Marvel Events Timeline and Recommended Reading

What’s in the Marvel Events Timeline?

This Marvel events timeline and recommended reading list attempts to give you the most essential stories from the Marvel universe. Obviously, the Marvel universe has been around for a very long time. In that time, thousands of trade paperbacks have been released with these stories. We’re working on assembling a more comprehensive list, but for now, here is a list of recommended reading (in chronological order), for those who don’t have the time to read everything (probably most of you). To boost readership, Marvel would often create special “events” that usually held some lasting significance for the timeline. Those events often served as crossover opportunities for many of the characters as well. In short, it’s much easier to get a broad idea of the story by reading just the events stories.

This list omits the author and the date for each trade paperback, as each may have several authors, and the date of publication for the trade does not necessarily reflect the same publication date as the original comic issues. Furthermore, if you know of any stories that should be listed here but aren’t, make sure to let us known on our contact page. And with that out of the way, please enjoy our recommended reading of the Marvel events timeline.

1Pre-Secret WarsBuyAvengers: The ContestComic
2Secret WarsBuySecret Wars OmnibusComic
3Secret WarsBuySecret Wars Omnibus IIComic
4Secret WarsBuyEvolutionary WarComic
5Secret WarsBuyX-Men: InfernoComic
6Secret WarsBuyX-Men: Inferno CrossoversComic
7Secret WarsBuyAtlantis Attacks OmnibusComic
8Secret WarsBuyActs of Vengeance OmnibusComic
9Secret WarsBuyActs of Vengeance CrossoversComic
10Secret WarsBuyEssential Punisher - Volume 4Comic
11Infinity WarBuyInfinity Gauntlet OmnibusComic
12Infinity WarBuySilver Surfer: Rebirth of ThanosComic
13Infinity WarBuyInfinity Gauntlet AftermathComic
14Infinity WarBuyIncredible Hulk Visionaries: Peter David, Vol. 7Comic
15Infinity WarBuyInfinity WarComic
16Infinity WarBuyInfinity War AftermathComic
17Infinity WarBuyInfinity Crusade, Vol. 1Comic
18Infinity WarBuyInfinity Crusade, Vol. 2Comic
19Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: The Age of Apocalypse OmnibusComic
20Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omnibus CompanionComic
21Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: Age of Apocalypse Volume 1: AlphaComic
22Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: Age of Apocalypse Volume 2Comic
23Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: Prelude to OnslaughtComic
24Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 1Comic
25Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 2Comic
26Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 3Comic
27Age of ApocalypseBuyX-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 4Comic
28Heroes RebornBuyHeroes Reborn: AvengersComic
29Heroes RebornBuyHeroes Reborn: Captain AmericaComic
30Heroes RebornBuyThe Fantastic Four: Heroes RebornComic
31Heroes RebornBuyHeroes Reborn: Fantastic FourComic
32Heroes RebornBuyHeroes Reborn: Iron ManComic
33Heroes RebornBuyHeroes Reborn: The ReturnComic
34Heroes RebornBuyContest Of Champions IIComic
35Heroes RebornBuyAvengers / X-MEN: Maximum SecurityComic
36Heroes RebornBuyAvengers: Celestial QuestComic
37Heroes RebornBuyThor, Vol. 4Comic
38Heroes RebornBuyThanos: Infinity AbyssComic
39Heroes RebornBuyThanos: RedemptionComic
40Heroes RebornBuyAvengers DisassembledComic
41Heroes RebornBuyAvengers Disassembled: Iron Man, Thor & Captain AmericaComic
42Heroes RebornBuySpectacular Spider-Man Vol. 4: DisassembledComic
43Heroes RebornBuyFantastic Four by Waid & Wieringo Ultimate Collection, Book 4Comic
44Heroes RebornBuySecret WarComic
45Heroes RebornBuyThe Pulse, Vol. 2: Secret WarComic
46House of MBuyHouse of M Prelude: ExcaliburComic
47House of MBuyHouse of MComic
48House of MBuyHouse of M: No More MutantsComic
49House of MBuyHouse of M: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four & X-MenComic
50House of MBuyHouse of M: Wolverine, Iron Man & HulkComic
51House of MBuyHouse of M: AvengersComic
52House of MBuyHouse of M: Civil WarComic
53House of MBuyHouse of M: Masters of EvilComic
54House of MBuyDecimation: X-Men - The Day AfterComic
55House of MBuyDecimation: X-Men - Generation MComic
56House of MBuyDecimation: X-Men - Son of MComic
57House of MBuyThe 198Comic
58House of MBuyDecimation: Sentinel Squad O.N.EComic
59House of MBuyNew Avengers Vol. 4: The CollectiveComic
60House of MBuyAnnihilation ClassicComic
61House of MBuyThanos Volume 5: SamaritanComic
62House of MBuyAnnihilation OmnibusComic
63House of MBuyNova Volume 1Comic
64Civil WarBuyCivil WarComic
65Civil WarBuyCivil War: AvengersComic
66Civil WarBuyCivil War: Fantastic FourComic
67Civil WarBuyCivil War: Front LineComic
68Civil WarBuyCivil War: Spider-ManComic
69Civil WarBuyCivil War: The UndersideComic
70Civil WarBuyCivil War: X-MenComic
71Civil WarBuyEternalsComic
72Civil WarBuyThe Death of Captain America OmnibusComic
73Civil WarBuyFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Mystery DateComic
74Civil WarBuyCivil War: Peter Parker, Spider-ManComic
75Civil WarBuySpider-Man: One More DayComic
76Civil WarBuySilent WarComic
77World War HulkBuyHulk: Planet Hulk PreludeComic
78World War HulkBuyShe-Hulk Vol. 5: Planet Without A HulkComic
79World War HulkBuyIncredible Hulk: Planet HulkComic
80World War HulkBuyWorld War HulkComic
81World War HulkBuyHeroes For Hire Volume 3: World War HulkComic
82World War HulkBuyThe Incredible HerculesComic
83World War HulkBuyWorld War Hulk: Front LineComic
84World War HulkBuyWorld War Hulk: Gamma CorpsComic
85World War HulkBuyWorld War Hulk: X-MenComic
86World War HulkBuyHulk, Vol. 1: Red HulkComic
87World War HulkBuyIncredible Hercules: Against the WorldComic
88World War HulkBuyWorld War Hulk: Damage ControlComic
89World War HulkBuyWorld War Hulk - WarboundComic
90AnnihilationBuyAnnihilation: Conquest, Book 1Comic
91AnnihilationBuyAnnihilation: Conquest, Book 2Comic
92AnnihilationBuyNova Vol. 2: KnowhereComic
93Secret InvationBuySecret Invasion: The InfiltrationComic
94Secret InvationBuySecret InvasionComic
95Secret InvationBuyDark Reign: Accept ChangeComic
96Secret InvationBuyDark Reign: The ListComic
97Secret InvationBuyUtopiaComic
98Secret InvationBuyX-Men: Deadly GenesisComic
99Secret InvationBuyUncanny X-Men Vol. 1: Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar EmpireComic
100Secret InvationBuyX-Men: Emperor VulcanComic
101Secret InvationBuySecret Invasion: InhumansComic
102War of KingsBuyRoad to War of KingsComic
103War of KingsBuyWar of KingsComic
104War of KingsBuyRealm of KingsComic
105SiegeBuySiege PreludeComic
107SiegeBuyThor: Siege AftermathComic
108SiegeBuyOsborn: Evil IncarceratedComic
109SiegeBuyAge of HeroesComic
110SiegeBuyHeroic AgeComic
112Chaos WarBuyChaos WarComic
113Chaos WarBuyChaos War: AvengersComic
114Chaos WarBuyChaos War: Incredible HulksComic
115Chaos WarBuyChaos War: X-MenComic
116Chaos WarBuyAvengers: The Children's CrusadeComic
117Chaos WarBuyFear ItselfComic
118Spider-IslandBuySpider-Man: Spider-IslandComic
119Spider-IslandBuySpider-Man: Spider Island CompanionComic
120Avengers vs. X-menBuyAvengers vs. X-Men: It's ComingComic
121Avengers vs. X-menBuyAvengers vs. X-MenComic
122Avengers vs. X-menBuyAvengers vs. X-Men CompanionComic
123Avengers vs. X-menBuyAvengers vs. X-Men: ConsequencesComic
124Avengers vs. X-menBuyAge of UltronComic
125Avengers vs. X-menBuyInfinityComic
126Avengers vs. X-menBuyInfinity CompanionComic
127Avengers vs. X-menBuyOriginal SinComic
128Avengers vs. X-menBuyOriginal Sin CompanionComic
129Avengers vs. X-menBuyAvengers & X-Men: AxisComic
130Avengers vs. X-menBuySpider-VerseComic
131Secret WarsBuySecret WarsComic

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