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man’s Tangled Web Vol. 1Comic
56The Early 2000sBuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: Coming HomeComic
57The Early 2000sBuyX-Force Vol. 1: New BeginningsComic
58The Early 2000sBuyCaptain America: Scourge Of The UnderworldComic
59The Early 2000sBuyThe Best Of Spider-Man Vol. 1Comic
60The Early 2000sBuyUncanny X-Men: PoptopiaComic
61The Early 2000sBuyWolverine: The Best There IsComic
62The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 1Comic
63The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 2Comic
64The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 3Comic
65The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 4Comic
66The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 5Comic
67The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 6Comic
68The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 7Comic
69The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 8Comic
70The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 9Comic
71The Early 2000sBuyThe 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time Vol. 10Comic
72The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Visionaries: John Romita Jr.Comic
73The Early 2000sBuyWolverine / Deadpool: Weapon XComic
74The Early 2000sBuyThor: GodstormComic
75The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil: YellowComic
76The Early 2000sBuyGhost Rider: The Hammer LaneComic
77The Early 2000sBuyFantastic Four: 1234Comic
78The Early 2000sBuyU.S. War MachineComic
79The Early 2000sBuyPunisher Vol. 2: Army Of OneComic
80The Early 2000sBuyElektra: The Scorpio KeyComic
81The Early 2000sBuyThor: The Death Of OdinComic
82The Early 2000sBuyThor Vol. 1: The Death Of OdinComic
83The Early 2000sBuyFantastic Four: Resurrection Of GalactusComic
84The Early 2000sBuyCable Vol. 1: The Shining PathComic
85The Early 2000sBuyX-Treme X-Men: Savage LandComic
86The Early 2000sBuyDoomComic
87The Early 2000sBuyElektra And Wolverine: The Redeemer Book 1Comic
88The Early 2000sBuyElektra And Wolverine: The Redeemer Book 2Comic
89The Early 2000sBuyElektra And Wolverine: The Redeemer Book 3Comic
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91The Early 2000sBuyFuryComic
92The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man’s Tangled Web Vol. 2Comic
93The Early 2000sBuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: RevelationsComic
94The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil Vol. 4: UnderbossComic
95The Early 2000sBuyExiles Vol. 2: A World ApartComic
96The Early 2000sBuyNuff SaidComic
97The Early 2000sBuyIncredible Hulk Vol. 1: Return Of The MonsterComic
98The Early 2000sBuyMarvel Visionaries: Chris ClaremontComic
99The Early 2000sBuyWolverine: OriginComic
100The Early 2000sBuyNew X-Men Vol. 1Comic
101The Early 2000sBuyNew X-Men Vol. 2: ImperialComic
102The Early 2000sBuyAlias Vol. 1Comic
103The Early 2000sBuyWolverine Legends Vol. 1: Wolverine / HulkComic
104The Early 2000sBuy2000-2001: Fanboys And Bad-Girls: Bill And Joe’s Marvelous AdventureComic
105The Early 2000sBuyAvengers: Kang DynastyComic
106The Early 2000sBuyX-Force Vol. 2: Final ChapterComic
107The Early 2000sBuyX-Force: Famous, Mutant, And MortalComic
108The Early 2000sBuyHoward The DuckComic
109The Early 2000sBuyThor: Lord Of Asgard (2011 Edition)Comic
110The Early 2000sBuyCageComic
111The Early 2000sBuyDeadlineComic
112The Early 2000sBuyIncredible Hulk Vol. 1Comic
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114The Early 2000sBuyAvengers Assemble Vol. 5Comic
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116The Early 2000sBuyCaptain America: Red, White And BlueComic
117The Early 2000sBuyFantastic Four / The InhumansComic
118The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man’s Tangled Web Vol. 3Comic
119The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man: Quality Of LifeComic
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121The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil Vol. 2Comic
122The Early 2000sBuyX-Treme X-Men Vol. 2: InvasionComic
123The Early 2000sBuyThing: FreakshowComic
124The Early 2000sBuyAmazing Spider-Man Ultimate Collection 1Comic
125The Early 2000sBuyThe Best Of Spider-Man Vol. 2Comic
126The Early 2000sBuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 3: Until The Stars Turn ColdComic
127The Early 2000sBuyPeter Parker, Spider-Man: Return Of The GoblinComic
128The Early 2000sBuyCaptain America Vol. 1: The New DealComic
129The Early 2000sBuyElektra: IntrospectComic
130The Early 2000sBuyThe Hood: Blood From The StonesComic
131The Early 2000sBuyNew X-Men Vol. 3: New WorldsComic
132The Early 2000sBuyPunisher Vol. 2Comic
133The Early 2000sBuyPunisher Vol. 3: Business As UsualComic
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135The Early 2000sBuyAlias Vol. 2: Come HomeComic
136The Early 2000sBuyThe Call Of Duty Vol. 1: The Brotherhood And The WagonComic
137The Early 2000sBuyThe Call Of Duty Vol. 2: The PrecinctComic
138The Early 2000sBuyExiles Ultimate Collection 1Comic
139The Early 2000sBuyExiles Vol. 3: Out Of TimeComic
140The Early 2000sBuyX-Statix Vol. 1: Good OmensComic
141The Early 2000sBuyVision: Yesterday And TomorrowComic
142The Early 2000sBuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 1: HopeComic
143The Early 2000sBuyPeter Parker, Spider-Man: Trials And TribulationsComic
144The Early 2000sBuyDaredevil Ultimate Collection 1Comic
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146The Early 2000sBuyAvengers Vol. 1: World TrustComic
147The Early 2000sBuyThor: Gods on EarthComic
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149The Early 2000sBuyWeapon X Vol. 1: The DraftComic
150The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man’s Tangled Web Vol. 4Comic
151The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man: BlueComic
152The Early 2000sBuyFantastic Four Vol. 1: ImaginautsComic
153The Early 2000sBuyCaptain Marvel Vol. 1: Nothing To LoseComic
154The Early 2000sBuyShang-Chi: The Hellfire ApocalypseComic
155The Early 2000sBuyWolverine Legends Vol. 3: Law Of The JungleComic
156The Early 2000sBuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 4: The Life And Death Of SpidersComic
157The Early 2000sBuySpider-Man / Mary Jane: You Just Hit The JackpotComic
158The Early 2000sBuyAvengers: StandoffComic
159The Early 2000sBuyKillravenComic
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162The Early 2000sBuyNew X-Men Vol. 4: Riot At Xavier’sComic
163The Early 2000sBuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 2: Dominant SpeciesComic
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166The Early 2000sBuyHulk / Wolverine: Six HoursComic
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168The Early 2000sBuyElektra: Everything Old is New AgainComic
169The Early 2000sBuyExiles Vol. 4: LegacyComic
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177The Early 2000sBuyX-Men Legends: Hated And FearedComic
178The Early 2000sBuyPeter Parker, Spider-Man: Senseless ViolenceComic
179The Early 2000sBuyThunderbolts: How To LoseComic
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220The Early 2000sBuyAvengers Vol. 3: The Search For She-HulkComic
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2222004 and 2005BuyFantastic Four Vol. 3: Authoritative ActionComic
2232004 and 2005BuyNew X-Men Vol. 6: Planet XComic
2242004 and 2005BuyPunisher by Garth Ennis OmnibusComic
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2292004 and 2005BuyHulk Vol. 6: Split DecisionsComic
2302004 and 2005BuySilver Surfer: Communion Vol. 1Comic
2312004 and 2005BuyThanos: EpiphanyComic
2322004 and 2005BuyThor: The ReigningComic
2332004 and 2005BuySpider-Man / Dr. Octopus: Negative ExposureComic
2342004 and 2005BuyRunaways Vol. 2: Teenage WastelandComic
2352004 and 2005BuySentinel Vol. 2: No HeroComic
2362004 and 2005BuyHulk: GrayComic
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2392004 and 2005BuyBest Of The Fantastic Four Vol. 1Comic
2402004 and 2005BuyHulk Vol. 7: Dead Like MeComic
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2452004 and 2005BuyYoung InhumansComic
2462004 and 2005BuyVenom Vol. 2: RunComic
2472004 and 2005BuyMystique by Brian K. Vaughn Ultimate CollectionComic
2482004 and 2005BuyMystique Vol. 2: Tinker, Tailor, Mutant, SpyComic
2492004 and 2005BuyElektra Vol. 4: FrenzyComic
2502004 and 2005BuyExiles Vol. 7: A Blink In TimeComic
2512004 and 2005BuyAvengers Vol. 4: Lionheart Of AvalonComic
2522004 and 2005BuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 6: Bright New MourningComic
2532004 and 2005BuyX-Treme X-Men Vol. 8: Prisoner Of FireComic
2542004 and 2005BuyFantastic Four Vol. 2Comic
2552004 and 2005BuyAmazing Spider-Man Vol. 7: The Book Of EzekielComic
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2582004 and 2005BuyFantastic Four Vol. 4: HereafterComic
2592004 and 2005BuyPunisher MAX Vol. 1: In The BeginningComic
2602004 and 2005BuySpectacular Spider-Man Vol. 3: Here There Be MonstersComic
2612004 and 2005BuyThor: Gods And MenComic
2622004 and 2005BuyTruth: Red, White And BlackComic
2632004 and 2005BuyCaptain America Vol. 5: HomelandComic
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2712004 and 2005BuyWitches: The GatheringComic
2722004 and 2005BuyX-Statix Vol. 4: X-Statix vs. AvengersComic
2732004 and 2005BuyCable And Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could KillComic
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2752004 and 2005BuyAlpha Flight: You Gotta Be Kiddin’ MeComic
2762004 and 2005BuyHulk Vol. 8: Big ThingsComic
2772004 and 2005BuyExcalibur Vol. 1: Forging The SwordComic
2782004 and 2005BuyExiles Vol. 8: Earn Your WingsComic
2792004 and 2005BuyMystique Vol. 3: UnnaturalComic
2802004 and 2005BuyMan-Thing: Whatever Knows FearComic
2812004 and 2005BuyThe Pulse Vol. 1: Thin AirComic
2822004 and 2005BuyRunaways Vol. 1Comic
2832004 and 2005BuyRunaways Vol. 3: The Good Die YoungComic
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2852004 and 2005BuyUncanny X-Men: The New Age Vol. 1: The End Of HistoryComic
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3072004 and 2005BuyAvengers DisassembledComic
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3162004 and 2005BuyHulk / Thing: Hard KnocksComic
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4142004 and 2005BuyOroro: Before The StormComic
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4162004 and 2005BuyFantastic Four by J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1Comic
4172004 and 2005BuyGravityComic
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