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What’s in the Marvel Netflix Episode Order?

This is our Marvel Netflix Episode Order, for those who only want to watch Marvel’s acclaimed series of television shows that debuted on Netflix. These shows include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and more!

Now technically these shows have been confirmed to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, they are so far removed from the events of those films, that they stand on their own. They stand on their own so much, that they might even become a separate universe in the future, if the MCU continues to ignore them. Regardless, they are still some very good shows, and we highly recommend them.

Where to start watching the Marvel Netflix Series?

You should definitely start watching these episodes chronologically, starting with Daredevil. However, most of the shows do stand on their own, particularly some like Jessica Jones. However, it helps to see Luke Cage after Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist after the first 2 seasons of Daredevil. The Defenders definitely requires prior knowledge of the characters, much like The Avengers does for the MCU movies. Bottom line, we recommend you watch them in order.

How to Use This Marvel Netflix Episode Order

For the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you have the following features:

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Feel free to click on individual items to see more information! We hope you enjoy.
The Marvel’s Netflix Episode Order 2.0

NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.01: “Into the Ring”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.02: “Cut Man”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.03: “Rabbit in a Snowstorm2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.04: “In the Blood”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.05: “World on Fire”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.06: “Condemned”, 2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.07: “Stick”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.08: “Shadows in the Glass”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.09: “Speak of the Devil”, 2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.10: “Nelson v. Murdock”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.11: “The Path of the Righteous”, 2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.12: “The Ones We Leave Behind”2015-04-10
NetflixBuyDaredevil 1.13: “Daredevil”2015-04-10
PreludesBuyJessica Jones2015-10-07
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.01: “AKA Ladies Night”2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.02: “AKA Crush Syndrome”2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.03: “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.04: “AKA 99 Friends”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.05: “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.06: “AKA You’re a Winner!”2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.07: “AKA Top Shelf Perverts”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.08: “AKA WWJD?”2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.09: “AKA Sin Bin”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.10: “AKA 1,000 Cuts”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.11: “AKA I’ve Got the Blues”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.12: “AKA Take a Bloody Number”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyJessica Jones 1.13: “AKA Smile”, 2015-11-20
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.01: “Bang”, 2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.02: “Dogs to a Gunfight”, 2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.03: “New York’s Finest”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.04: “Penny and Dime”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.05: “Kinbaku”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.06: “Regrets Only”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.07: “Semper Fidelis”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.08: “Guilty as Sin”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.09: “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, 2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.10: “The Man in the Box”, 2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.11: “.380”2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.12: “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”, 2016-03-18
NetflixBuyDaredevil 2.13: “A Cold day in Hell’s Kitchen”, 2016-03-18
NetflixLuke Cage 1.01: “Moment of Truth”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.02: “Code of the Streets”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.03: “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.04: “Step in the Arena”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.05: “Just to Get a Rep”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.06: “Suckas Need Bodyguards”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.07: “Manifest”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.08: “Blowin’ Up the Spot”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.09: “DWYCK”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.10: “Take It Personal”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.11: “Now You’re Mine”2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.12: “Soliloquy of Chaos”, 2016-09-30
NetflixLuke Cage 1.13: “You Know My Steez”, 2016-09-30
NetflixIron Fist 1.01: “Snow Gives Way”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.02: “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.03: “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.04: “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.05: “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.06: “Immortal Emerges from Cave”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.07: “Felling Tree with Roots”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.08: “The Blessing of Many Fractures”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.09: “The Mistress of All Agonies”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.10: “Black Tiger Steals Heart”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.11: “Lead Horse Back to Stable”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.12: “Bar the Big Boss”2017-03-17
NetflixIron Fist 1.13: “Dragon Plays with Fire”, , 2017-03-17
NetflixDefenders 1.01: “The H Word”, 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.02: “Mean Right Hook”, 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.03: “Worst Behavior”, 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.04: “Royal Dragon”, 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.05: “Take Shelter”, , 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.06: “Ashes, Ashes”, 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.07: “Fish in the Jailhouse”, 2017-08-18
NetflixDefenders 1.08: “The Defenders”, 2017-08-18
NetflixThe Punisher 1.01:2017
The Marvel’s Netflix Episode Order 2.0